Wang — all-seeing blind

December 22, 2012 23:56

Wang - all-seeing blind

People for centuries wanted to know their future. Many believe: this is so cool — to know, what will happen then. And what about those who have this rare gift of foresight? In his joy he? On the ground, and then there are the prophets predicting the world tomorrow. They are always associated with increased interest. Only time will judge which of them was telling the truth and who invent. Famous Seer Vanga time tested quickly. During the life of her unconditionally trust the most senior people in many countries. Having lost vision, she saw a lot more than many sighted. Especially for readers of "week" — a story-seeing blind Vangeli, "bringing good news."

Cried two months after birth

Wang was born on January 31, 1911 in the Macedonian town of Strumica to the family of the landowner. The child was seven months, the parents did not know whether he would survive. Therefore, the newborn wrapped in a wolf's coat and put in a warm, close to the stove. She did not even give the name: thought would not survive. Only two months later, the girl began to cry like a baby … She christened. Dubbed Vangeli, which translated from Greek means "bringing good news."

Already in three years, little Wang left without a mother, and for a long time the girl grew up under the care of neighbors. Then my father brought home a new mistress, who became Vanga caring stepmother.

Loss of sight

Inexplicable tragedy happened to a girl of twelve years. On a cloudy day walking children noticed a strange cloud in the sky. But thunderstorms are not followed. Sinister bitterly cold wind tore the young leaves of the trees, curl funnels tornado approaching nearer and suddenly caught Vangeli. A terrible storm twisted it into a monstrous funnel, had carried through the air and dropped to the ground. There, in the jaws of a roaring tornado, she felt as if the touch of someone's hand to his head and … fainted.
When Wang woke up, could not open his eyes, powdered sand. Local doctors advised urgently to take her to the capital hospital and operated on. But where had to take a huge sum in those days, 500 leva? While the parents were looking for money, the girl began to go blind … After four years, she finally lost her eyesight.

The collapse of the first love

In 1925, Wang was sent to the House of the Blind, where she stayed for three years. Here the girls were taught to knit, sew and cook, taught the alphabet for the blind and engaged with music. It was in this house, she met the first love: she met with a blind young man from a wealthy family and was already preparing for the wedding. But fate thought otherwise. Vanga stepmother died in childbirth the next child, and distraught father could not do without the help of the eldest daughter. And the girl, burying the dreams of happiness have not returned to his father's house …

First predictions

The next ten years were the most difficult to Vanga. She was knitting, sewing, spinning, despite his blindness, but the money is still not enough. And then there's a serious illness: standing in line for benefits for the poor (barefoot on the concrete floor) Wang caught a bad cold and fell ill with pleurisy. None of the others have not much hope for her recovery, but then a miracle occurred, and the patient got up from the bed. After that, people began to notice her amazing abilities …

In 1940, Wang fell for the first time in a long trance, and in 1941 began to speak foreign, male voice and began to predict all future life or death in the war …

She herself confessed that in that distant time suddenly surprised to find that knows in advance what the other did not even know existed. At first, no one talked about it — she was afraid he would declare crazy. Yet one could not resist, neighbors said that in April, will be war. Who believed her then?

But on April 6, German troops crossed the border into Yugoslavia. And then remember the prophecy blind. Wang became known clairvoyant. And the pilgrimage to her house …

More than coincidence

Wang never refused and is almost never wrong. She usually did not talk to those whose days are numbered, or who came out of curiosity. Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov watched Vanga quarter century and said more than seven thousand cases its predictions come true. He concluded that "recognition" comes at Vanga beyond random coincidences, and reaches 80 percent.

In 1942, soldiers came to Dimitar Guscherov Vanga to indicate the killers of his brother. Prophetess left on the answer:

— I'll tell you about them, but not now. You have to promise me that you will not retaliate, it's not necessary. You will live to see the day when the eyes see them end.

Soldiers came to the woman struck him many times and finally asked her to marry him. They were married, and soon took Dimitar Vanga in Petrich — about 200 kilometers away from Sofia. Suffered much prophetess because she was childless. Her husband, who drank a lot in recent years, died in 1962 of cirrhosis of the liver. A few years after his death, the house of Vanga knocked orphan boy, who replaced her son.

She foresaw not only the course of the Second World War, but the events in Prague, Nicaragua, Syria. In 1963, she foretold the attempt at the 35 th President of the United States, to whom was John F. Kennedy. In 1968, predicted the three important political events: the rebellion in Czechoslovakia, fatally shot Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Republican candidate win. In 1969 he "saw" the death of Indira Gandhi, and in 1979 — the beginning of perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union … And one said:

— Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn his …

Kursk? A city away from the big water? Only in August 2000, it became clear what kind of "Kursk" said the prophetess …

She was talking to the dead

Wang herself so talked about her "work":

— When a man stands in front of me, going around all the dead relatives. They ask me questions and willingly answer mine. What I hear from them, I'm alive and pass …
Voices from beyond the world have heard the people who visited her: thin or muffled whispers.
Wang was exclusively religious — all celebrated religious holidays, observed the fasts. In front of his home on their own savings and donations from people she has built an Orthodox church of St. Petka.

— Would you like to explain what I'm doing? — Said Wang. — But how can you explain that when God's handiwork? My gift from God. He robbed me of my vision, but gave me new eyes with which I see the world — and the visible and invisible …
Treated with herbs.

In addition to clairvoyance and soothsaying Wang found that she could cure diseases. But not with drugs, but with the help of herbs. In the treatment she advised them pour decoctions, because they are more affected by the skin. Wang has never denied the official medicine, but it is believed that excessive use of drugs — bad as they are "close the door through which includes using herbs nature to restore the disturbed balance in the body."

There will come a time for miracles

Many statements Vanga recorded her niece Krasimir Stoyanov. Here are some of them: "There will come a time for miracles, science will make great discoveries in the field of the intangible. We will see the great archaeological discoveries that fundamentally change our view of the world since ancient times. All hidden gold leaves on the ground, but the water is gone. So ordained! ..

The future belongs to the good people, and they will live in a perfect world, now it is hard to imagine …

The soul does not die. Only bad people embittered soul, and do not call the sky. They do not reincarnate. Return to earth only the kindest and best.

Do not wish too much — you can not pay … "

Death is accepted with a smile

Wang's death took with a smile. Exactly at midnight, August 10, 1996 was pronounced sudden improvement of the patient prophetess (bringing relief to people, she suffered progressive cancer, treat anyone who does not allow). According to her niece, grandmother asked for a glass of water and bread, then wished that her swim.
— Now I'm all right, — she said.
About nine o'clock in the morning Wang said that her perfume profits once dead relatives. Sibyl spoke to them, makes a motion as if patting someone on the head … At 10 am, Wang left this world.

Vanga talked about the future, though do not love him. According to her, 200 years man will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. She even said that they have been living on Earth … How fly? From the planet, which in the language of its inhabitants called Vamfim.

Wang's death: "After death, the body decomposes, like all living things, but part of the body or the soul, do not even know what to call it, does not decompose. You talk about the second birth. What it is, I do not know. But what remains of the man — the soul, does not decompose, and continues to develop to reach a higher level. This is the immortality of the soul. "

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