War — the priests build bastions of faith

"In building a martial temple was decided to extend the experience of creating such a church, if it is a success. Indeed, the experience was a success, so it is possible the emergence of other martial temples ", — According to the Nizhny Novgorod diocese after exercise. Indeed, less than a year, with the blessing of Metropolitan Herman and the abbot Elias Optina (Nozdrina) and supported by the Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Relations with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies at VZTM built a new mobile church for the Russian army. It was named in honor of Nicholas.

"Kamaz" — Temple

The temple was constructed on the basis of car "Kamaz" prepared by the Moscow Patriarchate project. In the expanded state, it can accommodate up to 50 fighters.

"Kamaz" - TempleLed the Church's teaching Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Relations with the Armed Forces of the abbot Sava (Silence) told reporters: "Wartime temple was built at Mulinskom landfill — Russia's only one of its kind. In creating this project, we have taken into account all the features of the service in terms of military exercises or actual combat operations, as well as the wishes of the priests who had been in the "hot spots."

For the first time in major maneuvers of the modern Russian army priests attended when to exercise "Southern Shield-2006". They were more than twenty thousand people, which serves 18 Orthodox and four Muslim priest.

"There we have acquired invaluable experience, which is very important today — remember Savva Molchanov. — Have worked out the forms, methods, stages of the priest in combat. We practiced the maneuvers of the priest when he goes to war, the war is on and comes with war. We had a tent house, which was located permanently. He stood at the headquarters of the Interior Troops in Mozdok and in Khankala. There was another type of church — a car with a trailer. The priest lives there and in the morning get up and going to the position. Forms of pastoral work in various churches we worked through in practice. Tent we bought in St. Petersburg, the exhibition ground forces. Then he went to the church Sofrino factory, it turned out that there already was the idea to create a church-martial.

Interaction with the Muslim clergy

"Equally important is the experience of interaction with the Muslim clergy, — the Sava Molchanov. — The presence of the clergy in the exercise was initiated by the Synodal Department and the command of the Army. The fact that people who practice Islam, are not left without care of — it was a human right, politically correct and traditional for Russia. As a senior, I, in the form of conciliation, worked with Hazrat Mufti Mukhammedgali Khuzin. Command gave him the car, and it became "a mosque on wheels." Soldiers came, wrought prayer, to pray. Scientists have shown that between Orthodoxy and Islam in the army are not antagonistic. Clergy, working hand-in-hand, can bring huge benefits. "

Priests in the army was more than the king

For the Russian Army (excluding the Soviet period) part of the clergy in military exercises and operations were normal. Under Peter I the priests entered the organizational staff regiments. On the eve of World War I, the Russian army (its size was comparable to the present), there were 850 priests. According to the the head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Relations with the Armed Forces Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, Today troops spiritually sustained two thousand priests, however, on a voluntary basis. In military units operating 156 churches and chapels. About 400 located near the barracks. And then came the first mobile-martial temple. In the future, the deployment of a number of churches from the battle is expected to become an integral part of the organization of military exercises.

Foreign experience

The vast majority of priests are foreign armies staff members. For example, U.S. military chaplains Service (SHS) 3000 includes chaplains, representing more than 120 religious faiths. Almost all of them have the officer ranks. SHS Board headed chaplains to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for personnel. The board consists of six people, including three chaplain of the armed forces with the rank of Major General (Rear Admiral). They in turn acted as Chairman of the Board — Chief Chaplain Sun and annually succeeds

The priests who entered the service in the U.S. Armed Forces, are three, and after 6-10 years — one year training course at the Center for chaplains (Fort Manmut, New Jersey). All of them assigned to the rank of officer. On admission to active military service, they enter into a contract for three years and get a number of benefits provided by the U.S. Army. They receive pay according to his military rank and position, are entitled to 30 days of annual basic leave and up to 10 days of administrative leave, provided with housing and free medical care. U.S. Army chaplains life is insured for up to $ 250 thousand them to allocate funds for the purchase of uniforms and special uniforms. In addition, the chaplains provide help to pay for college education in a civil (up to 75% of its value, or up to $ 3,500 per year).

This attention to the Service Pentagon chaplains due to its important role in strengthening the psychological stability of American troops. Chaplains serve as advisers and consultants to the unit commanders and units on the morale of the personnel, providing significant assistance in the education of soldiers, NCOs and officers on the moral, ethical and humanistic principles. Chaplains will communicate with local religious groups and charitable organizations provide advice on local religions and cults in combat areas in terms of their impact on the performance of combat tasks.

On the Construction

The Volgograd Plant of Transport Engineering commissioned by the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian army on the basis of KAMAZ assembled mobile church.

"In the stowed position outwardly mobile temple resembles conventional triaxial army AWD" KamAZ "khaki. It could not be, because of traffic on the roads we have to keep all the installed guest "- the main designer of the plant Yuri Eremin.

"Another thing — in a stationary position. Here we have the customer's requirements and comply with all the canons of the Orthodox Church. The unique hinge system allows the truck to turn into a real church with a dome and cross, with the altar, with a porch, and even a separate confessional. Total area — 40 square meters. In the stowed church can freely be about 50 people. "

Church has a mobile autonomous generator, air conditioning, modern heating system. "Our church will be able to travel to the most remote military units located in the most extreme climates and remote places," — said the chief designer.

"In the event of hostilities dome retracts into two people unwrap the church for four hours" — explains the abbot Sava Molganov, deputy chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Relations with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies.

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