Weather Komarovka: Dollars in exchange

What do you think, is it possible to be free again in a month to buy dollars at exchange offices?

Meet the experts:

Stanislav Bogdanovich

Stanislav Bogdanovich, former chairman of the National Bank of Belarus: None. To do this, a lot of conditions: you have to devalue, to receive credit, you must declare a program to stabilize the situation. I believe that one month — it's not enough. There are no prerequisites. I personally do not see that our government was ready to accept the erroneous decision on the destruction of the currency market and announce that the transition to a new model of economic development, and we intend to limit the ruble money supply. Besides, I do not think I will be able to quickly increase export earnings.

Sergei Zhbanov

Sergei Zhbanov, The Economic Observer "BelGazeta": I think it is likely to be impossible. After all, it was the leadership of the National Bank announced that as part of their modern concepts (and this position was confirmed by the President), the country is now going to accumulate foreign reserves instead of spending them on the needs of a particular market of cash currency.

The president said that "foreign exchange reserves — is sacred." Previously used another slogan that "the population — is sacred" when it comes to the needs of the population in a foreign currency.

On the technical side, it is necessary that the National Bank began to sell foreign currency to banks to secure their exchange offices. But for that we need foreign exchange intervention. And for that we need the reserves to an adequate extent. But we know that to date no positive change in this area did not happen. Everyone who is interested in this, it is known that only the government and the National Bank are in talks about bringing these loans. I believe that even after the first is obtained, the Russian government a loan of one billion dollars, it is unlikely that money will be thrown to intervene in the market to meet demand.

Michael Zaleski

Michael Zaleski, Economist: Yes, you can. The oil also appeared to appear and dollars. The same way and the oil came from. We are doing well and it is forbidden to be very bad. So we all will be known. We agency Moody's downgraded the sovereign rating, as we have problems with finances. They noted that we focus on the high rate of growth of output and external debt. Borrow money and give everything. Russian 3 billion and will give everything.

Responsible Komarovka:

Mrs."It is impossible — even to think nothing. For now, grab all the money and invest in the U.S.. Currency has always been in demand. And to save money — it is necessary to put them into dollars."

Mr."No. Because it is not and will not be in a month. Well, how did she come from? Perhaps export — no income, and expenses in foreign currency are large. I think no earlier than six months everything will stabilize."

Girl"I do not think so, pay still will not. People are buying, because our money overseas are worth nothing, they are not considered for the money. They do not take the card and you can not send them anywhere. Dollar And everywhere are taking."

Youth"I think it will be impossible to buy the currency. Indeed, from where it will appear when it is not. Even Russian loan will not help."

Girl"I think so. Well, how long can? Sooner or later, this one will end once the hype. Again, this rate has jumped — it will end."

Mr."I think so — hype is already on the decline and it will subside. Once these processes are usually develop cyclically — and rumors about the devaluation also went a long time. Now is the peak voltage, and sooner or later he will have to go through."

Mrs."I think that in a month yet. Somehow it seems that not — feel the tension in the people and fully in the country."

Girl"I think so — after a month will be free to buy the currency. These are the fears that are in our society periodically. So it was a year ago, as we remember, when after January 1, prices have risen. So will now — will be held stir. Just now people scared, they're worried about their future and run to the exchangers, stand in line to buy the currency. guess what this is all over. "

Youth"A month later, the currency is displayed. I think she's nowhere to take yet. Credit is not expected, and therefore will not appear currency and can not be changed."

Mrs."After a month, I think not, because the big boom. For example, I now needed the bucks I spent months trying to acquire them. I went to the bank and if someone handed me $ 20 and I'm next, I can buy them. But when in front of me stands a man who controls this situation — the money-changers, so to speak, then buy the currency is not real. I think that in a month will be the same. "

Weather experts:

Yes — 1

No — 2

Weather Komarovka:

Yes — 3

No — 7


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