What area of the brain is responsible for the prediction

January 14, 2013 22:09

Scientists were able to identify a region of the brain, to predict events that have to happen in the near future, according to ITRC "Peace." However, neither of which this is not fiction, but only on assumptions, which are based on experience gained in advance.

It turns out that we get a prediction of your own brain in multiple times a day. We can guess who's calling on the phone when it's long-awaited bus, if we can succeed in this or that place, and so on. However, most people simply do not pay attention to these predictions.

Scientists from the U.S. decided to find out what is the area of the brain responsible for them. The experiment showed that the predictions are responsible for several areas of the midbrain, including the substantia nigra and striatum. This discovery is extremely important, as it will allow to begin work on the development of new capabilities of the human brain.

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