What is the perfume — Witchcraft flavor or chemical formulas




Algebra measure harmony can be, well, chemistry — the magical, magical, fascinating flavors. Everything smells to classify because the spirits — it is actually a mixture of various aromatic substances dissolved in the quality of the available alcohol. Still smells "should be similar to a whisper, but never — to cry."

"Magical" properties depend on the formulation of perfume fragrant mixture, but the creation of these spirits — not a science but an art in which basis not only calculations and knowledge of the laws of physics and chemistry. The success of the perfumer is largely dependent on his intuition and aesthetic taste, because the very purpose of the ephemeral and intangible. It exists only in the imagination of the maestro.

The mechanism of action of flavor on the human body has not been studied. It is estimated that the average person differentiates 10,000 odors. Please respond to the olfactory scent from which a corresponding signal to the brain. Then come to the cause of hormones, which in turn affect the emotional state, health, specific actions and deeds of a person. Potential opportunities smell is huge. He is quite capable to provide both negative and positive impact on the individual — his feelings, emotions and even thoughts. Modern perfumers, combining scents were able to create about 3 thousand fragrances that are divided into male and female, hot and cold, and have recently become popular scents unisex.

In a world so far there is no universal classification system of flavors, each manufacturer develops by itself a "report card." But there is a generally recognized system such as, for example, Haarmann & Reimer, Dragology 2000, La Parfumerie. Thus all attempts to classify flavors pretty sketchy. Emotional perception of smell and imagination perfumers barely fit in the 14 major groups:

Chypre (male and female)

The flavors of this family — this is sage, lavender, oak moss, patchouli and resin. The name "chypre" is connected with the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea, and the first to use Francois Coty, releasing a perfume with the same name. They combine a refined sweetness and invigorating freshness with a touch of mild bitterness.

CITRUS (male and female)

These flavors include lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot. Light and fresh feeling of these spirits is well suited for both outdoor recreation as well as for special occasions.

FLOWER (women)

The flavors in this family include violet, carnation, rose, gardenia, lily, tuberose and narcissus. Floral perfume normally consists of a combination of several different floral fragrances.

Floral-Oriental (women)

The flavors of this family — jasmine, gardenia, mandarin, freesia, Base notes of sandalwood, musk, amber, and apricot. Floral-oriental type — a subcategory of the flower of the family, and extensive enough to give it a precise definition. Spirits of the family is recommended to use day and night, as they contain exotic flowers and spices.

Fougere or Fern

This group includes mainly male odors. Most often fern combine scents of lavender, bergamot, coumarin with aromas and woody notes of oak moss. The band's name is derived from the prototype, which were spirits Fougere royale (royal fern), issued in 1882.

FRUIT (Women)

The flavors in this family include apple, apricot, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, pineapple and papaya. These spirits are clean and fresh as citrus, soft and warm like a peach.

GREEN (Women)

The flavors in this family include rosemary, lavender, pine, juniper, hyacinth and galbanum. It's the smell of green leaves and freshly cut grass mixed with autumn breezes.

Aldehyde (Women)

The flavors of this family are synthesized from aldehydes, which provides a wide variety of nuances in the flavors of this family. Interacting with the skin temperature, these aromas acquire saturation, more vivid, moreover, aldehydes reinforce other notes in perfumes.

ORIENTAL ORIENTAL or (male and female)

Oriental perfumes have a bright and spicy with a touch of the exotic note. The smell of perfume a few heavy and thick, and sometimes dry with hints of balsamic. The flavors in this family — it's amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk, amber, pepper and cloves.

Snorkeling, OZONE, OCEAN (male and female)

The flavors in this family — it's totally synthetic fragrances reminiscent of those emotions that can not fit in a bottle: the morning breeze, splashing waves, the air in the mountains, the natural elements.

SPICY (male and female)

The flavors of this family include the smell of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, as well as flowers, with spicy notes such as clove and lavender.

Amber or lavender (Men)

This family includes lavender oil and lavender plants, which grow in the south of France. The oldest, lavender scents are clean, bright, natural flavors and perfect for everyday use.


Oil, juniper extract, birch bark as a gum. The rich combination of smoky and mild odor makes this family of fragrances commonly used in colognes, deodorants, gels, etc.

WOOD (male and female)

This family consists of aromas of sandalwood, rose tree, cedar, vetivera, and contains a subfamily of marine (ocean, ozone) wood flavors: myrrh, musk and iris blue.


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