What is there in the astral world?

January 23, 2013 20:07

Our soul is a part of another world, where other, incomprehensible to us the laws of physics. Especially clear this person feels during clinical death, when fully merges with your spiritual self.

It is believed that the ability to predict the future is in each person. But the vast majority of people it is hidden or dormant, state, and "awakened" only in extreme situations.

One of these extremes is a clinical death. In January 1970, the 68-year-old American writer Sandra Currie admitted to hospital with an acute heart attack. Soon, her heart stopped. Four minutes the woman was in a state of clinical death. When she came to, the doctor said that he is very upset because he had just had a quarrel with his wife and she left him.

The doctor was surprised. Indeed, two days ago, he quarreled with his wife, which is why she left home. But it provided for the reconciliation, was careful to say so no one would know. Even his family had not been notified of the break.

To the question of where she got this information, Mrs Carrie said that the information came to her during her apparent death. When she woke up, they were worn in her head, as is the case after a bright memorable dream.

According to her, when she was in serious condition was taken to the hospital, she saw a doctor, leaning over her, and thought, "Here is a man that affects my life. How do you want to know something about him … "With that thought, she lost consciousness. And, strange to say, at the time of oblivion as if someone had fulfilled her wish!

Mrs Currie added that the worst was waiting for him in the head as his wife does not agree to reconciliation and the following Monday he will receive an official notification that it has filed for divorce.

And so it happened.

An even more striking case occurred in a clinic of Colorado in 1997. After his release from a deep coma 78-year-old Mary became Stendvord predict the future to all those who appeared in her room. Nurse, she predicted the birth of a child at the end of next year and the death of her brother in a car accident. Another nurse — ruin the company of her father, which must occur within one and a half years. Trainee said that she broke her leg and through the winter and spring will lie in the hospital, but in the end, all healed. To her prophecy was not treated too seriously, attributing them to a painful condition. Mary Stendvord lived for several days and died of a new heart attack. Over time, when its predictions are coming true exactly, experts were forced to reconsider its attitude to its phenomenon, but clear explanation to offer it could not.

Since before his admission to hospital, Mary Stendvord no predictions did not do, should obviously recognize that the appearance of her clairvoyant abilities related to the name of its being in a state of clinical death. These abilities were at it all the days of short-lived, tempered her to death.

Curiously, and Sandra Currie after clinical death, too from time to time to make predictions. Prophetic information she received, she said, in a dream.

The ability of clairvoyance appears not all survivors of clinical death. Unfortunately, even today there are no works that would have investigated the connection between clinical death and clairvoyance. Not even defined the number of people returned to life after clinical death and then had experience paranormal perception. However, such work could shed light on many aspects related to the operation of the spiritual or astral body, which is primarily and "ownership" of clairvoyance.

Astral travel

Almost everyone who has experienced an out of body experience, tell us about the proven their sense of liberation from the physical body. While outside, they were able to move to any place where they wanted to be, just thinking about them.

Here is a typical example. 22-year old American Jeremy Litton got into a serious car accident, unconscious was taken to the hospital. Soon he had a heart attack. Later he told me that at that moment he felt himself fully conscious. He saw everything as if shrouded in white smoke. Then he had the feeling of flying. When the smoke cleared, he found himself floating on the ceiling of the operating. Somehow, he knew immediately that the body, which lies at the bottom of the table around which doctors belong to him and that he is dead. In confusion he thought of his mother, who was hundreds of miles away, in Los Angeles, and knew nothing about the incident.

Before he had time to think about it, it turned on the porch family home in a suburb of Los Angeles. The mother was sitting on the couch and dozed. Book she had just read, fell out of her hands. Jeremy sat on the sofa next to her and tried to wake her up. He called her and said, "Mom, when you talk about my death, do not be sad. I'm all right. I'm not dead. I survived, but I have another body … "The mother woke up. He continued to talk to her, but she obviously does not see or hear it. However, her face expressed concern. She got up, went into the next room and began to call in Chicago with their common friend Jeremy. He heard that she was asking a friend about it.

What happened after that, as he was back in the operating room, Jeremy could not explain, but he again found himself in a strange white cloud. Then came oblivion.

After the release of the coma he has kept quite distinct memories of what happened to him during clinical death. His mother later confirmed that in those moments when the son fell into a coma, she woke up from the thought of it made her somehow disturbing, and really began to call a friend in Chicago. Of the call was confirmed by a friend.

In the above episode is present instant motion, or, as it is more commonly called astral travel. The feeling of astral travel quite real to those who experience it. These people believe that they are out of body substance and in fact moved out of the place where their physical body to another, often quite remote.

The experience of astral travel is achieved not only with clinical death, but also in the application of certain techniques of relaxation and meditation. These techniques are used, in particular, the Tibetan lamas. When meditating, they fall into a state similar to the near-death, in which out of the physical body and the incorporeal form travels to the Himalayas and even the moon.

Using the same method can be moved in incorporeal form and some mediums. The famous American medium Eileen Garrett in one of his famous experiments fell into a trance and mentally transferred from the U.S. to Iceland. It was in an agreed time with another participant in the experiment — Dr. D. Swenson, who was in Iceland. Eileen Garrett told than at this moment engaged Swenson, what he was wearing. If, for example, reading a book, it is called a page that has been disclosed, and the quoted text on it. Describing the clothes doctor, she informed all its details, including color bandage on his head.

The soul after the death of the physical body

Based on reports of mediums and survivors of out of body experience, some researchers have concluded that astral travel, and clairvoyance — the phenomenon of the same order, and, in fact, are one and the same phenomenon.

Most scientists, however, sees a significant difference between these phenomena.

Astral travel — at least what we mean by it — always takes place in real time and provides no information prophetic sense.

With clairvoyance is no "travel" is not seen. Clairvoyance — it's always a connection, the connection of the human mind with some other, beyond, consciousness, or with some kind of reasonable otherworldly entity, which provides the necessary information. This entity may present anyone: alien, angel, soul of the dead, the astral double of the noosphere. Magicians and psychics often do not hide that they communicate with them. For example, Wang demanded from visitors bringing her a sugar cube or a plant with roots — through the objects she makes contact with dead relatives visitors, receiving information from the prophetic sense.

It seems that astral travel and clairvoyance are unique to the "earth" person, that is, the person has both the physical and spiritual bodies. Astral journeys are made only in the spiritual body of ours, the earthly world. The same with clairvoyance. It does a person need only here, in a world where there is a cause-effect relationship, and where a person is sometimes vital to know the future.

After the death of the body of knowledge about the future of the soul is not required, since this future will not be simple.

The soul gets into the measurement (or parallel worlds), where there is no clear boundary between the present, past and future, and where the space-time itself is arranged differently. Perhaps there will be no travel (movement) in this, the earthly sense. While at some point of this measurement, the subject is at the same time and in the rest of his points. That is, being "here", the subject at the same time is "everywhere."

In these inconceivable for us to worlds soul does not need almost any of the properties that it possessed in the world, including those that we call paranormal. "There" they just become meaningless.

Freed from the physical body, the soul goes to a level of existence where it needs to be very different abilities. We even remotely can imagine. Perhaps these fantastic abilities latent, are already in our spiritual body, but the full extent they occur only in other worlds.

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