What will be the end of the world?

January 4, 2012 14:29

In the culture of every nation of the world there are stories about how, in what scenario will be an end.

Just some of it is about the death of the universe, and some, confident cycling world, believe that after the apocalypse comes a new world. Mankind are so used to the fact that from time to time he prophesied the death of someone that does not pay attention to all kinds of projections near doomsday theories can be divided into three groups: scientific, pseudo-scientific, and religious. The latter include, for example, the predictions of the ancient Maya.

In deciphered inscriptions found in the temple in Tortuguero, the point is that the December 21, 2012 to come down to earth god Bolon Yokte and then shall the end of the next cycle. Followers of Christianity were preparing for Last Judgment in the 1666-m and 1999-m., Respectively, among which there is the "number of the beast."

The science of exact dates silent. While alluding to the catastrophic effects of global warming in the form of hurricanes and heavy rains. But in the pseudo-scientific prophecies detail — more than enough. For example, in 2000, everyone was waiting for a computer collapse. It was believed that intelligent machines will not recognize the digits of the new millennium and stop working in unison, followed by a paralyzed electricity, finance system and even nuclear control.

In general, 2011 was rich in all kinds of predictions. Fortunately, none of them found of confirmed.

Warming. Climate change threatens humanity catastrophic floods and droughts. Melting glaciers will increase the level of water in the oceans, so some of the land may be under water. In cold regions, storms will rage in hot — formed uninhabited desert. Both people and animals will leave relocate. Migration of people can lead to a social explosion, and many animals — and at their death. Many plants will die because of what the planet can start a catastrophic famine.

Volcanoes. If you wake up only three of the most powerful volcano in the world, the situation has developed into a global catastrophe: we are on the "time bomb" under the geysers of Yellowstone Park, the South American Uturunku and Katla, which is still dormant under glaciers of Iceland. The eruption of one of these volcanoes is equivalent explosion one thousand atomic bombs. Explosion can melt 500 kg of ice per second. Sulfur gases and ash reached the stratosphere and will lay the globe. The sun's rays can not get into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to drop sharply. Gaza will turn into sulfuric acid, which precipitates a fall to the ground.

Computers. One should not think that only in science fiction novels machine can enslave or kill people: at some stage of development of artificial intelligence may need to stop their creators. Also, the computer is no longer necessary to resort to violence: people are so addicted to smart machines that have enslaved themselves happy. They may well replace the digital copies, which will not need mortal bodies. Instead we inhabit our Earth profiles.

Zombies. When some fault or simply inept handling of biological weapons, the people in a few minutes turned into a zombie. Dead crowd will walk the streets and eat their own kind. It is, apparently, to review a couple of movies that just in case, to distinguish from non-zombie zombie.

Laughter. It turns out that scientists are seriously considered and the possibility of dying from excessive joy. During the melting of glaciers in the atmosphere will get chemical elements capable of, entering into an appropriate response, turn into nitric oxide, which causes laughter and wanton fun. It will be so much that within a few minutes, people literally die of laughter.

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