Whats in store for us the magic Friday 11/11/11?

November 10, 2011 17:47

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Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to observe rare, occurring about once in a hundred years — the clock will show 11 hours and 11 minutes 11 seconds of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year. The expectations of people from such a beautiful calendar date different — someone planned wedding, and someone again waiting for the end of the world and unprecedented invasion of monsters.

Russian media, as well as foreign, are actively discussing tomorrow's magic moment, recall and occult numerology predictions turn to astrologers and magicians, that to understand what is really expect from the upcoming "superpalindroma." But the problem is that the predictions of all of the aforementioned representatives of questionable trades dramatically different. However, as plans for the citizens — on the internet date 11/11/11 has become an occasion to organize magic circles, weddings and important events, Sabbaths and dances.

For example, according to numerologists, which refers to the Italian newspaper La Stampa, tomorrow everyone should pierce a "sanatory ray", and the whole day would pass under the sign of prosperity and harmony. Numerologists believe that the two units — a balance between spiritual and material, and the relationship of the number 11 with the universe more powerful than all the rest.

"The people involved in the occult, however believe that humanity tomorrow expects global revolution: a series of units will result in" supermentalnoy "mutations, which will be a new evolutionary stage of consciousness" — the author writes.

It seems that the foundations of the occult knowledge was "woven" movie plot 11/11/11 American director Darren Bousman. According to the script, in this day of a parallel world to Earth penetrate bloodthirsty monster. Ironically, this apocalyptic scenario, the Internet also found supporters awaiting tomorrow monsters.

Magic dates attracts lovers

Despite the warnings of occultists, thousands of couples around the world have decided to get married just this Friday. Most want to get married in a "happy" the date fixed in India. Russia November 11 is also waiting wedding boom.

In recent years, young couples tend to register their relationship is in the so-called beautiful date. Benefit of those numerical coincidences in the calendar are recently not so rare — in 2000 it was already ten similar moments. But, nevertheless, the statistics magical dates rather sad — 50% of marriages in those days, divorced. Chief registrar of the Central District of Sochi Tatiana Bugrov said that when painted 08.08.08, all said that it is a symbol of infinity and eternal love, but divorce is still higher than the number of happy families.

But astrologers believe that the day of the six units will be hectic. The founder of the Professional astrologers Borys Boyko said that day will be busy, as November 11 falls on a full moon. It always affects the emotional state of man. It is associated with the full moon various mystical stories about turning people into monsters and werewolves.

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