Where are we still going?

March 4, 2012 22:36

For those who read this book to learn how to achieve their goals, and spiritual growth does not interest him at all, may not particularly delve into some of the features of the spiritual formation.

Just the human mind is not yet ripe for a proper understanding of, and, as they say, all the time. Well, for those who wish to develop harmoniously, this information will help you better understand yourself.

 We are all walking along the path of development, need to get to the same place. Thousands of ways, but they all lead to one and the same — enlightenment. That is to say, the nearest station.

So, no matter what exercise you do, no matter what practices may be doing — it's all done with one single goal — to reach awareness. That is the only key to enlightenment.
This is not my idea — the Buddha said. In his view, the most basic — this awareness, and the rest will come by itself. In essence, this is the way to him.

For me it was a revelation: I was looking for an answer and I got it. I am a very long time he could not bring himself to take a passive meditation. I did not have the patience to remove chatter in your head.
For me it was very difficult, and I do not even really know what's the use. After 6 years, I came across a wonderful documentary spiritual reality ", where it is clear and easy to understand talk about the benefits of meditation.

By the way, this film is a very good program the mind — a desire to meditate, even while watching already fall into a trance.

Now about the nuances. Everything is energy and vibration. In the words of Don Juan, all of us — the beam energy. There is not the same beam, we are all different, and thus achieving our goals are different, too.

Hence the conclusion — there is no universal technique of achievement for all and everyone. If this were not so, for a long time everybody has everything he wants. I urge anyone to abandon the existing techniques.
I'm just saying that everyone has a little secret that is known only to himself, and if you're looking for, you are sure to find. And it will only work for you individually, as long as you do not disclose it.

And if revealed, then he will lose strength. Why lose? I will explain. If you give voice to the fact that you intend to do, then you've already lost half of the energy that was needed to carry out his plan.

And if you said this a few times, then do not be able to realize his plan. Living example — our balabolit deputies with their election programs.

So I when I want to avoid any event, I'm just telling you this to everyone. Not far to seek, our experience — the best teacher. Everyone has friends who are planning a lot of things, talking about it, but nothing they have not obtained.

And there are those who are silent, but they eventually appear that the car is new, the new house they are buying, etc.
I myself saw how great the power of silence. Therefore, I advise everyone to keep quiet about their intentions. Let's talk about faith in success. The results can be achieved if we believe in it.

Well, sort of a simple and clear truth. But how to believe it, then? Not so easy, it turns out. Everything works, what you believe. If you do not believe that any, even the most effective technique will help.
Then we will learn to believe in that hard to believe. All we are doing something every day: eat, sleep, go somewhere, do something. We do not even ask how we do it? Why?

Because these actions are filled with absolute faith. When we learn something, we do not get at first. But over time, we begin to take on faith that things will work, because it turns out at all, and we do it.

So, we need to drive to the subconscious program that should work with a 100% guarantee. Start small. First, visualize, as we go into the bathroom and brush your teeth.
Lost it all in my head, everything is clear, according to the notes, and repeated already up in the action. Then visualize how brew coffee, drink it, and then repeat it in action.

After the surgery done necessarily give ourselves. Mage — so I can not. We magicians all that is conceived, everything works. Do not immediately threaten on big projects, because in case of failure in the subconscious written undesirable us experience, and we do not need.
Our task — to bind our visualization to direct the desired performance. When we have done this many times, we will have absolute faith in the fact that we get what we draw on the internal screen.

I have to say: This technique works only for the patient. If you have the patience to not threaten to big goals, then you will succeed. For larger targets have powerful technology, and I'll give them to you.

By Noel Buharmetov

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