Where the mountains touch the sky … Object C. The truth and the legend of Delyatinskoy Secrets

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

Road to the picturesque Carpathian always magical. How many would not go through it, it seems as if for the first time you see as the mountains slowly closing in on you, and seen that yet any minute — and they will crush you like a gnat. And no. The path makes a sharp turn, and then you are moving between the mounds of old greenish Carpathian Mountains. Specifically, these mountains are still conceal within themselves a lot of puzzles. Puzzles, which does not even know vsesuschy "Google-Map", showing on the display instead of the little snow-white spot drawings. On some of them, the story goes on.

Object "C"

If you ever have to find in the Ivano-Frankivsk person's mailing address: Street Aviation, 16, then do not even start. Since such a house in the old Stanislav never was. Although the address has officially existed for 50 years! And behind it lies neither more nor less, and a military town with a population of almost two-thousand.

This is one of the 13 central database storing nuclear weapons of the former Russian Union so called "object" C ".

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

(Specifically on the subsequent number of similar nomenclature institutions in the top-secret documents so far). It is situated 70 kilometers from the regional center in the gorge near Carpathian village Deliatin. During Soviet times, then served nuclear warheads of strategic, tactical and intercontinental missiles carrying duty of Moldova and Transcarpathia to the Dark Sea. With the collapse of the Union part remained, and the profile of its work has changed dramatically.

The truth and the legend of "Delyatinskoy Secrets"

Until the military city is no noticeable Poselkovaya narrow road. When you go to the local pits and potholes, it's hard to believe that it leads to still top-secret, and one of a funded project of our country. But the secrecy sought, and the generals of various ranks, who came here from time to time, "shake off the dust parquet", passing cars along the Hutsul hut. After driving almost four kilometers from the central route Ivano-Frankivsk-Yaremche suddenly encounter a bend at the checkpoint. Made it kind of roadblocks. Across the street are two concrete blocks, the highest iron gates firmly locked block. Serious control documents, verification of data with regulatory authorities. Although times are changing, but the order still remained. Despite the fact that cantonment "Deliatin" at the moment taxi rides civilian clothes, not once I stop auto servicing the local shops and bars to get to the area of the city can only be by special permit.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

The road from the checkpoint to the residential city — it is 6 km mountain road. From time to time on the sidelines possible to see an old apple orchards, the shape of which can be guessed where there were peasant huts. At one time there was a huge meadow village, which was on Stalin's absolutely resettled, and houses destroyed. One of the most common polubaek Education database knows that like Beria random pointed to the map of the Carpathian Mountains and ordered to make there strong base.

It's hard to believe. Because in fact very well chosen for the location of the base — the middle of a longish Carpathian gorges, which tightly covered mountains. But some truth in the story of the development of a database is, so many kilometers of tunnels deep in the mountains pierced the labor of many thousands of prisoners of the then Soviet Union. Local residents are not lured to work, and they were not even aware of what is being done Stitching wire, which were surrounded by mountains all around. According to legend, made by Russian counterintelligence officers, all who served there at the time of the Union, had nothing else like Moscow (!) Registration. The kids were trained in the metropolitan high school number 131, junior strolled into the capital kindergarten. Local shops were also on providing capital. Because there even in the most difficult times one can was purchased and caviar, and expensive clothes, and household appliances. Were in the city and a private hospital, and his own clinic. But to get here, in general, like to go, it was only in the special wagon with the windows closed, the outside resembles ordinary second-class.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

To mask the main tasks of her klassifitsirovli as fighter aircraft. In a prominent place (which is perfectly possible to see how the plane, and from space) was achieved on a pedestal with the case of the MiG-15, all soldiers were just flying shape. All symbols on the club and the other buildings of the city testified only about the air towards the service. And in addition, to make it more impressive, if, in any of the tourist centers in the Carpathian mountains suddenly appear foreign detective, a couple of times a week over the military town of true flying planes that dropped almost to the roof and quickly soared above the mountains.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

Those who rest in Yaremche or Vorochta, really created a memory, the planes soar with some unseen mountain airfield.
W is for the defense of the top-secret facility, it is also obmysleno had all the details. In the mountains, made a series of underground tunnels that
connected voedinyzhdy system of bunkers, pillboxes and bunkers. The mountains around obtyanuli Stitching wire network with a system of ultra-modern signaling. Besides, who would dare to attack the facility would have to make great efforts, because there are the mountains themselves reliable, natural protection, serving as the walls of a typical mountain fort.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

According to various unclassified data, at the dissolution of the Union of Ukraine had the second (after Russia) arsenal of strategic and tactical ammunition — 2345 units. Almost all of them were at times service is here that, in the Carpathian Mountains. About how many people have passed through the service in the city, it is not clear exactly, because most of the documents relating to the life and work of "Moscow district" of Ukraine, to this day still lurking.

Modernity with limited access

The entire territory of the military garrison conditionally divided into three large sections: one civilian inhabitants live, the other — a military town, and the third — the so-called techno territory. After the collapse of the Union of Russian and Ukraine refused a nuclear weapon underground storage Delyatina empty. But standing in their non-existence is not destiny. According to the decision of the Ministry of Defense specifically here were transferred much of the arsenal of Western Ukraine. Artillery and rocket ammo once kept close to the big cities and represented a danger to residents, they are now firmly covered with thick layer of mountains.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

According to the commander of Colonel Yuri Gritsik, the reliability of these stores can not even read.

Once a year, the government allocates considerable resources to maintain the vitality of the arsenal. A couple of years back in the vaults was a modern system of fire prevention and control of humidity and temperature. The territory of both the framework and the technical facilities is under serious security, the base of which consists of automatic tracking system. Because seep unnoticed here is simply unrealistic. And even vsesuschie boys, children soldiers know that their field of games and entertainment is limited only by the limits of a civilian. But when compared with the level of non-secret Russian yardstick and openness significantly improved, access to technical areas hitherto strictly regulated. Get inside storage may only have a limited number of people.

Where the mountains touch the sky ...  Object "C".  Truth and myths about the "secret Delyatinskoy"

A separate issue — the presence here of entertainment. Some residents of the city say the best holiday than here, in the mountains, you can not find in winter — are skis and skates, and in the summer — fishing, mushrooms or just a picnic on the cozy forest glade. However, some young has been criticized that there is nothing to do. For there is no theater or even a disco. Not so long ago there was not even television. But this dilemma now decided to satellite dishes abound on the facades of houses.

But local residents looking to the future with optimism.

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