Who actually owns the moon?

July 24, 2012 13:24

Lander Apollo-11 down on the moon July 21, 1969-year. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin wore suits and got out. And, of course, report on the radio all that saw there.

Base on the Moon.  Photo: wonderwork.ucoz.com

Base on the Moon. Photo: wonderwork.ucoz.com

In the line of sight is best to use very high frequency (VHF) with frequency modulation. (Actually, this is not called "FM", and FM. But, of course, for the talks are not on the range of FM, which employs all of our receivers.) Frequency modulation is much more resistant to interference than the amplitude ("AM" — ranges short, medium and long waves), which allows to play music in high quality.

In 1969, the Internet did not even dreamed of. People from different cities and countries promptly communicated to each other by amateur radio. Called such people is very simple: amateurs.

So, ZTE fans knew all the transmitters and receivers. Really all the least, because they often do it yourself! Went on the radio market, buying parts. Were retailers.

Of course, such an event in the history of mankind, as the landing on the moon, could not get past them attention. Prepared thoroughly. Built a special antenna. Rewind a bit of turns of the coils contour, turned trimmer capacitors, synchronized with the operating frequency superheterodyne — and caught the frequency at which the flight control center talked with astronauts. That is, they could not see anything, but were quite capable of all to hear.

Now on to the fun part — the content of what he heard. It should say at once, why not suspected of fraud. If this were not true, then the writers would indicate exactly who said the words, Armstrong and Aldrin. But on the amateur equipment without samples for comparison, unfamiliar voices could not distinguish. NASA workers — yes, different because a lot of communicating with the astronauts before flight. And who does not communicate, that could hardly recognize who it was that spoke on the air.

A pronounced incredible things, words describing what they saw. At the edge of the crater built a huge alien ships and started watching landed earthlings. Light of an impact crater, and the connection was lost for a while, but soon recovered. Astronauts continued to swear that they're not alone. Somehow alien compared with large puppets (maybe this was the code name for a UFO on the instructions?), And generally scary alarmed.

Only ten years later, in 1979, a former employee of NASA communications Maurice Chatelain, said that Neil Armstrong really reported on two UFOs on the rim of the crater. (So it was Armstrong. Indeed, NASA officials have distinguished voices.) Why are told? Because the employee — the former, the dismissal was not afraid.

Maurice Chatelain also confirmed that the relationship briefly interrupted several times for unknown reasons.
Naturally, not only listened to talks amateurs and professionals. Soviet secret service and academics. Professor of Mathematics at Moscow University physicist Vladimir Azhazha confirmed that Armstrong actually transmitted to Earth about two seen unidentified objects. However, the Americans immediately classified, and recording will not be voiced in public.

This is Armstrong. And what Aldrin, his partner? Also well done: not confused, took a movie camera and started shooting without even having to leave the lander. And he continued to shoot, when they were come to the surface. This was explained by Dr. Alexander Kazantsev, another Soviet scientist. Apparently, he had access to intelligence.

In general, the aliens looked to land a few minutes, check that they are in no danger, and left.

However, the same Maurice Chatelain said that UFOs often accompanied terrestrial spacecraft. Astronaut Walter Skiri first gave them the nickname "Santa Claus." Everything reported to the control center, but they were silent.

And in 1968, James Lowell, while on board the Apollo — 8, said the air enigmatic phrase, they say, be prepared to be approaching the "Santa Claus." NASA, of course, understand, and outsiders can only guess at the true meaning of the message and suspect him of hidden meaning.

Really had to prepare in earnest. Because for 11 minutes, until the alien saucer was nearby, and cut down all of the equipment and the astronauts began severe headaches. Then the aliens had left, and it passed.

The CIA has always led a total surveillance of returning astronauts and told me not to talk and not to tell anyone about what they saw. Therefore, the conversation occurred between Neil Armstrong and some professor, in the anonymity of the latter.

So, astronaut walked on the moon, said that they (the crew of Apollo-11) has been advised of the possibility of military meetings with strangers, but still kind of foreign ships had made a very strong impression. And Armstrong and Aldrin were amazed aliens technical power.

Armstrong has also confirmed that the UFO was filmed. But asked not to demand more from him, because of him constantly watching the FBI and CIA. Just said that the U.S. government does not want to sow panic among the people.

Cause for panic really was. After all, then humans had no effective weapons against the flying saucers. French laser gun Thor-2 appeared only in the late 80's. (With the help of two fighters "Mirage" was first shot down a UFO over South Africa).
One way or another, but the Americans slowly turned the lunar program and had long been there do not fly, even with modern technology.
However, while flying stop immediately. Next ship, Apollo-12, for much of the way followed by a UFO.
Th November 1970. Apollo — 15 delivered to the moon is not only a lander and moon rover, similar to the Jeep. So astronauts began to skate. And at the same time over their heads something flashed on low-level flight.
April 1972-th. Near the crater Descartes planted crew Apollo — 16. And suggest camera on moving objects. Clearly see the huge plate, which hangs above the surface.

The last of the 12 humans have visited the moon was Harrison Schmidt, a geologist. This happened in December 1972. With him landed Eugene Cernan, commander of the expedition. So, on the outskirts of the Sea of Serenity … he picked up an orange glass. And then the two astronauts saw orange balls, warping on the slopes of craters.

Well, you might say. Shining balls, lights — all this could be reflections on the glass spacesuits on the camera lens. In extreme cases, priglyuchilos. While astronauts — people with perfect health, including mental. But what about a piece of glass?

And from then on the moon come from straight wide track like runways? It is seen as someone leveled relief, cutting hills, rocks, and other hills. Who is left on the surface of the track of the wheels? From thin wheels, not like in the Soviet "Lunokhod". Moreover, the first one was delivered to the moon only November 17, 1970! Where did the dome? So that's the crater, as it should, strewn with rocks and sand, and in the center — rovnenko a dome. Not only that, it also lights flashing!

Have you ever seen the moon through a telescope? Beautiful sight. If it is "growing", then on the dark side, you can see how slowly the lights are lit — the sunlight for summits. Then slowly from the blackness gradually appear the outlines of mountains and craters. But the lights do not go out and do not blink!

So what do the intelligence services to conceal from the public the truth? As always, showered online emphasized implausible nonsense to dilute truthfully every kind of turbidity. For example, a scientist is confused as Nikola Tesla and Marconi, the inventor of the radio. A hybrid named Marconi Tesla. Come up with the details, which was not. For example, Armstrong allegedly transmitted to Earth that flying saucers … for them to shoot to kill camera. And so on. To create the impression that the ufologists — if not liars, the demented or insane.

Such articles replicated — copied to fake UFO sites and visible in search engines, even though the texts are repetitive up letters. So, someone really need to be seen.

Dogpustim you — alien, given the task of watching over humanity, who began playing with nuclear weapons and missiles. Where is the easiest way to make a base? That's right: on a lifeless satellite. Suddenly one of them starts to move missiles to this most satellite. And what is a nuclear warhead and wants to recoil on base? It is necessary to send to intercept the flying saucer, let devices probed. Nothing dangerous there? There is even a crew? And, well, then let fly. Take a walk on the moon — and will clean house. Although, of course, watch them from a distance still necessary, and then you never know … From rebellious natives of anything you can expect …

Of course, the Moon and well-known themes touched Zechariah Sitchin. Speaking at a press conference and said that all the flights "Apollo" — no more than the performance. Rather, the Hollywood cinema. In fact, people have long been secretly mastered the technology of alien ships and did fly on the plates. And the moon base is, and even on Mars. Like, if there a flood or some other end of the world, the elite escapes to Mars, leaving the common people perish.

Of course, this is nonsense. Too many people took part in the preparation of missions to the Moon. Designers, technicians, doctors, astronomers, mathematicians, engineers, programmers and all … you name it. Too many witnesses. And here at Sitchin — not one. Why did he always tells the tale? Again — the people laughed at the fantastic predictions and ufology itself.

But the truth is — it is not fiction, but a reality. Autumn 1973rd NASA was forced to admit that the UFO seen 25 astronauts. And the chief of the entire lunar program Wernher von Braun spoke to the magazine "isothermal" that UFOs do exist, aliens are much stronger than previously thought, but he has no right to go into details.

And what about the Soviet Union, you ask. Sent a "Lunokhod" too fussed, something explored. Yes, exploring. But not for long. The Last Station "Luna — 24" took off from soil samples August 19, 1976, and did not fly there anymore either automatically ships nor men.

The moon does not belong to earthlings.


Scientists have shown that the events described in the ancient myths, did occur. And therefore, could exist and their members: the gods, people, snakes, fish-men, winged "angels," tailed "demons." Archaeologists and paleontologists to find confirmation. Alien that needed to humans, they are helping people and used them for their own purposes, why people used to communicate with the "gods", and now, we believe that the "gods" is not …

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