Who and how is shooting a film in Odessa

In Odessa five young filmmakers a chance to shoot short films for state funds. They made a bet on love, the problems of the elderly and veterans

Back in November launched the selection of scenarios for the short feature films in the competition "Debutantes", which holds Odessa Film Studio. The project is designed to find new kinoidey. A desire to prove himself in the film industry have expressed five hundred directors and screenwriters. There were so many requests that planned for the end of the fall summing even had to be postponed. "We were pleasantly surprised to see how much we have young people who are ready to dedicate his life to cinema art, gifted, sincere, with a refined artistic taste, which, no doubt, will find their place in the film and will be the future of Ukrainian cinema" — note Organizers of the contest on the website of the Odessa Film Studio.

And a competent jury handled all the work submitted to the competition. As a result, the best of the best ideas recognized five young filmmakers, and besides — approved the draft of some experienced writers (a total of 11 scenarios).

According to the organizers, all the winners will qualify for the start of production within the state order and produced the film studio itself. "They elected a really long time — told us the project coordinator Alexandra Khmiadashvili — looking for common ground different authors analyzed the subjects of films. For us it was important that the applicant had their own style, recognizable handwriting. Of course, among the basic requirements — the presence of a special profiling of education (university, college, film school). "

As for genres, the organizers announced in advance that it is extremely undesirable comedy and fantasy, drama and a welcome adventure. "We were looking for a job acute social nature, as they say, on the topic of the day", — said Alexander. Finally decide the fate of the scenarios presented State pitching (pitching — the presentation of the film project with the aim of finding investors), which is scheduled for March of this year. About the size of funding at the studio while categorically refusing to speak or even name the estimated cost of a project. But experienced director who specializes in short films, explained to us that the 20-minute film for the filming of which will require simple lighting, tap, stadika (imaging camera stabilization system), computer processing, will cost $ 5.2 million

Note that a similar competition in the Odessa film studio for the first time. The idea of organizing "Debutants" belongs to the new director of the company Andrey Zverev, who took office last summer and was replaced by Victor Nozdryuhina-Zabolotnoho standing at the helm of film studio for about three years. The last (officially) resigned to pursue creative work. But the media persistently rumors about a possible reorganization of the studio.
We add that in the last year at the Odessa Film Studio was filmed several full-length feature projects such films as "rare blood group", "Schuler" (Office titles. "Odessa-Mama"), "Classmates", series "The Longest Day", " The Beach ", etc.

Ruslan Vitukhin, the drama "Light and her husband"

A professional cameraman Ruslan Vitukhin first decided to try his hand as a director. The screenplay was written director of the Odessa Film Studio Nicholas SEDNEV.

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"The main character, after 7 years of marriage suddenly thinks: why, Is she married — says SEDNEV. — As a result, realizes that was wrong. Her husband, finding themselves in a difficult situation, discovers his true colors — manifests itself as a hypocrite and a liar. And his kind smile — just a cover. " The author defines the genre of the film as a psychological study, which is close to the drama.

Sergei Aksenov, melodrama "May"

A film about first love. "Romantic, touching picture" — said the author of the idea Sergei Aksenov. In the center of the film — a pair of teenagers, among whom was born a bright feeling. Timid boy and a girl for the first time touching a little afraid to start a relationship, I confess to each other in a secret. But love conquers all obstacles and fears.

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When asked why the author decided to make a melodrama, he replied: "People are so this is not enough, because the screens, as in life, there are so many horrors." The film is set in the autumn rainy and gray, but the name of the movie — "May". "It may in the soul" — says Sergey Aksenov. The planned timing belt — 20 minutes.

By the way, unlike the other candidates, Aksenov first steps in directing did 5 years ago. His first film "Parallels" he shot back in 2007, after which the tape was "Stop" and "I?".

Natalia Yani drama "Day-Life"

Natalia — a graduate of the Odessa film school them. Cold Faith, and now — a student of the Moscow Academy of Education Natalia Nesterova (Faculty of Film and Television). The girl told the prehistory of the film. "Some time ago a friend of mine, from Odessa Olga Dolgaleva, told the story to which I could not stay indifferent! — Said Natalia. — This is a topic that simply can not be silent! It's about a veteran who was in a difficult situation. But in what kind of, you will find out from the film (do not want to give out all the secrets). "

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The girl said that her outraged social disorder and the position of the elderly in our country. "Nowhere abroad do not apply to pensioners, and especially to the veterans — people who risked their lives on the battlefield, as with us, — says Natalya Jani. — They deserve more respect, care and attention than they receive from society today. After all, some of the elderly in the current harsh reality just have to survive. " According to Natalia, shooting the film was originally planned for this spring. But competition "Debutantes" became the creative duo of Natasha and her friends-screenwriter stimulus that pursed his time translating ideas into practice. "We are just happy that our work stand out among hundreds of others," — said the girl.

Cyrus Blikova, drama "One"

The script for "One" was written by the father of the young director, famous writer Yuri Glare ("The Return of the Musketeers", "Scent of Autumn", "Ektrasens"). Tape tells the story of an elderly woman. "We address the situation of older Luda in the country — said Cyrus, will be affected by the problems of social disorder and lonely old men, also pops problem of fathers and children. Self-interest of the younger generat
ion. "

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For 26-year-old Kira this tape will debut. "I went to the scenario of his father, because I know that he — the pros of the business and in my place would have been strange to film the script of another author," — said Blikova. All the details of the next movie she does not tell, because he believes it is premature and, like most beginners kinoavtorov, afraid to jinx it.

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