Who are the best times for BRIC is back

Now, the best times are over for the BRICAccording to the agency «Bloomberg», referring to the company «Goldman Sachs» (coined the term BRIC about 10 years ago), the best time for the States BRIC (Specify: the term created from the first letters of 4 countries — Brazil, our homeland, India, China), already behind.

According to the December survey "BRIC 10 years: half way to the majestic deeds," Dominic Wilson (economist «Goldman Sachs»): «It's been the greatest growth BRIC. In the past decade, only one was pretty BRIC ideas in order to lure investment. Now it is very hard to imagine that would be quite alone, only faith in the future growth. "

Jim O'Neill (economist «Goldman Sachs» and inventor of the term BRIC) in the book "Map of growth" is also disappointing facts. In 2011, out of funds that invest in the BRIC countries, there was a withdrawal of 15 billion dollars SSHF. Index showing the estimated price of the shares of this group (MSCI BRIC) fell by 23% over the year, with all this index Developing States (21 country; MSCI Emerging Markets Index) Has lost 20%.

It is clear that the largest drop in the middle of the BRIC countries has shown Index China (Shanghai Composite Index and the BSE India Sensitive Index) which is 23%. Russian market fell by 18-20%, and the Brazilian Stock Exchange — 17%. Of all the developing countries, the sharpest drop falls on Egypt, namely: their index (EGX30 Index) fell by 49%, and this has happened against the backdrop of political unrest and revolution. At the global level, the largest rise occurred in the Philippines, their index (The Philippine Stock Exchange Index) Rose by 3.8%.

According to Arjuna Mahendran (Chief Investment Strategist Asia HSBC Private Bank) in 2012, BRIC index is able to lose another 20%. And in the coming five years will be in the foreground, Turkey, Jordan and Nigeria, so they start growth with a somewhat lower positions.
It should be noted that the average rate of rise of the economies of the BRIC (4 mils) in 2012, according to the International Finance Facility, will be about 6.1%, well, the overall growth rate of the world economy — about 4%.

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