Who benefits the myth of the oil curse of the Russian economy?

There is a stereotype, firmly driven into the head, it is designed to convince us that the Russian economy is critically dependent on the oil factor that the raw material sector — one of the key sectors of the economy, and the income from her critically affect the level of GDP and are the "principal violin "for the economy as a whole. 

This is actually a clever substitution of concepts! Oil is a factor of the Russian economy is truly significant in the case, talking about only one side of the process — the export activity, and if we talk on a serious level, and to judge the entire Russian economy as a whole, we can observe with surprise that the vice of economic development of Russia is quite different, not depending on oil is the main evil, but quite a inomharaktere imbalances, which I want to say in this article.

In itself the Russian economy could be considered the "oil" in the two thousandth year that way after I Work "liberal" Yeltsin's government, and the cost of their heroic efforts, reduced the level of the country's GDP by 60% and has made many stops production, brought the country to the tailspin. However, over the last twelve years, the country has managed to partly recover, showed a three-fold growth in 2000 GDP per capita. Here, for example, Norway, which exports 10 times more oil per capita than Russia, showed an increase of only 1.7 times.

By the way, the UAE, which according to the logic of our "liberals" would have to show tremendous growth on the other hand, squandered its per capita GDP is 20% down.

Russia's economic growth has been achieved not only and not so much due to the "oil factor", but rather because of recovery of industrial activity, because in recent years we again stepped up exports of helicopters, turbines, power plants, weapons, and other things that goes into our international niche division of labor. But talking about the incredible merit Putin overwhelm him with praise and swoon with gratitude to him, still not worth it, because the process of which I speak, was merely the restoration of the former, that is, the inertia of Soviet development, Putin only slightly loosened the noose, which tightened around the neck of our country "liberals" Yeltsin era.

The fact that in Soviet times was laid a solid foundation of development, the foundations for growth and dynamic movement. "The damned communists", oddly enough, were able to provide a fairly balanced economy, including energy to produce.

When I hear another talking shop, aimed at "brainwashing" in order to convince us that the "oil economy" is a sign of a backward country, I can only smile bitterly how grossly deceive people, all these "liberal" talkers, because in actual fact developed sector of energy production — is a complex, high-tech complex economy, but even more difficult task — exploration and mining establishment. And because of that "oil" of the country — it's basically states like Norway, Canada, Denmark, Russia. And, for example, in Mongolia, Afghanistan or potential availability of minerals is much higher than in Russia, but they were not explored, there is no such technologies are developed in Russia. The same can be said of most African countries, the depths of which, at times incredibly rich, but if there is something produced and, at best, foreign "players" who put all the profits in your pocket, barbaric polluting the land and water.
Russia is a huge area, in comparison with many other countries, most resource-poor than the rich, a "damned communists" spent a tremendous resource, made a great effort to carry out exploration, develop production, to create a transportation and infrastructure development (often in areas of eternal permafrost).

The oil age will not last forever, and it's time to hydrocarbon fuel will no longer be necessary to the world in such amounts as it is now, and it will happen sooner than in the depths of run out of oil, because the extraction and sale of energy — is a profitable and timely type of economic development.

But the point is that the obsession with talking about oil, raw materials for the economy, oil curse, really — bogey skillfully thrown into the box, to be exact — one of the promotional gimmicks undertaken on condition that inspire us to "set an outsider." In fact, the role of oil (and gas and other resources) in the general economic system of Russia, is not so great as to be critical, it is great, again, only in the export component, and even that is relative.

Here, the site of "Made in us," I came across a very interesting graph, which shows the share of oil-exporting countries in the global section. Russia, as you can see, is among them a very modest place, roughly comparable to a place in Canada and Denmark.

  • Who benefits the myth of the "oil curse" of the Russian economy?
  • Who benefits the myth of the "oil curse" of the Russian economy?

And in what schedule (export industries) Russia will hold high places? But these are! Yes, there is, for example, the largest exporter of high-tech military equipment Russia has moved into second place among exporters of Russian energy sector has significant positions, most recently Russia increases export of food (especially sunflower oil and grain), and range of export products is constantly updated ("liberals" just juggling numbers, usually intentionally take outdated data, palming us the results Yeltsin era).

But the most fundamental is that Russia has surpassed, in terms of GDP (that is, in terms of the economy), France and Britain, and of course left behind Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and others, as, for example, and the rapidly growing Indonesia the population of which more than exceeds the widow of Russian). That is, the Russian economy is quite voluminous, developed sectors in it a lot, there is a niche technology, producing products that compete successfully on the world market, and, (this is important!) So-called financial sector, that is a "virtual", we have developed very poorly, it does not have such a serious proportion, as is observed in the British economy. And it is a "virtual" financial sector and is now the main "risk factor", that he might get as a house of cards at the time of the collapse of the pyramid of debt, and it turns out that the economies of the countries where a "virtual" sector was high, add up to a few (s to the number of countries such as time and include the United States and Britain).

On this basis, we can conclude that the real and the real potential of the Russian economy is much higher than the volume of the economies in the "developed countries" to which we are called to be calling these modern economy.

In Russia production and assets, mostly — real, and that if we are exporting, it is not "financial services" (which are London and New York are all imposed by force), then we sell our real energy, and more — Kamaz trucks, helicopters , Kalash, turbines for nuclear power plants, titanium parts for airplanes, etc. (the list is something great).

In Britain, the same death of real production began under "genius" of Margaret Thatcher, when the production ran in Asia and in other regions of the world, and to place them in the creation of national wealth, went actively growing, at that time, "finansovyysektor" which Now the bubble inflated, like a cancer, threatening to kill the entire system.

But what's the deal — you ask? Why, in the beginning I said that in Russia there is still a malignant vice-economic development, is there a terrible imbalance that prevents the normal functioning of the economy and the social system?

And all of this, and indeed there is, I expounded the positive developments in the early notes, in order merely to show that the "liberal mantra," all these propaganda bogey and mulki that we zakarmlivali and zakarmlivayut nothing to do with reality are not , because the problem of the Russian economy is not the "oil nature" of its export model, and the model of its idiotic tax, and as a result, social policy, as well as several closely related subsystems.

Some time ago, I have already touched on the issue of "tax madness" that emerged in Russia in the last twenty years, now I will tell about it a little more and more concrete.

It is believed that in Russia the lowest taxes, but that's not entirely true, because these unusually low taxes only for the rich, the poor they are even higher than in the notorious "developed countries" and, although nominally our taxes (for the poor class) generally lower than in the West, but in the same Europe needy "return" in a variety of programs helps, the lion's share of the money which is paid to these people as taxes, we have the same "successful class", in power and dictating their conditions, and tries to peel the skin off the last of the majority converted to low-income class.

But the most curious, and even witty in his diabolical perversion is exactly how our government uses the oil rent to cover any arrears does this money go?!

Taken to assert that "due to oil," the government finances the social sphere, "comprises the population," and so on in this vein, but in reality it's not quite true, and even not so!

Take a calculator and consider:
Revenues in the budget last year from oil and gas sector accounted for just under half of its volume, or 6.3 trillion rubles, and the tax on personal income (personal income tax) for the year 2012 amounted to total 2.26 trillion rubles, and this is at the lowest The world tax of 13%. That is in fact the state pays lower tax revenues from energy, because in those cases in which any wealthy Frenchman will pay 47% of their state tax, the Russian "successful master" will return only 6%. Feel the difference!

Taxes higher than 30-40% (meaning the type of personal income tax and similar) are not in all countries, and only in the most developed countries (Sweden, France, Switzerland, etc.), but the taxes on the level of 28-30% exist in almost every country for which, it would seem, call us to be our "liberals."

And if our government will increase the tax from 13% to generally accepted in the "developed countries" 28-29%, these revenues will catch up with oil and gas revenues and compensate them.

And if any Western country like the United States, would reduce the tax on personal income tax from 35% to 13%, the U.S., too, would need oil and gas revenues of at least 30-40% of the budget.

So, in a detailed and clear analysis of our economic situation, the tale of the "oil addiction" loses his courage and turns into a very different story, the story is the story that Russia is a country which, even under wraps, even under the pressure of a "class gorlohvatov ", again returned to the 1990 level, that is again among the seven largest industrial countries (in terms of GDP), re-injected again plow, but on the neck of our country sits parasitic class, class-gorlohvat that zahapat in their hands, all financial flows, hog production facilities and assets, declared himself the master, and wants to be a hegemon, a tyrant over the "cattle", he wants to be pushed around, tear off his three skins, carrying out such a tax policy that "rich and successful" pay, in fact, ridiculous tax on their "honestly earned millions", and from ordinary citizens seek to overcome all that is possible, not only in the form of taxes, no, it's extortion, and the system by inflating utility rates and inflated fares, and on and so forth.

And that class gorlohvatov parasite on oil revenues, that he uses this unique situation for the country, and social services to a much lesser extent required oil money, because the growth in the industry in Russia, compared to the same Europe, is now a pretty decent (on social programs with a vengeance would be enough taxes from the industry, since taxes were not taken out a "successful class" with the help of ingenious schemes, offshore and in London Ves).

If you talk about what should be a system of taxation and the overall economic system as a whole, the ring we want good home and really want to see her safe, the bulk of current expenditure items should be taxes on "big business", since the windfall that Now go to the construction of the yacht for the "oligarchs" to buy absurdly expensive real estate in London, the "golden parachutes", etc.; and so, in a way that levying of taxes and duties, the funds would be more than enough for the current provision of social obligations, protection borders and stuff, but the so-called "oil money" would have to be wholly and completely, let in development, the creation of
new fields and industries. Thus, the current life of the country and its social equilibrium would not depend on fluctuations in commodity prices.

Today, we are in a ridiculous situation, because our country is, in fact, is rich, and the real production of it is (that's from Finland, has recently been transferred to Russia several productions, closing factories at home) and the overall level of non-oil revenues could be would be much higher, since not occur would be so idiotic policy, even when part of a formal public money was pumped through offshore companies in Cyprus! What is this if not idiotic sabotage!? It is close to the natural madness, not just to the crazy theft.

But the point is not in Russia, not the nuances of Russian reality as such, because idiotic model, of which I speak, was planted on us from outside, was imposed on us in the Yeltsin period, and is a "pirated copy" of all that is present and in the United States, except that everything is done more crudely and cynically.

If we are, and what you need to upgrade, so in the first place — the mechanisms of social justice and redistribution of income from the production, as well as the compulsory investment in development.

And all what says Dmitry Medvedev — is yesterday, it's back to the nineties, and losing, the erroneous yesterday, because we do not need to liberalize the economy, not to increase the private sector, through privatization, but rather to increase state control over the economy, bring the whole system into a state of development, leading her from the "cash cow", which is used gorlohvaty, Hapay in Russia and export abroad.

The endless cries for a "commodity economy" of Russia, that nothing in Russia is produced, beneficial to all those pseudo-liberals who serve gorlohvatov class, uvorovyvayuschih her money in Russia. These people are beneficial to create the appearance that the Russian — Propane country, and therefore to invest money in it is unwise, and take out money abroad — health and natural. In fact, all of these "oligarchs", moguls and thieves smaller, drawn abroad, not because there laws softer, better conditions for investment, or something else Kucheryavykh (no, no, because abroad, except in offshore, taxes are much higher and the system is much more so), but our "successful people" fleeing Russia not because of some objective reasons, but because it understands a banal thing: their "capital", multiplying, at best, by the "gray schemes "monstrous and non-payment of taxes, or simply by the banal theft and predatory privatization, there will always remain illegitimate, in the true sense, can never be truly legitimate.

No matter how many times Putin has not proclaimed the thesis of "amnesty", the inviolability of private property, all these our "successful businessmen" still can not feel safe, because the thief that always knows himself that he is a thief, how many times No repeat of him that he — an honest man and a successful businessman.

That is why they are running for the West, with "their" money, not because a Russian investment climate is bad, or there is the 'oil, dead-economy ", not because it is breathed in Russia is worse than in the West, no, no, in the west on all main characteristics are worse now than in today's Russia (and will be even harder), just about every successful man of class, over the years, "otimizirovavshy taxes", that is, to steal from us to you, the vast millions of money, depriving our children of new children gardens, which prevented the renewal of infrastructure and other things, wants to "save" Money Stolen, feeding the illusion that the West will give the opportunity and shielding the "wealthy family" at home, give a quiet life forever.

And in the structure of the Russian economy, is, in fact, not so serious unresolved problems, which is the psychological aspect of the problem is the problem of perverse distribution of wealth, resources and investment.

Industrial, commercial sphere Russia, can be viewed as anything, not in the question, not in the estimates and opinions (after all, a stubborn fact is that in England, for example, the real economy is far less significant than in Russia), who like Russia, or do not like it, but now our country has returned to the seven largest industrial economies in the world, and because the fundamental factors, then it's not that bad, as the malignancy has crept into the "top" flaw exists in the system of goal-setting "business elite."

Now we throw a new bogey, unwinding hysterical campaign around the fact that Russia's economic growth has slowed, and now does not exceed three percent (although the same in England about this dream is not necessary), but the fact is that now our economic growth simply can not be too high, because the low base effect has exhausted itself, and because the overall size of the economy is great, including a comparison with the "leading" countries of the world, because in front of us, only six countries, all the rest — behind.

And the problem of poverty is a large part of the population of Russia lies not in the fact that we have a little work, or a little produce, and that monstrously unfair distribution of wealth and the investments are not balanced due to the fault of the "liberal" of our government.

In Russia now produced a huge number of cars, refrigerators, air conditioners, constantly an increase in food and most other kinds of consumer goods. Now we can not say that Russia produces little cars, or cars that these are bad, no, it's just different! The issue is that someone has three or four cars on the snout, and someone does not and necessary things, but it works, although it deserves.

And damn them with three machines (this is not the best example, because there are passionate collectors at heart), the issue is something much deeper point is for a much more serious gap in income and property stratification, just cripples and distorts all system as a whole and its individual particular not giving her anything to grow normally or develop, because you never can be a normal existence, since the body has on the tumor itself and swollen blisters (but still does not cure them, but just the opposite encourages bloating these "successful bubbles ").

All this is related to another important topic — bias estimates using the criterion of quantitative growth!
Just above I have shown that in terms of quantitative economy-wide level, Russia, in actual fact, quite successful, in comparison with the major economies of Europe, and if you say that the industry need quantitative growth, the question arises: "How many us have cars? How many refrigerators? "In actual fact, we produce them already, you can probably say that the machine-it would be possible and less (public transport needs to be developed), and generally cause imbalances lies not in the field of quantitative indicators, and in quality.

We are wrong to distribute, not the right stereotype we have a social matrix, placing his neck gorlohvatov class that consume a few dozen times more than the rules dictate the appropriateness and reasonableness.

Quantitative same height — is a group that should gradually fade into the background as unimportant, because the success of any "adult" can not be determined by the growth of his body. A person, for example, can grow to a maximum of 25 years, and further its growth — this is an anomaly, and the ring body continues to change the specifications, then it hurts obesity, or other worthless ailing (as, for example, the current system of the U.S. economy, is the an absurd swelling bladder).

At first, the plan must now go out options such as cleaner production, the coefficient parameters of social equalit
y, security of people affordable education, etc., etc., reasonable, then a lot of criteria, and to be blunt quantitative growth — it is unreasonable.

No, of course, for countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, the quantitative growth will still be relevant, for several decades, but even there the process will not last forever.

Do not have to jump in width and in height, and if you undertake to dig, then you have to dig deep, and do not imitate the work, making a large pit.

In summary I will say that the main idea of my notes consisted of two items.

First, Russia now could easily live without the so-called "oil money", since simply would impose a fair tax laws, and would have stopped, "pampering", when at all possible conversation like, "Oh, you want to raise taxes, well I then took out their capital abroad! "

The second well, and most importantly perhaps is that the current system of management and "business" are unlikely to be cured and able to improve their health to such an extent, that reveal a sort of a healthy body, suitable for the development of the country and its quality growth. Parasitic system of our "success class" is a critical value, this "class" can not, or rather can not benefit Russia as robbed her, afraid of retaliation, and therefore hates the country and its people, constantly shouting curses and bad things.

Russia's "successful class" is the same for the country than the United States are for the world, that is a parasitic excrescence, aggressively pulling juices. And the connection of our "successful end" with the Washington system of world order is critical, because the changes in the world and in our country is possible only after the "revolutionary" in the collapse of the system of world order after the end of domination absurd amerikanotsentrichnoy system.

I will not condemn Putin for what he does, in fact all the same he is trying to somehow mitigate the system plundering the country's wealth "successful class", trying somehow to order, to rein in the process … but the disease does not make sense to persuade, get rid of it is necessary, at all, for good, creating a whole new environment, or rather a new system when the striking social inequalities will be eliminated when the plan will be released for the first qualitative characteristics of development rather than quantitative.

Reality must return to the socialist road, and I think that it will inevitably be forced to do it, because the current world order is going to crash, or rather is born, using the power of inflating its bubbles. But when the crack he goes racing, then you should not be taking their time, but to build a completely new model.

Although nothing new, in general, is nothing particularly unimaginable — read Marx, read Plekhanov, Lenin read in the end.

And with Russia, then everything is fine, everything was normal, and all is well. And she has the oil and gas, and helicopters with KAMAZ, refrigerators, and everything else, the main thing — to remove parasitic organisms from the body of society, and then Russia will again grow vigorously, and quality in the first place. Author Maxim Akimov

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