Who is building underground bunkers?

Who is building underground bunkers?

All sorts of predictions occultist wing scare most impressionable people the world ended in 2012. Others, too impressionable individuals watching the Japanese chronicles of events as panic, believing that nature will soon destroy all people.

Perhaps, for those of humanity enterprising builders decided to build underground houses with apartments-hoppers.


The pioneers in this field were the Chinese, they have built in 2002 in the northern and central mainland China (not far from the city Budalin) underground modern city in the event of accidents for the intelligentsia (doctors, scientists, university professors, architects, general, and, of course, , the highest ranks of government). It was the first modern city underground with excellent ventilation and a stock of all the necessities of life for 10 years. Previous underground cities of refuge: at Moscow, at the science town of Korolev, some U.S. cities — all of them are not currently supported technically and do not create competition Chinese miracle Technopolis.

We are not talking about the underground city called "131", which was built in 1969-1970. in case of nuclear war, the Army and the senior military staff and is now open to tourists.

But note that the underground Chinese technopolis, built in 2002, belongs to the State Apartments, which are sold to ordinary citizens, began to appear only in 2005. Due to the insufficient number of areas suitable for habitation, the Chinese government decided in 1998 to increase the living space of the country through the dungeon. The first would be to expand the capital of China Beijing. Pre-2020, it is planned to create "underground city", covers an area of about 90 million square meters. It is now identified 17 key areas that will form the basis of future "dungeon."

In particular, we plan to create several financial areas that will be deployed by banks and other economic structures, interchanges, tunnels, parking lots, shopping malls.

I must say that the year 2005 was built enough underground apartments. These homes — 15 bunkers — are already operating in the Chinese capital, and can take up to 200 thousand people.

China in particular has stepped up the construction of underground living quarters after the incident May 12, 2008 the most powerful in the past 30 years, the earthquake in Sichuan Province. As a result of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake, killing and missing more than 87,000 people, 374,000 injured and millions homeless. During this period, the construction of a new underground city.

In the near future will open one of the "underground city" in the center of the city of Nanjing. Underground City 16 hectares will accommodate up to 6.6 thousand people, said the agency "Xinhua".

In the bunker will be not only temporary housing, but also hospitals, grocery stores, furnace for burning garbage. People will be able to live independently in a bunker. According to the Chinese real estate agencies, apartment in such a complex would cost only 30% more expensive than an ordinary Beijing.


But new ideas are looking at the real estate market in USA. American company Vivos has started to build a network of underground cities comfortable refuges global disasters. In his campaign Vivos reports on construction in the Mojave Desert (in the south-western United States) "mega-shelter." To get into it, you need to pass to the east of Barstow (California, USA), about 80 km in the Mojave Desert, then turn onto an unmarked gravel road, park in a stony desert, mostly surrounded by barbed wire. This residential complex — it is a city with a developed infrastructure. In addition to the living space in the bunker offers many public buildings, including the jail, and entertainment venues, such as casinos, for example.

It is not known how the builders arrange ventilation system and air filtration systems, but it is likely to remain a mystery. We can also in the regeneration of their homes to build ventilated facades cost of work on the implementation of which, incidentally, is quite acceptable.

Separate underground apartment for a family of four, equipped with a furnished kitchen, "plasma", built-in furniture and washing machine costs 50 thousand dollars. To purchase the book it should be: a place in the hostel is 5 thousand dollars for adults and 2.5 thousand dollars — for the children. Pets (dogs, cats, birds or fish) while you can get for free, but in the fall 2011 placement pets will cost some money. Shelter can accommodate 950 people.

What is the this underground complex, and how long it was built? The answer is simple — the complex was built by Robert resourceful those living. This underground structure was built the largest U.S. telecommunications company AT & T in 1965 to protect telephone infrastructure from a nuclear attack, but those living in 2010 bought a bunker under Barstow. The deal has not been disclosed. In addition, he signed a contract for six of these bins: one nest in North Carolina, one in Pennsylvania, two in New York and two in the Midwest.

Living underground network Terra Vivos — now reinforced concrete solution "to the end of time." Technical requirements which guarantee life, amazing. Barstow bunker was built to withstand a nuclear explosion capacity of 50 megatons, superuraganam speed 725 km per hour, the 10-magnitude earthquake, 10-day 675gradusnym (Celsius) fire on the surface, as well as three weeks of flooding. Air filtration system installed will also be able to neutralize the effects of any biological, chemical or nuclear attack. Barstoussky sector will be provided with enough food and clothing, allowing 135 wishing to hold out for one year life of luxury, reminiscent of cruise ship life.

The network of underground residential complex Terra Vivos will go at least another 19 "bunker communities" located within 240-320 miles of a major American city, not counting the new facilities that will be dug up in other parts of America.

I must say that, as of August 2010, the money in one of the bunkers those living invested several hundreds of people, and in Barstow made their pledge 75. After the Japanese events, according to the American companies involved in the construction of bunkers, the growth in demand for their products ranged from 20 to 1,000 percent. In particular, for the week in California was sold four bunkers and usually manages to sell only one tank per month. It is clear that those living in the objects of the apartment was bought out by a flash.

But in the U.S. there are many companies that are building bunkers, buildings. The cost of these facilities varies from a few thousand to tens of millions of dollars. Bunkers are constructed for both individual and collective living.

One of the biggest bins currently being built in Nebraska. The 4-tier refuge area of 12.7 thousand square meters. meters a year will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 people. The bunker can withstand quite a blast capacity of 50 megatons. It will accommodate a medical center, a kitchen, a wine cellar, a chapel, a room for keeping pets and even room for violent or obsessed people. Above the bunker erect a 100-meter tower, from which you can observe what is happening outside. Apartments in this complex for sale anymore.


Germany, being militarized power, and now is not far behind in their development, which, although aimed at a peaceful course, but still remain in the field of military technology. The Germans established a mass production protivoyadernyh bunkers. The German company started producing ABCguard bunkers that protect against weapons of mass destruction. They can accommodate up to seven people and costs about 120,000 euros.

What's interesting — for six months of the company in turn lined up more than 800 clients. Bins are sold under the advertising slogan "A safe place in an unsafe world."

ABCguard claims that their products protect against nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. In addition, you can hide in a bunker during an earthquake or avalanche.

Standard tank has dimensions of 6.7 to 3 meters. Its walls are made of steel and covered with 30 cm of concrete. Life-support system is designed for a month of continuous stay in the bunker.

Hopper — rapid event, which takes only a week time. It buried in the ground so that the ceiling of the shelter was one meter above the ground. Therefore, almost all German citizens, who have their own house and land, want to get the "right to life".

The "war on terrorism makes the world less safe, there is talk of a new Cold War, and even nuclear conflict. Global warming is the threat of natural disasters. Modern reliable protection in the style of the "Made in Germany" — our response to it all. We found a gap in the market ", — said the engineer Oliver ABCguard Langvich newspaper The Sunday Telegraph.


Russia as always is different. First, people have got bunkers Rublevki, acquiring and building underground kingdom, and now the turn comes to the simple, but "zamorochennyh" Russian citizens. According to one of the companies involved in the construction of shelters, the small bunker, built in Moscow and has an area of 35 square meters. In such a bunker for a week with absolutely no connection to the outside world, but it is quite comfortable, can accommodate three to five people. It costs four million rubles. The most expensive underground facility cost to the customer in ten million rubles. Obviously, there is refuge, where there is no information, and how much they got the customers, we can only guess.

Naturally, the construction firms kept a closely guarded secret the names of customers of unusual underground structures — or adobe hopper at home simply makes no sense. But there are some customers who tell themselves about the bunkers left and right.

It should say that the owners of luxury cottages are not always digging shelter from the natural disasters and nuclear explosions. Until the summer of 2010 a similar initiative was exceptional personal safety. Bomb shelters have begun to use as storage or negotiation. For example, bugs carry useless: it is impossible to eavesdrop. We're not talking about the criminal element that are possible in the bunkers.

But in unfavorable summer 2010, many businesses have used their bunkers to escape the smog. In news reports available information, as in the days of summer smog days businessman hiding his family in a bunker to save the children. Inside the tank is air filtration systems, as in submarines or spacecraft. Experts can install various systems monitoring the environment, various sensors, and even a small weather station inside the hopper.

Demand for private underground bomb shelter is growing year by year. Today in Moscow alone about five construction companies offer their services for the construction of VIP-hoppers in suburban homes. And the number of people willing to build underground shelter is increasing. After the hopper can be used not only for its intended purpose. There, you can hide from robbers or, for example, to escape from the flood.

But as long as Russia is building a shelter is not global, like the U.S., China and Germany. Domestic asylum fit only for shelter from fires, floods, attacks, but the war or a cosmic war is dangerous owners bunkers.

"Mere mortals" who want to protect themselves from natural disasters, can not afford it. Capsule-hoppers have an affordable price: the standard capsule — 500 000; bunker Suites — 1.5 million rubles, the hopper 1000 — 10 000 0000 rubles.

More signs to consider is the fact that before bunkers made and sold only in Moscow and the region, is now such a proposal can be found all over Russia. Apparently, people really panic on the eve of 2012. Maybe the bunker — it required the purchase, if you have a lot of money, securities, and rare things, but by and large, a waste of money. What will be, will be.

Maria topaz

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