Who was Barnashka? Unusual history of Buryat soothsayer

November 28, 2012 0:41

Baykal gave the world not only the purest water, but also a special energy. It at different times have different effects on the state of the surrounding nations. A Khan — say, a native of Transbaikalia — is worth. But there was, it turns out that the Buryat people and no less memorable prophet — Barnashka grandfather, a native of the village Shuluta.

Baltahanova outstanding prophet, according to some versions of his name or Birtagaev Butukhanov, olhontsy considered and consider local Nostradamus. In the world, it was called simply Barnashhe, in Russian — Barnashka. He lived at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: approximately 1830-1925 years. Records like Nostradamus quatrains, Buryat seer did not keep, but in anticipation of future Buryatia, Russia and the planet as a whole, predicted many significant events of the last century — the 1917 Revolution, the Great Patriotic War, difficult years of restructuring and other difficulties in the present life. On the advent of electricity, radio, cars, the departure from the shores of Lake Baikal Buryat, the great "war of fire" and the subsequent global cataclysms, he said a century ago. And in Buryat and quite literally. His close poorly understood. But not all villagers razumeli what he told them. But over time, the content of his predictions was passed on from generation to generation orally, while often enriched and updated folk storytellers. But always passed on — from father to son, from her grandmother to her grandson.

From a story by Valentine Hagdaeva shaman, his grandfather was Barnashki two granddaughters:

— Elder — Dende lived his life, and the youngest — Ayhe nursed dozhivshim to antiquity prophetic elders, cooked him and fed aged predictor. He talked about how he would come another time and Ayhe live exactly the same as he, — 94 years. In the early twentieth century it was a very old man, who had returned home after wandering — he walked the Buryatia, had lived in Buddhist datsans. It is only now trying to remember and pass grandchildren, to whom and when he walked. His father was Butuh. He is one of the subgenus Hamne. The descendants of his family live in the village Anga in Elantsov.

After spending the night at the hospitable Valentine Hagdaeva morning set out. To the village of Ang I had to walk seven kilometers. Galina Protasovna Horgoeva, nee Mikhailov — a descendant of his grandfather Barnashki, wife of an elderly shaman Ignat Frantsevich. Here's what she told me:

— Do Ayhe children were six. Valya eldest lives in Ulan-Ude, I second of the daughters. Earlier in the district Shuluty large river flowing from the mountain, the water was clean. But then dried. Live there become uncomfortable without drinking water. Barnashki parents were simple peasants, he was in the family had one son. The school did not study. Spoke mostly in Buryat. And when he went in Buryatia — what I heard in datsans, he remembered, and all had in mind. But his friend, three classes of the church school graduated — and gave him knowledge of the basics.

On the way from roadside Buryat yurts now representations only for trade and travel, talking with elderly Buryatia. Of course, he also heard about all the predictions Barnashki grandfather, but to retell their passer, and even more talk about the kind and kin Barnashki, not risk. More talkative was young Stanislav Greshilov, employee Olkhonskiye administration:

— The fact that every drill must know the family tree up to the seventh generation. My uncle told me that my grandfather actually Barnashka our relative. After Sobhodoeva Michael — grandson grandfather Sobhodeya — we kin.

What grandfather Barnashka prophesied already know all the children, what will iron bird flies, everything will be entangled by wires and iron. Said that there will be a cart without a horse. That communication is not directly, but through the boxes. Barnashka was of medium height. Rather skinny than fat, more blonde than the main Buryat population. Predict he began after twenty years in the mid XIX century. Just went home and talked about the future: many have said, at times non-stop. Usually began to prophesy with his eyes closed, his back to the wall. They say that it could come into contact with the creatures of the parallel and higher worlds. First, it was considered a holy fool, then ranked as the most revered.

Barnashka really was not of this world. Wanderer and explorer of the supreme will, he did not live like everyone else, in fullness and abundance. Strange also that the Soviet government did not deal with it as a foreign body. This can be explained only marginal poverty grandfather. The fact that his grandfather was buried Barnashku by Mongol custom, it is known from family Greshilova. Stas said that the burial ceremony was attended by his own grandfather, born in 1913. He was a horse Driven Barnashki remains for burial. But where he buried the legendary grandfather, no one knows. There is another version predict that the entire future history of the Buryat people recorded on the right shoulder of the ancient prophets. But the mystery of the grave is not the answer to all the questions that arise every year in the new generations. Dying, he said that his body was not buried in the ground and left on the platform, because after 100 years in his bones should appear and the predictions that he spoke during his lifetime, and more. In 1950, scientists led by Academician AP Okladnikov looking grave soothsayer, but the locals refused to help them.

And in the district Shuluta, where he lived Barnashka, long remained the house soothsayer. He may have survived to the present day, if the daughter, wife, son, have not taken a little house on logs in the area Anga, where he was burned. The woman is blind, that local people considered payment for breach of the covenant Barnashki near death — not to move house and not to betray his body to the ground. Grateful descendants as a sign of deep respect in the late twentieth century in the areas Shuluta where born Barnashka, built a tent and holy hitching post — boogey serge. Initiator of the revival of this unique place is VG Bardaleev, born in the village Buguldeika.

So, in the words of living, the legendary Barnashka prophesy, neither more nor less, that will leave Buryat people from the banks of Lake Baikal to Mongolia. In the three streams. A sure sign that it is time to turn from their familiar tribal seats, as predicted by the mystical grandfather, will start construction of the iron bridge over the CAPM. If the outcome is not successful, then the local people will see on the sacred lake of military men in blue helmets. Now it is the calling card of the armed forces of NATO. Their appearance grandfather Barnashka is simple: when will extract oil from the bottom of Lake Baikal is now protected.

Many dedicated deny the outcome of the Buryat people of Siberia. As well as questioning the possible "forty war." But be that as it may, all other predictions have already come true mystical Barnashki. Hopefully, reviving consciousness of the people to avoid ethnic migrations. And there are still 14 years before the discovery of the relics Barnashki.

Mikhail Jurowski

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