Who will modernize the Polish MiGs?

In early June, in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz, an international aviation industry exhibition «Air Fair 2012". The participants demonstrated the art and public art technology and services to a dynamic aviation market.

Of particular interest was the proposal of the Polish side of modernization standing on the Polish Air Force MiG-29 from the corporation "RSK MIG" (Russia), 558 th Aviation Plant (Belarus) and the company «IAI Elta» (Israel).

Russian Corporation proposed a comprehensive modernization of the Polish aircraft, in particular, the installation of an improved version of radar capable of detecting air targets at ranges of up to 150 km. New radar allows to identify up to 16 targets, including helicopters and light aircraft, as well as to ground mapping. In addition, provision and installation of a new optoelectronic instrumentation, sighting and navigation system. MIG-29 will also be able to use controlled missile and bomb armament, both Russian and Western production: missiles "air-to-air» RWW-AE, R-27ET/ER, missiles "air-to-surface" of the X-29, X-31P , X-31A, KAB-500 bombs. Additional aircraft can be equipped with in-flight refueling.

Baranovichskij 558th Aircraft Repair Plant offered his version of the modernization of the Polish military vehicles. In particular, the Belarusian navigation system has a significantly better performance than the Russian one. General interest in a container and EW "Satelite", which provides 90 percent protection from hitting the aircraft radar missiles "air-to-air."

Israeli experts have restricted ourselves to the proposal to replace radar for radar EL / M 2032.

Warsaw has not been determined who will be upgrading the Polish planes, but there is a strong possibility that preference will be given to the Russian corporation. Despite the fact that the Belarusian variant is more promising and cost-effective, evil role now played by the political component, which for some reason, the Poles are more important than the development of mutually beneficial cooperation. But the Belarusian company has all the necessary licenses for the repair and modernization works, is closer and offers reasonable prices for their services.

It is hoped that the Poles and drop all prejudices, to show interest in another project — the modernization of its attack aircraft Su-22 in Belarus.

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