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Alone with TIME

BASIL Zuyenok "Kovalenok Belarusian poetry reading JUST in Space"

It was perhaps the highest rise of the Belarusian poetry. One summer day in 1978 it began to sound on vakolzemnay orbit. Belarusian cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok launched one of their space stories poetry reading from the book "Getting Started", shortly before delivered to the space station "Salyut-6" from the ground. The author of the legendary book — the poet Vasyl Zuyenok — Today the guest of "House of Writers."

Michas Scoble: "Sir Basil, but it's not a legend? Your book actually been in space?"

Vasily Zuyenok

Vasily Zuyenok: "There is no question can not be. Fact that witnessed all the space reports, which at that time passed by radio, television and printed in newspapers (I remember the information in" News "). Telekadrami remember where Kovalenok directly in orbit reads verses from the book "NACHA" their space satellite Ivanchenkavu and even translates from Russian to Belarusian. Upon landing, as told to me by the Vladimir, he is the one copy of the book then passed to the Moscow Museum of the October Revolution. "

Scoble: "You have the same in that book are poems in space themes, almost all the planets of the solar system were mentioned:" Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter — / wagons forever linked with the Sun … . "Apparently, this hooked you countryman astronaut for a living?"

"I think it is not rocket vocabulary bribed and intrigued. Hooked it for the soul of our beloved river NACHA. Kovalenok was also in love with his land, he loved to come home, our Krupshchiny. He told me later, as he met with my book. During the first unsuccessful flight Kovalenko was not held programmed docking in space, astronauts and soon landed. Kovalenko This failure led to his village, he came alone, without accompanying tuples. astronaut If the store saw a book titled "Go", he once bought her and took with him to the Star City. When preparing its second flight of Ivanchenkavym it in a program that send into space space by mail, marked "sleeps." And the space station "Soyuz-6" truck "Progress" this book and it was delivered. Ivanchenkavu And, by the way, brought a guitar. "

Scoble: "I am here reminded of the epigram of your same age Baradulin Gregory:" B. Zuyenok rhyme heard from the cradle. / And countryman Zuenko Kovalenok / long fly in space, not otherwise, / Vasil carried away "at night." And how have responded to the "mission" of your book space on the ground, say, the Belarusian authorities? "

Zuyenok: "In government, in my opinion, this fact is no disturbance is not done."

Scoble: "The book" Getting Started "was once nominated for the State Prize?"

Zuyenok: "No, that did not happen. K State Award I was still far away."

Scoble: "And the critics have reacted?"

Zuyenok: "Yes, no, I think, for a long time and did not know about space odyssey book. However, later were reviewed, but simply as a statement of fact."

Scoble: "You have a wonderful poem" Attracting "dedicated to Vladimir Kovalenko. And if you had a chance to get acquainted with the life of an astronaut?"

Zuyenok: "Well, then. Was I in Star City, met with the astronauts even had a few brief conversations with Gagarin. What surprised me, and was surprised because it was his naturalness and openness. Remember, we are standing on the sidewalk with Gagarin and say, and the people who go see the cosmonaut and literally throw themselves with questions. Women and girls hug him, and he says all with his charming smile. wonder he was appointed as the first cosmonaut. "

Scoble: "But let's go back to the reader of your poems on vakolzemnay orbit — to Vladimir Kovalenko. As a deputy in 1991, he made the hall of the Supreme Council of the white-red-white flag. Or the man was charged this honorable mission? Yet Kovalenok even in Belarus at the time had not lived. "

I think if Kovalenko was elected president of Belarus, it would be a great vybare …

Zuyenok: "I think Kovalenok earned on such a mission. If he were negatively disposed to the events of those days, that he would not undertake to make a white-red-white flag. He — a man hard, and he believed in the stability of the Belarusian idea of Belarus, its independence, then I am absolutely sure. Kovalenko people are very fond of. I'm not just making sure when he came to Krupki area. guess if Kovalenko was elected president of Belarus, it would be a great choice. "

Vladimir Kovalenok

Scoble: "And whether Kovalenko such ambitions?"

"It's about them publicly saying … But such sentiments among the people were. I know by their fellow countrymen. When I came to my village and there about Kovalenko said," That's where the people of Belarus where a person!. "I think that the Belarusian nomenklatura then saw it a serious contender and pretender, and slowly began to dismiss him from active work. Kovalenok A — a wonderful person and Belarusian. Just add one shtryshok. Somehow I got a picture of him with the words: "Basil Zuenko on board space complex with sincere gratitude for poetry. "And on the back — a postscript:" I have a dream that in the Green Forest, we did not once with you, land kebabs roast. "We Kovalenko had no language problems, he carved in the Belarusian language is not worse than me. "

Bookstore FREEDOM

Constantine Tsvirko "Syrokomlya was the ideological predecessors KALINOVSKIY"

In the gold series "Logos" — updating. 2,000 copies were published in "Selected Works", a classic of Russian literature of the XIX century Vladislav Syrokomlya. This is the fifty-seventh book project, which is unique in today's Belarus. We met with him the initiator and leader, the compiler that syrakomlevskaga Constantine Tsvirko.

Michas Scoble: "Mr. Constantine, Vladislav Syrokomlya can be compared with Adam Mickiewicz — both considered himself a Lithuanian, came from the historical Lithuania, both written in Polish. About five years ago I was in Warsaw for literature and heard from a Polish poet, that Miscavige not interested in contemporary Polish readers, because … out of date. Syrokomlya And what is relevant and interesting for today's Belarus? "

Constantine Tsvirko

Constantine Tsvirko: "Syrokomlya interesting and old and modern Belarus that he expressed the thoughts of the people, made a very beautiful, poetic. His poems and poems gavendy — this is real poetry. A poetry will never become obsolete. Syrokomlya more interesting to us and his Belarusian patriotism. Thou
gh he is considered a Polish poet, but it is not. His introduction to "knigazboravskaga" that I call "The Belarusian Lirnik." Because of all the contents Syrakomlevyh works that his patriotism was precisely Belarusian, Litvinsky. "

Scoble: "Syrokomlya egged Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz write only in Belarusian, but he wrote — in Polish. Where is the logic?"

Tsvirko: "The logic here is. Syrokomlya wrote many of Belarusian poetry, but because they have not been fixed seal, they did not reach us.'s The tragedy! At that time (XIX century) Belarusian poetry written

And Syrokomlya was forced to write in Polish, as he lived out of the rental income did not give …

"In the box". Jan Chechetov lucky — he was able to publish his poems in the collection of folklore. So they came to us. And another important point. In the first half of the XIX century, when a poet writing in Belarusian, he spoke only to the peasantry. Opolyachennaya know did not recognize the Belarusian language and did not want her to read. Theatre in Minsk was Polish, it was Polish. And Syrokomlya was forced to write in Polish, as he lived in this rental does not give profit. He had a family that had to be contained. For the Polish-works, which were published in Polish periodicals, he received money from this and lived. So he was in a hurry to write. Syrokomlya lived only thirty-nine years, and has written 10 volumes of poetry and as many volumes of prose, journalistic, historical texts. "

Scoble: "Seventeen years ago, in 1993, that came out a thorough Syrokomlya published by" Fiction. "When compared to the publication of that added to the" knigazboravskim "volume?"

Tsvirko: "Added a lot of new materials: poems, translations, poems, and the whole chapter gavendy drama. Example, I turned to the music of the cantata Syrakomlevu Stanislaw Moniuszko's" The Year of the song. "A historical drama from the XVII century" Tycoon and the fatherless, or Sofia — Princess Slutskaya "very nice transition Irina Bogdanovich. drama productions still waiting on the Belarusian stage."

Scoble: "On the eve of the uprising, in 1861, wrote a poem Syrokomlya" Good News "where there is the following lines:" Hey, Down with the enemy, God will help us to / for our offense, for our bitter regret. / Begins to sing the song "Praise be to Thee, O God", / It is easier to heart as Moskal will end. "Three years later Kalinowski picked for Syrokomlya:" Only people alive freely when Muscovite over you will not. "Can you call Syrokomlya Kalinowski mastermind behind? "

Amu and Mickiewicz, and Kalinowski, and Syrokomlya fought against the Tsarist Russian, trying to free his country and restore its statehood …

Tsvirko: "A Syrokomlya and was the mastermind behind and predecessor. Worse Kalinowski He understood that" Moskal "(the Russian tsarist government) to enslave Belarus and Poland and liquidated, in fact, our state, liquidated ON. Until recently, before the end of the eighteenth century, Belarus was a state, while within the Commonwealth.'s why Miscavige, and Kalinowski, and Syrokomlya fought against the Tsarist Russian, trying to free his country and restore its statehood. Syrokomlya creativity, as well as works of the great Belarusian poet Adam Mickiewicz, you need to learn all of the Belarusian schools. And that the lessons of the Belarusian literature. "

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