Why dinosaurs became extinct?

That could serve as the extinction of dinosaurs and Neanderthals? What technology can be used to suppress the normal reproduction of the species and a reduction in their numbers?

Going back to the origin of life in the primary ocean and remember the first chapter of the book of Nikolai Levashov "last call to humanity", we can see that the accumulation of information in RNA, DNA, and the etheric level of every single cell of the body depend on the conditions in which this or that provided cell or virus. According to the scientific discoveries of the virus was one of the mechanisms of mutations in living cells.

Positive changes (mutations) helped the survival of the organism, the negative result in the extinction of species. Following different paths) revolution and find themselves in a variety of conditions such mutations accumulated in the cells, creating a variety of species, separation by sex and so when there was a big difference, the mating or breeding between species could be due to different sets and the number of chromosomes, which are qualitatively different from each other. Cells only one quality level of development to merge, creating the conditions for the subsequent cell division. Important role in the diversity of plant species have a different set of DNA and RNA. We should not forget that the efficiency of the plants and their size also affect the psi-field specific form, which is included in this ecological niche. Change in the biological efficiency (5-6%) krupnolistvennyh giant plants that became the foundation for the emergence of giant animals by 7% biological efficiency gymnosperms led to the disappearance of very large dinosaurs. This could be due to the artificially created conditions, namely:

— Genetic modification of giant plants

— by bringing to the planet many different gymnosperms and angiosperms,

— destruction of giant plants due to climate change — drought or cold weather.

Influence on the amount of biomass plants can adjust the appearance of the desired species, and removing unnecessary.

Since Neanderthals obyastoyalo thing else, because they existed alongside modern man with just over a thousand years. What was the reason for their mass extinction? We can assume that they started to die from genomodifitsirovannyh products, or they began to eat those plants which have been introduced from other planets, creating mutations in different tribes of Neanderthals and created conditions for sterility and cessation of reproduction. They become genetically incompatible. Perhaps, in their almost complete disappearance influenced by several factors.

Currently also been implementing an unnatural food and GMO, which is intended to affect the reproductive White Race as much on all counts of the last century.

If our "reasonable" scientists understand everything, how could use similar mechanisms of our ancestors? Where the purity of the experiment, following the code of ethics and the cosmic laws of light civilizations? Why Neanderthals were in the way and to whom? Indeed, according to CAB White Race held only that part of the territory (Da'Arias and then Siberia), which did not get the Neanderthals, and the protection of the psi-field, most likely, was installed. But here come the planet refugees: people red, yellow, and black race with different evolutionary numbers. To understand what this means, here is a verbatim quote from the book N.Levashova "Russia Crucified":

"For simplicity of explanation, we take an evolutionary old race number one thousand! Accordingly, a colony on the Midgard-Earth civilization created the Old Races with evolutionary number of close to this number. Through genetics early settlers an evolutionary to forward and their descendants, plus on Midgard-earth and the new settlers came from planets Lands Alliance of Civilizations of the Old Race. Especially a lot of new immigrants arrived old race after the first global catastrophe occurred that caused fallen to the Midgard-Earth debris Moon Lely, destroyed tarhi (Dazhbog). It seems that there were other persons with planets Lands old race. So, the number of colonies evolutionary White Race on Midgard-Earth was about the same as that of the old race. And this evolutionary level was fixed at the genetic level.

Therefore, in a healthy social organism and of sufficient quality knowledge, the colonists Midgard-ground to a rapid disclosure of genetic memory, which was accompanied by the so called enlightened consciousness. The higher evolutionary value (level of development), embedded at the level of human genetics, the more developed the person is. With proper education and healthy social environment, such a person will be able to reach the maximum number of evolutionary, already established in his genetics! Maybe — but not that reaches one hundred percent! This is a necessary condition but not sufficient!

SUFFICIENT get it if and only if each of your media with a high evolutionary genetics numbers correctly to pass through itself all that it will provide a healthy social organism that can overcome the pride, anger, envy, fear, etc. Is this man can do no other, but only himself! Genetics with a high number of evolutionary only allows the person having it, to quickly restore an evolutionary number, and for the further development of the right — to increase the number of this evolutionary. But in itself, nothing happens. Every person must pass through the knowledge and attain enlightenment with this knowledge, overcome all the temptations and trials.

So, the presence of human genetics old race, which has a high number of evolution does not mean that it will automatically be able to deploy its evolutionary potential! As well as the presence of a person GENETICS, EVOLUTION with small number that does not mean that such a person can not achieve a high evolutionary potential! Far from it, but such a person would have to turn out the most is the high number of evolutionary, rather than activate already accumulated many, many generations of ancestors! These … many, many generations of ancestors can be hundreds of thousands, millions! So, the high number of evolutionary, fixed on the level of genetics, there is no easy way to someone's request, at someone else's behest. A ancestors earned sweat and blood, both literally and figuratively!

Thus, to enable well-established evolutionary number and gain self itself — it is fundamentally different tasks, but, nevertheless, the high number of evolutionary genetics does not guarantee that its support is sure to become a bright personality to reach enlightenment by knowledge! As well as a small number of evolutionary genetics MEANS THAT ITS MEDIA MUST become a servant of the dark forces! Very, very much depends on the personality of the carrier of a genetic, his strength of will, conscience, strength of spirit! All this should be well understood before attempting to understanding the events of the past Midgard-Earth! Here is why …

As a result of a rather complex game Dark Forces on Midgard-Earth were refugees from the many planets in the Lands, which dealt their blows Dark Forces. The vast majority of the refugees were from planets-Earths, the home of a very young civilization, having small numbers of evolution, which in itself does not mean anything bad. These refugees were the representatives of the three races — black, red and yellow!

Among the refugees Each of these races were representatives of civilizations with a little more or a little less evolutionary number. But they are evolutionarily very different from living on the Midgard-earth White race. Put them together there was no way, because of the above reasons. Therefore refugees each of these races, placed on the continent, a part of the land, being closest to the conditions of the planets-Earths, with which they came, but in isolation from each other. And for a long time on the Midgard-earth each of these four RASsuschestvovala isolation, without interfering in their work with others. And it would be nice if it were not for one "but"! Between all four races was significant EVOLUTIONARY SAG! Especially great evolutionary bias was between the white race and the other three — black, red and yellow.

In Caucasians, say, evolution was equal to the number of thousands of units, the yellow race, respectively, TWO HUNDRED UNITS uKRASNOY RACES — hundred units and the black race — FIFTY-UNIT! Once again, please note that all of these numbers mean only one thing — what level of development IS THIS RACE! And given numbers mean only one thing, that the black race, of all four races at the Midgard-earth — the youngest and only! No better — no worse, and only younger! But precisely such a situation was very dangerous, and that's why … "- you can read about later in the chapter 1.4. Evolutionary bias on Midgard-Earth and its consequences.

So, these races were divided and settled in different continents to prevent interbreeding individuals with different evolutionary numbers. Now imagine what evolutionary number was from the local Aboriginal Neanderthals. By their way of life, the guns and the remains were people are still at a lower level of evolution at the initial steps of development as an intelligent species. In order to develop them in a reasonable person required billions of years that the planet itself does not, as would have died before the Neanderthals would have turned into men. Their animal instincts and strength to create dangerous situations when Neanderthals were stealing women newcomers races. Than to lose? Education of offspring with a very twisted evolutionary including creation of monsters in the human body. Because the human genotype is very close and gives reproduction even among people of different races, there was a danger of it baskontrolnogo breeding a new species, which has the ferocity and lack of higher astral bodies on the one hand and the entry into the zygote a genetic entity with a higher evolutionary number. Would have powerful ruthless biorobots. That our ancestors could not allow. So one potentially intelligent species was sacrificed salvation is more developed people who were rescued and brought from other planets, killed in the space war with the Dark Forces.

These assumptions about mixing strong archaeological children Neanderthals and Homo Sapiensa, which were still viable, because the entity that entered into the zygote could not well aligned with the genetics of the species, and the recovery stage of the astral body and the loss of mismatch occurred. By the way, hybridization is possible only if the almost complete genomes under both manufacturers. Even if a person with its 46 chromosomes and a monkey with its 48 could give hybrid, it will have 47 chromosomes. An odd number of chromosomes is not able to reproduce. Therefore, on a horse with its 64 chromosomes and a donkey with his 62 born sterile mule. Even natural scientists claim that "animals, further separated from each other on the steps of nature, can easily interbreed than plants as distant to each other, but the more sterile hybrids." So maybe, just such a mix of all of the Neanderthals and degenerate, giving rise to children who are unable to give a full breed. Then the intervention of our ancestors is not particularly required. Just in the process of forced "joint" Living Neanderthals yielded a more reasonable mind and intellect, succumbing to a new unfamiliar food, introduced on Midgard-Earth settlers, poisons, guns, and as a result of hybridization and the birth of non-viable offspring. Want to see, it's not for nothing is forbidden to import seeds of plants from other continents, as it can affect the gene pool of plants and on the natives of this continent. Importation of plants in Russia and other countries have significantly undermined the health of the people, especially soy products, which increase the amount of estrogen in men, leading to infertility. Often, in order to preserve the life of animals, the soy protein is promoted as a substitute for meat. Soybeans dobablyayut in candy, in sausage, canned in … Here and GMOs. But our people are hardy and prolific, so we decided to soybeans further genomodifitsirovat … and to also potatoes and corn, and other products, the growing human food. Along with this being advocated vegetarianism and raw food diet.

Helen Bittner 02/27/2011

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