Why do people get sick

It is not because of harmful viruses and bacteria affect our body, causing disease. The man himself amenable to disease, without learning to develop ways of protection. It's hard to believe? This is similar to philosophy? Then read on.

Evidence to support the fact that the virus is not the cause of the disease, is the fact that during an epidemic or just bad weather, not all people are sick. Many people rarely get sick, but there is a certain "quota", which always gets sick. This is clearly seen on the students of class: someone is always cheerful, happy and active, rarely sick, and if they skip school, more often on their own initiative, and not due to illness. But there are some students who do not have time to come and get involved in learning activities, as they are right there lurks another ailment. Why is that?

Our body is designed so universal that, ideally, if not for some of the adverse conditions of our existence, we would hardly hurt. Everything in our body is through self-regulation, automatically, because of this we relaxed and stopped paying attention to the body until it upon itself to not pay. Body copes with diseases, using all known techniques, and if they have run out and do not work, the body asks for our help, showing symptoms of the disease.

It was at this moment the person should turn to feel what the body needs. For example, when a person is sick, the body gives up all strength to fight with the disease, so when they are sick we feel weakness and loss of appetite. The body simply can not for digesting food, and do not need it. But, strangely enough, often the patient begin to feed through the power, literally vpihivaya in human food, citing the fact that he needs power to heal, it is unclear where did this stupid prejudice. Even the dog, when the poison, a few days is not suitable for food, preferring to rest, drink water and chew herbs, thus helping the body cope with the disease. Yes, what can I say, all the animals act as lead, following ancient instincts and signals, they are not affected by advertising Coldrex.

Let me give you an example, far behind them to seek. To the nutrients in our body breaks, thus benefiting the latter, in turn, are necessary auxiliaries which they break down, and most of all need oxygen. Oxygen absorbed by active, if a person makes any physical action. During his illness just need to be outdoors, and to the extent possible (there must be approached with a mind to pereserdstvovat) exercise in the air. This should not be a sport (if it is not yoga). It is better to tinker in the garden, with plants and soil, they are great helpers in the fight against all diseases, you can go into the woods for mushrooms, for example. In general, you need to come up with something to do in the fresh air and you will feel the therapeutic action of this event. Clean air purifies our body, because accelerates all metabolic processes, thereby contributing to active learning the useful to the body, and also saves us from unnecessary congestions and toxins. Cleanest air — is the mountain air, because there do not reach harmful impurities and gases. Most useful air timber, especially in the morning in a pine forest. When the dew in the forest air concentrate useful substance secreted forest flora. Known cases of severe stages of curing respiratory diseases alone stay long periods of time in the coniferous forest, so take advantage of every opportunity to spend precious extra minutes in the fresh air, always ventilate the room in which I was, especially at night. Think about how important a role in our lives is breathing, if no food a person can live for 3 months, 3 days without water, and no air — no more than 3 minutes!

Contrary to popular belief, the onset of the disease, that is, symptoms, in fact, are not the beginning of the disease, rather, it is the first stage of the disease. In eastern countries, for example, is considered to be top of ignorance of human diseases. If a person is sick — so he does not take care of yourself. If one does not take care of yourself, which means he is not educated, not hard-working, does not like to make efforts to solve the problem, does not consider it necessary to be healthy, and thus, to benefit themselves, others, nature and the universe. He did not want to be part of the whole, whose functionality is dependent on the correct operation of all components. If these qualities are missing, the people suffer and only he can fix this situation. It's in our hands, head and heart. If, however, relying on pills, a person removes a commitment to monitor their same body, everything goes on gravity, nature and the great laws of the universe will not help. In our world, everything is for something, there is nothing useless. If a person becomes limp, not growing, ailing, attracting trouble, forming a negative aura around the disease, it means that this person stopped in its development. This may be a temporary phenomenon, a kind of crisis of rethinking values, after which a person is raised to a new, higher stage of development. But if this turns into a protracted crisis, then there need to seriously rethink your life.

Why do most people came to refer to one's health so lightly? Advertising, modern medicine, the media to confuse us, forcing to buy what is often not just useful, but more often simply harmful. If nature has created the disease, it has also created and healing that takes place smoothly and gradually, growing, strengthening certain segments of the first, the other afterwards. By contrast, modern drugs relieve symptoms of the disease, the most like "plugging throat body", and the person continues to exist, to lead normal life, go to work, as if it were not sick. Here luck to those people who from birth is in good health, they all at all and those who have reached the highest level of regulation of its own body. As for most people, these chemical attacks instead of well-deserved rest, our bodies can not be ignored, often it is the "treatment" is the cause of the most severe consequences, the number of which increases year by year. According to the statistics, you 33,000 times greater risk of dying from a medical error than to get in a plane crash, and every second Russian once in his life faced with a medical error. It is not so much of a physician, but in the approach to the treatment of man, where is treated separately taken symptom, rather than treat the cause of the disease. Ancient healers whole long life to learn from their teachers, and just being a respectable elders break to independent practice, there must be said that, thanks to his excellent knowledge of the basic regularities of all processes in the body, lived ancient healers, unlike the longer modern. Proof of this is the large number of references, as well as the legends and fairy tales, in which Koschei, Baba Yoga and other characters, though drawn more evil spirits, but still a very long-lived. The whole point is that every person, every human being must be in place, to live creation, in harmonious coexistence with the environment, and, most importantly, with myself.

Everything that surrounds us, our planet, the cosmos and the universe has its own laws of development and "life." Another issue that we do not know them, though they seem to us the rapid development of science. For example, the Inca and Maya thousands of years ago to within a year is calculated on the Earth, Mars, the Moon, and we have only recently realized finding their calendar (a plump with numbers and symbols, you probably have seen it quite often), it's generally a calendar, as not a tea saucer. Here is the general law tak.Takzhe functioning of our body, and understand it can be a person, if it is to work at it. To do this, start small and move to yasnonamechenoy goal — to complete a happy life: to analyze the state of his body, to engage in vigorous activity to cultivate the right thoughts and dobrodeteteli, that is comprehensively improve, because the process of development must go comprehensively. Here, like eyelids, if pererazovetsya one thing, it will go to the expense of the other, there was a crisis, stagnation. It made no matter where originally started stagnation — in body or soul, the body is one, and well, and if one thing does not work, it should be treated no "one", as does modern medicine with pharmaceuticals and surgery and other non-natural methods of intervention, and the whole body. We must work with our body, then it will serve us well and long service. The health of the human one, all other values fade and become irrelevant, if this is not the main ingredient. To it is necessary to strive to work continuously over their health, maintain it at those times when the body's own forces on it are left. This is the only let to a happy and fulfilling life.

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