Winter — the Life. Zimerzla

Zimerzla, Zimarzla, Simargl, Zimargla, Zimaerzla — this Winter — Goddess dyshushaya cold and frost. White clothes as if from ineev, veil of snow, frost izotkannaya — her children. On his head a crown of shining ice. Prayed to the goddess of mercy from her pure strength. She Morena, Winter — keeper, the giver of life, out of which the Spring. Blurred image of Winters, melts and turns into a new Reality — Living Spring — White Swan.

Teacher Ivanov has brought new knowledge about the cold, and with them the idea of life, and to spiritualize the beginning — in Nature. What is the nature, will gradually unfold in this book in many aspects of its diversity. "Nature wants people to live as one family. As we sun is shining, and people on the idea of one person must distribute "- this is the conclusion, the experience of the divine wise man, for many of which became the first teacher. His mind — not dogma or dies, he proposes to follow institutionalized traditions — his example he taught school. Man's logic and sequence determination of the healthy who became my second teacher, the teacher keeps my mind in motion to complete the planned, the story of the lives of our ancestors, of our life, to live in the present in a new way, to discover the world for children to learn themselves, and to teach them to be sun for people.

Teachers helped to see the manuscript in the deposits of our epic depth and truth, and not like the past, but as a living, moving energy-intensive reservoir, flows into the mainstream of modern life. We can live with it in a natural flow, choosing healthy qualities of the human soul. Why Teacher said that by putting sun dumb? People are waiting for the Spring, as a miracle, a miracle, without it life is not, and teachers are sympathetic to the people says that there will be long-awaited spring, plow, in the course will fry, horse harness … lived, the old man died. What does the phrase "take care of the Russian North"? Or moving from a notebook in a notebook thought Teachers of us to learn to take the heat out of the cold? A best friend — is Air, Water, Earth? Let's try to understand why winter Rosichi named guardian of life than it was in the whole range of annual events, events, aspirations, when they called it white horses, clad with gold chains that pluck, will suffer and bring a radiant, all spectacular fire?

Admission forces of the universe with all openness is especially strong when the earth settles down, resting her not Teasing plant roots do not disturb people, tired of plowing, of sowing, harvesting worries — everything and everyone is satisfied with the damp earth mother, and she could live as he wants . Morning of the Earth resting sweat is not dew and frost, frost indescribable beauty lies in the trees, blades of grass, evaporates and goes up to heaven and blessed by the spirit of the Creator, Rod, white snowflakes, it returns to Earth.

In many ancient creeds God — is a blacksmith. Svarog-smith God faithful. The majestic beauty of its unparalleled diversity of lives and praises him as the One Creator and his grandchildren Svarozhich. He who forges a force, the fire of life, he and the blacksmith — Svarozhich. In our nation is said that man architect of his own happiness. Fire Svarog — smith, Claus — blacksmith hammering bridges on the rivers, chilling Earth. The teacher asks to take the heat out of it is this cold — hard familiar warm, but necessary.

Frost, arriving November 9 from iron mountain, breathe fire, scattering sparks of fire, cold breath of build up the bridge on which the heroes go Kalinove. Iron Mountain — the sky, the top and the power-hungry incandescent power of God himself blacksmith, whose sons "Kalinove" or Kalinnikov — extreme cold. Folk mystery doth frost mighty warriors: "Sam Kolyada Bridge Bridge — no ax, no wedges, no podklinya." Svarog — it is the source and beginning of beginnings, and Blacksmith. Creator transforms severe frosts of earth, water on the ice. In the old hard frost called smoldering, bombastic, kaliniki, viburnum, kalena arrow kolozheg. Red viburnum, embodying our hardened blood rdeet the snow, and the taste is gaining just after frost. O brave man, persevere in crucial moments, say seasoned! "Kaliniki" talk about the lightning that lit up the sky on the horizon at the end of July and in August. They portend a good harvest. Cold water is called "snowball water." A deep well with a very good clean water, preserving its quality and in the heat of summer, takes effect from the depths of the earth and called Studenets.

That beggars road back athlete Earth Holy Russia Ilya Muromets obeznozhennomu powerful force. "Sitting in the house once Ilya all alone, it's time was the summer, the busy, all went to work for the far field, sitting Ilya's bitter ponders his fate and hears fit the windows of his house two Kalik turn. Beggars knocking at the window:

— Open to a minute the door for us, Ilya Muromets, let me go to his house beggars perekhozhie rest along the way.

Responsible Ilya:

— I can not, God's people, with space to move, open the gate: I'm Sydney for thirty years, do not own any arms or legs.

But beggars repeated his request and in the second and third time.

Ilya stirred on the stove: what a miracle! Feels that he can stand up, holding him frisky legs hurt, his hands he holds. Ilya sprang alive with oven, opens Calico gate to the house leads them to her.

They say it beggars:

— Bring us a drink!

— Good people — responsible Ilya — because I had no arms, no legs!

— Me Come, come, Ilya Ivanovich! We do not lie!

Elijah went into the cellar, poured wine goblet is green and a half buckets brings Kalik. Ilya gave beggars drink of wine, asked Elijah:

— How much do you feel in yourself Silushka?

— If it had been a pillar of the earth to the sky, and in a column of golden ring, — Ilya — I took over the ring, the whole earth would be turned over once.

Beggars at each other:

— Well, Ilya, bring us another cup of brew.

Elijah went into the cellar, is on the way for Oak enough — oak with roots from the earth to throw up, his legs up to his knees in the earth sinking. He brought home brew, gave him another drink beggars.

— How now, Ilya, you feel a Silushka?

— God's people are now in me Silushka polovinushka!

— Enough with you and this Silushka — say beggars, — will you, Ilya great hero, and you die in battle is not written, you can safely go into battle with any hero …

— Listen more, how to get yourself athletic horse: you go to the open field, buy the first colt, which meet, put it in his barn for three months, feeding wheat beloyarovoy. Three months later deduce the horse in the garden in three nights, get covered in three rosah morning, Bring to a high Tonu, as the horse will learn to jump a fence tall one on the other side — go on it wherever you want. "

In understanding Rosich preserved the memory of the "rabid round" — this bright spring bull Thunder Grozovika Perun — Yary assertive, being born in winter. Carol — this Yarylo, spring plowing the earth on bulls. Since the bull and the cow are connected and the fire and frost. Mighty clouds of snow — it is also the "bulls." "Bui-wave" and "yar-buoy" — sayings of the mighty brave warrior. "Ash gray ox drank the water full house" — said the people of the mighty ungovernable cold! In bull mother — Zimun celestial cow.

Winter - the Life.  Zimerzla

Cold, frost clears, slow to anger appeaseth, pacifies all that draws from the life-giving earth its juices, he throws the body hormone health. Sea water prokalyaetsya in rivers, lakes, wells, freezes ice, fresh snow falls. This is a great wealth of Winter, which pleases, rejoicing the heart. Stronger, healthier, white snow is nothing in the world. Internal heat of the Earth heats accumulates in its depths, the Earth's interior — its heart inflames the spirit emanating from her heart, purified and clean all over her body — in the silence of white snow land "speaks" with the Creator!

Winter - the Life.  Zimerzla

People are so fond of snow, its cleanliness, lightness, tenderness sees a swan, in the fluff of the soul-Zainka, says in the mysteries, conspiracies, zaklikah "swan sitting on her eggs," calls Zainka as a soul from winter wheat to the snow " Zayushka little white! Lie on me, though it's difficult, but I feel good! "Kustrynya, Kustrynya, Kustroba, Kostrubok — and roots, and a trickle of snow in a blizzard, which carries the idea of fire, fires, spark Heat, Grain of Life. Fiery glow is born within the cold and it is — the root of our life. "Lots of snow in January — a lot of bread on the table," — said the people. First, it is a state of purity and peace have prepared your thoughts people. Second, the need to maintain peace by peaceful thoughts on the development of productive events and Nature responds world, the color of Spring, Summer beauty, a good harvest.

Circle of earthly events, measured circular course of the sun ends at the end chest (December). This is the time when the breast of nymphs hid piles of snow Earth. This is — light, holy moments acceptance Earth in its bosom the Spirit of Nature, going to the core of her constant stream of life-giving. Lasts up to this summit sechenskih (January) and is called the Bitter cold winter holidays — a celebration of the world of God and the Goddess Carols Lada. Her face winter — is white, purity, strength of a strong, young, all-conquering health. Sea water is bound by under the ice, sea water is white with snow — resting, basking and rolling Ladushka Colo events on her and she with them in the universe.

Frosts arrive their iron clouds on November 9, with a peak of 18 on January 19 — that's accomplishment began Nature, Winter-lady, she will give Oil Oil, the Boyar oil. This Princess Mary Morevna bogatyrsha in his tent, which stands in a field at rest. I was struggling with it, Prince Ivan, could hit … And love hot and they love each other. But the battle continued Morevna bogatyrshi Mary and asked her fellow in her palace to live only in the closet under lock not to go — it's the quality of a person who loves the heat, because of which the disease develops in the body of death. In this low cupboard on chains chained Kashchei — Punishes Nature deter dead in the icy winters castle, but the mind — Prince Ivan sorry — gave them water to drink Kascheyushke — knowledge delights. He who is afraid of Winter, its ice, just wants a sweet, warm, can remain in power Kashchei underground.

And it happened in nature — Frost has carried his power. Implement — is to open the gate into something beautiful, the palaces of Nature: Kolo and runs the Sun from the mountain, running time, energy and run events Ivan Tsarevich Marya Morevna from the Underworld — cold kingdom of her father, to appear in the spring of powerful union their forces. Various natural phenomena — a single, indivisible, expiring from one another — Reality!

Winter - the Life.  Zimerzla

You can learn from Mother Earth as well update my life, to take power in the cold, not warm at Sun. "We've been through it all in the nature of life is dependent on the person amassed," — says the Teacher. People have forgotten that we have a mother — the land, to its laws, and began to lose her young is the same, ever-living state, as the Earth.

Winter — keeper, vozroditelnitsa our lives! This is how they say in the old conspiracy: "Beyond the Sea Hvalinskim honey in the city, in attics iron sits a fine young man — locked up in captivity, chained seventy chains, over seventy seven doors, and the doors are locked seventy seven locks, seventy-seven hooks. No good fellow from captivity frees, no good fellow fill not feed, do not give to drink no water key. Came to him in tears, dear mother of flammable, honey-fed fellow watered, fed fellow belosnegovoy grains and forages, she kept saying: do not skip a dashing to the open field, do not look dashing to catch, not to get used to dashing with violent winds, would not be happy dashing to battle the mighty, not to start a dashing Kalen arrow to the heavens, do not shoot a white swan, not to get a dashing heroic kladenets sword. " The people in these plots imparts knowledge that the polarity of thinking people polarized climate. Nature as Mother, dates to calm the waves of thoughts warring sons.

Winter for the Earth — is a breath of life, which it pulls from the depth of Heaven, Spring — this is the moment we are talking about "exhale", ie spirit goes, spreads through her body. The teacher teaches to breathe economically and after exhalation to appease, pacify the body, giving him no hurry to make a greedy new breath to not push the preceding and how Mother Earth: with bated breath to hear how the spirit of the body, as we listen to the sound coming after the capture musical chord. This is the fertile summer, when bloom buds on the flower of life, exude their delicate flavors — babies are born of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of breathing technique, your first point: 1,2,3 — breath, 1,2,3,4 — exhale, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 — bated breath, listening, watching, as spirit goes through the body, thought, inner vision permeates the head, heart, lungs, all organs except the stomach, deliberately miss it there in the body where we feel a spasm — all because it makes the Earth: the winter solstice to the spring equinox — to winter, with the vernal equinox to the summer solstice — to Kupala, and the summer solstice to the winter — until Christmas time. Cycles are the same, significant transitions. Breath — a flower alive whose motive lives in any old Russian image of the flower, whether painting, carving, forging or embroidery, knitting, weaving. The teacher knew the secrets of the revival of natural forces in man and has in practice we know them, "I thought of giving up his first high into the depths of the universe, and then down — in the depth of the water and the earth, and then for all that are oppressed in the nature of beings, and, then in person. I penetrate his body and his mind's eye a sense, from the brain to the fingers and hands, feet, and heart, and lungs, and all other organs except the stomach, which can not even remember. Penetrating inner vision and a sense of the human body, especially in the nervous system of the head, as if I had electric shock awaken and turn its hidden power and defensive abilities "(P.K.Ivanov. History and my method of quenching. 1951). Bowing low teacher tells us about the "awakening of the snow," the "awakening of the central part of the brain rest" — a conscious being.

When people began to divide the world into good and bad, cold and warm, there was fatigue that people are experiencing negative states of the one-sided perception of the world. The more ill see, the more it aggravates the condition, body seals, which breed disease. So there were the words sea, Measure and Morena, scream, scream, overcame the death of the concept that the Winter — it's a bad, cold, when there is no food, heat, is Mor — Mara. She throws herself on a cold person, people say. Primarily this is — cold aloof attitude to people, the desire to live only in good. In this state, the cold, of course, enough human disease appear. Came to Rus-Yasuní a polarity such dislike in Zima from those who brought the warm seas of their understanding of the power of thought, mind, little will of man. He who walks in winter seasoned and in light clothing, he sees a chilly, chilly is Merzlyakov with a wide-open gate on chest hero. Force — in self-confidence, a sense of superiority over others in expensive clothes and do not want to lose her, seeing first-born independence.

Earth generates its internal heat. These were also the first-born people in it, and the heat was a domestic nature of openness to the fact that everything in nature is right. Severe quality people take for granted, and therefore did not feel the cold. Preserved evidence of chroniclers that Rosichi winter wore only a shirt. Even two hundred years ago, winter clothing was, according to museum pieces, about such as the modern raincoats.

Nature — that is our idea. Everyone would agree that the cold — it's nature and would have stopped cold. Millions of people watching the evening news on the weather, they will know that tomorrow will be the temperature — … and fell asleep, holding the thought of the cold, warm clothes on, on and on it in a dream. It is interesting to note that the fall in the first unexpected frost even -6 ° C on the streets people in light jackets, with an open head — like yesterday. But if we put on warm clothes, and then at about +5 ° C is not removed. Cold strong collective thought of holding people in captivity. Of course, the Earth cooled, and stone buildings on it, and still keep the cold people.

Spring blooms rested land full flower, and the people are fed its fruits: the food, clothing, and fuel — all of it. Forces leave, to plow, to collect, store … It is in this passion born of capture, envy, sloth. A person ceases to live as Earth due to its energy, and lives her own, heated and die. And the fact that people feel like grace — the spring sun, takes us away from Nature. Tale "Jack Frost" is the tale that his mother had died because it nurtures lazy sleep of reason is the stepmother. Stepmom gives candy to be asleep, casts a dense forest that natural. But the young, the healthy state is not afraid of anything wrong, neither labor nor Frost. Tough, tough quality — Claus and brings new covers man and flies maiden to his village in a troika of white horses with good fellows, and sleepy, sloth, zahvatnitsa also gets his due: go back to where and what path the beginning — on pigs, a flock of chattering in the trunk of black crows. And in the fairy tale "The Twelve Months" Nature helps warmth, manifested everywhere and in everything: all months said they saw a girl at the well, on a bed, in the woods for berries and everyone wanted to help her.

Teacher said that even heated the whole Earth, not hot. There is a living fact that square. centimeter of the human body radiates more heat than square. centimeter of the surface of the Sun. And we could be together by the Sun, if everyone was in the nature of people to the sun. And then the sun, which turns over our heads, but rather reflects the heat of planets like our Ladushka, and we are trying to warm up to him and is the natural state of unhealthy people overlap with respect to each other in the world, moving away from his primogeniture. Sun from such greed to it begins to burn the Earth.

When we received a letter from Ivan Tokarev with the memories of his uncle — a childhood friend of winter fun Parsheka Orekhovsky guys are not fearful of the early years of the cold Parsheke, it became clear how he had such a power, and we have a little shyness melted away before the Master — he too, was a little boy, and moreover, this boy — and then and the present kids a great example. "According to the stories of my uncle in his childhood there was something improbable in Parsheke already can be seen in children naked and barefoot at any time, weather, or at the very surface of the soil, covered with thorns, deposits of rocks and gravel, especially after mowing prickly stubble remaining chopped feet, could not walk, then put on artificial chuni, sewn from siritsy — leather livestock, then he is not defending his feet, walked barefoot on thorns ahead …

Temple of God Znicha.  Winter

After harvesting, the end of the autumn plowing was still a long time, when it becomes livestock for winter feeding, although each owner procure fodder for the winter, but always tried to have a supply of winter feed their cattle. The hosts went out to the fields, equip their booth on carts and leave the village Orekhovka so-called beam "Skelevataya" there spent day and night, did not last after, not before the date of the Protection, leaf from a tree burst, and appeared on a cold morning dew on the grass, even appeared on the small dew frost. We, the shepherds, already dressed and shod, but all these drastic changes in the climate on Parsheka not affected, we all have to work for him, "shoes, get dressed" — the answer is: "I'm not cold." He remembered the time, it was the age of 12-13 years, and he has used samozakalivanie later to him by us did not care about "hot or too cold for you?" Continue to communicate with him in all matters.

Coming winter with great snow and frost. Despite the cold, always came to our street for a walk, where we considered the center and was called the "Sloboda", always crowded, and he lived on the outskirts, where the 400 is met. Come to us for a walk in the lightest winter clothes, we were all dressed in the warmest hoods, warm homespun sweater, asked to him: "Do not freeze", then the answer is the same: "No, not cold." Some of our mothers to their children: "Get dressed warmly, do not be like Parshek."

Parshek when he was 16-17 years old boys who came to our "suburb" walk to young girls, they have never been warmly dressed in a simple jacket, already to pester him with this rebuke saying "come pofoastat about girls," but the reasons for it and a simple dressing were not known "(the author 's statement).

Each person has their own memories of childhood, and if you peer into it further, but now feel what has caused some kind of pattern, why do you remember something. This may be a clue to the solution of his character: what points most concerned about, what joy and why. When you read the lines of the childhood Parsheka they revived our memories, and when everyone in the family on the background of talking about his childhood, he remembered it brighter imagery. Memories associated with the snow, the easiest, you see yourself as air, carefree state and, perhaps, it is most natural to the human and children's snow play the most useful and healthy game. When dropped fresh snow, we "chelovechik" did: it was necessary to go carefully, spreading arms like wings and are very careful to get up, to admire his reflection. I wonder why, looking at the "image" girlfriends, I stand by her? Now remember this, as the imprint of his then condition, the condition of those who was a friend that you were then, and your surroundings. If not a teacher, you probably would not attach importance of childhood memories, and now it stands as a living lesson on how living a movie, and a mirror — a snow Teacher When we talked in his circle about it, it was a joy to those who thought like that, and surprise, regret younger, mothers are strictly warned that into my mouth did not take, do not suck icicles, the snow did not wander, and only lie down in the snow! ..

Winter - the Life.  Zimerzla

So much childish pants Shubenok, mittens we retain moisture in nurseries and in caring for the guys, but sometimes, and in trouble with the ban: "Oh, my parents will come, will see what will happen?" Sure, it happens, if a bad idea that the child is sick , keep it up. Children need to unleash the freedom.

And how many have bare feet running on snow tracks how much joy children get friendly with water, bathing in the hole! Our glorious ditties, which began production of Samara, shimmer across our mighty aside at the "oblivashek": in Luhansk, Poltava, Odessa, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus.

Snezhochku on white

I'll do a track,

Run through it barefoot —

Not keep up with me!

I can not wait for those moments

When dipped into the hole.

Thicker than water so good —

calm soul!


Winter snow opened arms

And all dormant until spring here

Only trees in triangular dresses

I meet all the running, running, running.

And blow me, and takes me

In the endless snowy distance

White Horse, oh, three white horse:

December, January and February!

Zimtserla said Winter

Zimtserla, Zimsterla — Winter's sister, the goddess of spring and flowers, alive Swan. Holidays it was in April. Appears it is young, in a light white sundress with a pink belt, braided with gold, wearing a crown of roses, lilies in hand, on the open chest necklace of chicory, flower band on the breast. She was brought to the house of flowers, holidays strewn with flowers. She's alive and Swan, Alive, He that dwelleth, bait fish — the Divine all began being, the beauty of spring, renewal in all endeavors. She and cuckoo — the messenger of spring. It returns the people of Spring, renewal and longitude of life. Alive — the sister of Morena — Winter-Zimerzly. Without sea water would not be life.

Zimtserla — sister Zimerzly itself out in the long-awaited winter dawns bright morning dawns. Is the personification of the dawn of hope and faith in the hearts of people. She is feminine in the mood, harmony in relationships. A masculine mood — Weather, always striving for the Living Khmara. Feminine inside what is outside, which is the frame and the end, and if it is harmony and peace, the male principle — a healthy accumulation, the initiative and the completion of all beginnings. Zimtserla, aka Dawn. Everything fades away, when she washes and illuminates the face of her husband — yasnolikogo Sun, and he always young, beautiful, in good health and spirits, illuminates the day, racing on his white horse! It therefore Zimtserla that washes, washes the morning dew — and that is all that is fresh and inspired. From Zimstserly — "Mirror, Mirror." Glyanesh in the mirror: if you frown, you are not in a natural state. If girls like to get up in the early dawn, wash clear morning dew, their faces forever young and beautiful, like most Zimtserly alive. Is not happiness will be, if there are qualities in each person alive forever young, forever in love with you is always a breeze young Dogon.

Visions of the Arctic.  Tron Dazhdbog

Gentle Alive Swan Svarogovna saved Dazhdbog — Prometheus, chained to a rock which Usonsha Vievna, and became the wife of the Good Russian God. Went from their son Oreya Kyi, Schek, Horeb — and from them all the Russian people. In the spring the kids run out of cookies, larks and they call mother of Spring to come "with birch leaf, with wheat kolosochkom!"

AA Ivanovaa

"LAD EARTH. Spiritual Heritage of the Slavs "

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