Without salt and table curve, considered Slavs

Because full solonitsa as bread, was a required attribute table.

There just are not castors our ancestors did: turned, woven birch bark or vines, hollowed and carved. In the central provinces — small boxes with a high back wall, behind which is convenient to carry, and hinged cover. In the north, always in the form of waterfowl with a cap on the back and head, duck, horse or even a snake. These salt shakers were fashioned out of wood, decorated with carving or painting.

Turned castor special refinement no different, but I still had a neat appearance — a bowl on a small stalk with a lid. But not only the beauty of the execution of our ancestors worried. The main thing that has always been a salt shaker full as house must be full of goodness and well-being.

Fedor Makov

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