Women in the U.S. Army

Women in the U.S. Army
In the U.S. Army female soldiers, according to the keen observation of the magazine «Newsweek», took a strong foothold in the figures which is about 20% of the armed forces.
Such rassredotachivanie gender is a social compromise South American society, in which on the one hand there is a shortage of male recruits (meeting the requirements of the law), and on the other — the desire to give a series of military service.
On this side of life on the pages of U.S. Army IA «Weapons of Russia» Alexander Sitnikov knows.
Forthcoming increase in the number of ladies in United States Armed Forces (state military organization of the United States of America) encounters the usual resistance to physical, mental and sultry reasons.

 Women in the U.S. Army
May 3, 2011. Sergeant Stephanie Pekarchuk competitions army reservists. Photo. parasola.ru
Copa Centre readiness as a result of numerous research papers did after conclusion: female soldier on a physical level weaker male soldier by 40-50%, and its aerobic capacity, endurance needed for 25-30% worse than that of the strong field . At the same time the highest level of automation in the U.S. Army lowers requirements for physical strength.
Apart from this, as indicated by the analysis of some reconnaissance missions, which failed as men instinktno sacrificed jobs for the sake of the ladies. But the greatest concern among senior military officials sexy cause difficulties. Because of a romantic relationship with the commander of so-called «favoritism» female soldier may have privileges, reducing the combat capability of the unit.
There are other difficulties. The Presidential Commission on the results of the war in Iraq has made the subsequent withdrawal of «men of war, being the object of physical abuse almost never been the subject of sexy violence, while the ladies were always vulnerable to this crime.»
U.S. Army military surgeon Ronda roots captured in 1991 during «Operation Desert Storm» was raped. This fact is discussed in the interview on Fri recruitment and ladies to join the army, understand and accept this risk.
Women in the U.S. Army
2005. The crew of «Hercules» C-130. Photo www.newworldencyclopedia.org
That’s why the South American female soldiers do not take part in direct hostilities. Incidentally studying the experience of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Americans must recognize that the patrol and control of women’s mosques segregated zones is best charging specifically female soldiers.
At the same time Muslim militants almost never surrender to female soldiers, even if they raise their hands. Such behavior is considered treacherous and almost always pulls the attack on a woman soldier. All this makes the complex mental difficulties and requires special training «to kill a warning,» even if not aggressive fighter.
At the time, the army women-skeptics believed that a huge number of female soldiers in the U.S. Army not only helped in the fighting, many hampered their. Namely, the rules in force until 1994, forbade role in the fighting units of the battalion and lower rank, if they have at least one woman.
At the same time Colonel Cheri Provanch, teams are often deployed in Iraq, said: «This war has shown that we need to revise this policy. Ladies, called in the army to help the peasants and received a gun for defense, just enter the battle and refute the idea that they do not own pretty brutal mentality to kill enemy soldiers. «
Women in the U.S. Army
Aircraft armament technician 3rd Class Alicia Crockett of the 137th Fighter Squadron of the shock moves to the aircraft pylon on the deck of an aircraft carrier «Abraham Lincoln» (CVN 72), 12 January 2012
In the U.S. Army there are rules limiting the army to enter into a contract with some ladies. You can not recruit single mothers, except in cases when the tribunal removed the responsibility for providing real kids. Also banned immediately serve both spouses having kids under 18 years.
At the same time, often brothers, fathers and sons or other close male relatives serving in close proximity to the female soldier. All this, according to the views of military professionals on gender dilemmas is a good prevention against sexy violence from colleagues.
In general, with an appeal to the ladies with the U.S. Army’s combat capability increased, improved mental climate. Well, male soldiers during the fighting, when in the same ranks with them waging war ladies tend to be the least mental weakness.
In the Air Force, usually white ladies are actually 75-80%, and in the third part of the Army are women-negros. In the main recruited young women up to 39 years. If earlier lion’s share of the ladies one way or another were related to military medicine at the moment half of the ladies of the U.S. Army engaged in the exploration, analytics, trained and repair complex electrical or electromechanical equipment.
Midst of female soldiers of the U.S. Army has heroes and antiheroes. The very first American woman to serve in the army during the time of George Washington, was Deborah Sampson of Massachusetts. This fascinating fact that it was considered as a man Robert Hurtlif. The first lady, who headed the 1989 South American platoon in Panama, was Linda mites.
In the midst of American women soldiers highlight Monica Lin Brown, who covered Afghanistan wounded soldier with his body during the bombardment, receiving all of the severely wounded. She was awarded the «Silver Star.» In contrast to her other U.S. Army Sabrina Harman was complicit in the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib bullpen.

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