Wonderful people of the Ural Mountains

Divya cave. Photo: enc.permkultura.ru

In the evening a group of tourists reached cherished cave they were going to investigate the past several months. Not to say that to get to her was very difficult trip constantly thwarted any surprises.

And from the cave linked in legend and myth. The most extraordinary of these, perhaps, was the story of the unusual people, who used it to log in to their secret underground city. They called these people — Divya people, and the cave itself was surprisingly consonant — Divya cave.

Pitched camp near the entrance of late afternoon. Did not go down, sat around the fire and talked, midnight dispersed to their tents. In the morning, woke Svetlana voice. At first she thought it was someone from her group decided to walk to the cave, but the tone was unknown, although the words were difficult to discern. They said two people on the timbre of the voice young and more mature. It seemed that the sound was coming from the cave, but no one was visible. Thinking that she learn a little — in the caves of many strange sounds can be heard — Svetlana head wrapped in a sleeping bag and fell asleep again. During the day she questioned her friends, but has not been heard in the cave in the morning and did not go. And the next night repeated the same story. "I hear people talking, I thought that our team back, but no one came past me, could not get through. — Remembers Svetlana. — In the evening, the same story was somehow not ridiculous, to me this was not before, not after this incident … "

Similar stories can be heard quite often, especially from tourists who toryat their routes Ural Mountains, with which of the already Many legends and mysteries. I myself, a few years ago had to personally face the phenomenon of "two voices" in the same way as Svetlana, my friends and I have heard in a forest clear conversation of young and elderly men, although to know exactly what's nobody but us is no more …

"Divya people live in the Ural Mountains. Culture they have the greatest, and the light in the mountains is not worse … to the sun in the world are in the cave … "- a recording made Onuchko ethnographer in the early 20 th century.

Usually, the Urals and Siberia, the Republic of Komi, usually associated with the legends of the Chud people, Tschudi-ferruginous, which went into the ground to escape the domination of their lands by Christian infidels. But in the annals of historical and ethnographic works of XVIII-XIX centuries You can find a lot of references and Divih people. For centuries the people of Lake Peipsi and Divya people were a race. They believed their ancestors CHURILOV Dyevicha and Tarusa. They are believed to have given rise to many of the Aryan and the Finnish birth. The separation into two kinds of people there, according to legend, on religious grounds. After the battle of Svarog and Dyje of people down with Dyem in underground cities. The myths are called divas or divimi people. Settle in secret underground city, located in the Ural mountains, they were helped by Pana who lived there a long time ago and comes from the Pan Vievicha. Peipsi people went into the cave a little later, just before the turn of the Urals in Muscovy.

In 1926, in the Urals, the story is written, "the old man of divih people." He explains to traveling to the Congress of Communist signs of future trouble: seen on the road with a bag of grain, "kad full of blood," and the coffin, "rides, catching up with an old man of small stature batozhkom. "The way the road," — says a Communist. "Take me," — the old man asks. "No, — answers communist — can not put the horse tired." "After all you put me, — said the old man, — get there soon." Communist sat an old man. Go, the old man and asked, "Why are you not seen it dear?" — "Saw" — says a party member, and said he had seen. "This is the sign to you. Bag with bread portends great harvest. Kad with blood — a terrible, bloody war for half the world, will swim in blood. But the bread was still will be. And will be even worse this coffin — famine, pestilence, and people will die so that no one will bury each other. The coffin of the qadi is closer to the road than kad the bag — it pestilence of war closer in time than the war on the crop year. Arrived in the city, on Pushkin Street in such event, and the old communist planted so far in Chizhovka, and when he wanted to question, he was gone "(Onchukov, 1928).

Ethnographer Onuchko briefly described how people looked Divya, mentioning one interesting fact: "Divya people live in the Ural Mountains, the outputs are in the world through the cave in the plant's Castle, they come out of the mountains and walk among people, but people do not see them. Culture they have the greatest and light them in the mountains better than the sun. Divya people of small stature, very beautiful and with a pleasant voice, but could only hear their favorites, they portend people different events. They say that in the villages Beloslutskom, Zajkowski and Stroganov heard ringing at midnight, he heard only the people of the good life, with good conscience, such people hear the sound of the square and go to church. Comes from old people divih and predicts what will happen. If you come to an area unworthy of man, he did not see or hear … "

"The light from them in the mountains …" "At midnight you hear the sound of …" Strangely enough, these legends have been confirmed in my life. From tourists and hunters have several times heard strange stories about unusual light phenomena that they observe in the southern part of the Perm region and the Urals.

Five years ago, three hunters at the invitation of an acquaintance hunters hunted elk southwest Krasnovishersky Reserve. Located on a small island in the evening in front of the place where most go to the watering moose, they waited dusk. When darkness fell, one of the hunters noticed that at the top of the far hill flashed a bright spot, appearing as if out of the mountains. Point came down the hill and began to approach the deserted in amazement hunter, moving along the riverbed. Approaching closer, it turned into a bright ball, who covered everything in sight. The ball hovered a few meters above the heads of the hunters. The frightened one of them raised his gun and fired. Ball flared, and people felt wild terror, forcing them down dale, through the Wetlands and prickly bushes began to run toward egerskoy hut. Later, when some hunters came to their senses and told them that these balls are frequent visitors here, and they take off all the time from one and the same hill, only to people they had not been attacked.

The history of a series of tales of hunting, but it was continued a few months ago when a famous Perm traveler Dmitry Kochetov told of his conversation with mansyukom, lonely living in the same territories. Mansyuk claims to know the cave, from which very often fly balls of fire, and, judging by its location, this is the place where hunters encounter with a UFO.

Workers Krasnovishersky Reserve also repeatedly observed strange phenomena, once they had to escape to the woods from pursuing their fireball. Often heard in the mountains of a strange sound, like a jet engine work, although no military units, and the more industrial buildings close by and there is no trace.

These unusual sounds heard me and my colleagues in the anomalous zone Molebskoy like running away a powerful electricity transformer, and amplified sound if head down to the water. There are places Stukov Mountain, which is famous for the unusual phenomenon: from its interior is often heard even sound like the work of some mechanism.

"The light from them in the mountains better than the sun …" — not about whether these strange balls says Onuchko? "At midnight you hear the sound of …" — again a coincidence. But if the 150-200 years ago, these phenomena associated with Divimi people, then and now they point to strange activity in the Ural mountains and remote areas of the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region. So, the underground people will not leave, and continues to be with us?

Travelling in spring 2009 through the back trails taiga Komi-Perm Autonomous District, we found strange footprints of bare feet on the newly thawed May clay, who could walk in the forest, 20 km from the nearest settlement, we have not understood. Later, talking to the natives of this place, to tell some stories about the recent meetings in Kudymkar and Pozhvinskih woods with strange people of small stature, who appeared suddenly and just disappeared to nowhere. In support of these stories, we were shown a couple of pictures of unusual caves, manhole, well camouflaged, so that passing is 2-3 meters away from them, it was impossible to see the cave. The locals are called these creatures — Chudami.

There is such a legend and the inhabitants of Karelia, the Komi people and the Nenets. "The Nenets are many legends that were on the ground sihirti. They lived in a cave, in caves and hunting out only at night, secretly using gear daily, real people — Nenets. " What have Karelia? It turns out that the connection between the earth and the Ural Karelia as described in the legend. Roerich, who visited the Altai in the 20s, quotes an old Old Believer, "When the king came to the White Altai fight and blossom as the white birch in our region, and did not want to remain under Chud White king. Chud went into the ground and threw passes stones. Themselves can see their former entrances. Just do not ever gone Chud. When he returns happy time and people come from Belovodye and give the people of great science, then come again Chud, with all mined treasures. "

The notion Belovodye our ancestors linked to the legendary Hyperborea. In other myths can be found direct evidence for hereditary succession among the Hyperboreans, divas, chudami and later the Komi, Khanty and Mansi. According to legend, in the north a few thousand years ago, there was a great and advanced civilization Hyperborea. Old maps to find this continent, is particularly interesting for the study of Gerard Mercator's map, published in 1595, which Hyperborea displayed in four large islands of the sacred mountain in the center, called Mount Meru, some researchers relate it to Kailas. Interesting inscriptions made on the islands, explains their purpose. One of the islands is designated as "Secret", access to it had just dedicated.

About 12,500 years ago, there was a global planetary cataclysm that led to rapid climate change, and cold. Myths also describe the flood that destroyed most of the city of Hyperborea. Surviving residents in search of a new home had to retreat from the impending cold weather, gradually going toward the Ural Mountains. Clearly, fear of new disasters and having high technology, they built fortified underground shelters, turning gradually into underground inhabitants. There is nothing fancy here, as an example is enough to recall the underground complex, located in the Mount Yamantau in the Ural mountains, able to accept up to 300,000 people and provide them with an autonomous and secure existence for a year! It was created for a decade, although the precise purpose of its establishment as well and have not been identified.

In the process of assimilation of the Hyperboreans with the peoples who inhabited the continent from the Kola Peninsula to the Earth Perm, formed a new kingdom, which was called in those days Biarm. Assimilation led to partial loss of knowledge that came to us in the form of legends and myths about the exciting possibilities and abilities of the mysterious northern people. But part of his experience Hyperboreans obviously managed to convey divas and Chudam.

The existence of the underground cities of our ancient ancestors demonstrated by studies conducted over five years jointly by NASA and the French scientists, as a couple of years ago actively contacted by the media. Across the planet, researchers found more than 100 craters left by the powerful explosion incredibly distant time. The deepest of them — the 120-kilometer — is in South Africa. But the most interesting discovery, scientists have already done in the last year of data analysis. They found underground galleries in the Altai and the Urals, Tien Shan and in the Sahara, in the Perm region and South America. According to the researchers, they were used by our ancestors as a safe haven.

Where does one look for traces Divih people?

Mountain and Mount Yuryuzan Big Iremel. (Chelyabinsk region)

There is information about the mysterious caves, which have seen strange people. In addition, before the Bashkirs second summit to be holy.

"Deer creeks." National Park on the river near the station Serga Bazhukovo Nizhnesergi district. Sometimes there are numerous publications on the paranormal and mysteries of this place. Write that live here wayward spirits — schelpy often appear all the "lights" and people disappear to nowhere, or going crazy (in a cave Friendship) … usually associated with many paranormal Mitkin lakes, the terrain on which really looks quite unusual for these edges. It is even said that in one of the lakes is living the "boss" … Moreover, in a clearing between Bazhukovo Dyrovatym stone and several psychics independently observed "something." For some, this "something" is presented as a reasonable "balls", for others — in the form of strange creatures …

Polevskoy destinations. Places Bazhovskih tales. Interesting legends are set. In one of his first stories "Dear imechko" PP Bazhov wrote Tschudi or "old people" — a tall, handsome people, living in the mountains, in the unusual beauty of homes, arranged inside mountains. These people are almost invisible to others. They live, not knowing the greed, indifferent to gold. When in remote places of human habitation, they go underground passages, "closing the mountain." In folklore, among peoples Tschudi, and provides information about a giant snake runner and the mysterious underground tunnels, in which it lives. There are stories about the appearance of the "Ladies in White" plutaniya people familiar to the ground and much more. There is also a legend associated with the Azov-mountain. So far, enthusiasts looking for a hidden treasure here on the legends. Sometimes on the Azov grief see strange lights — "candles" that go off at the approach to them …

Sikiyaz-Tamaki. Unique underground city on the banks of the river near the city of Ai Jay (Chelyabinsk region). Consists of not less than 42 caves, covering an area of 425 square meters. meters. It found evidence of human habitation of all eras. No analogues in Russia! ("IFG» № 7, 1999)

Tobolsk Zabolotie. In the place of the Tyumen region is full of mounds — the ancient burial grounds, which are associated with many legends. Among them are some of the tribe of dwarfs, who allegedly lived here thousands of years ago, and fought with … gray cranes, robbing them of their eggs. In 2004, a strange legend unexpectedly confirmed: next to two mounds local hunters found a miniature skull, apparently human. It seems that the growth of the people who owned the remains, not to exceed two feet. How to tell stories, dwarf-Siberia disappeared when in the Urals complained unknown and extremely cruel tribe. Not wanting to fall into the hands of enemies, Siberia dug deep trenches with heavy canopies and buried yourself alive …

Nikolay Subbotin


Many who choose the Urals and the study of the Ural Mountains as a tourist trip certainly not lost. But from time to time, be safe and relax, for example to go to the ski tours and resorts, as a kind of rest is not bad. In addition, the cost of permits can be selected according to their financial situation.

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