World — on the threshold of major changes

October 14, 2011 8:48


16th century Nostradamus predicted the collapse of the world in the middle period of the Sun. In 1965 (he wrote) The world is a coup. For 177 years, 3 months and 11 days of humanity one thousand fold decrease from the pestilence, long famine, wars and floods. In the period from 2065 to 2242 years, as thought Nostradamus, education will suffer great damage to the memory of the things will be lost and there will be no want to work in the field. Was the Michel Nostradamus — court physician and astrologer Catherine de Medici?! That allowed him to so accurately predict the future, what was he really? Even during his lifetime, he became known as an astrologer, as a predictor, while the astrologers do it for her was not considered.

Astrologers fell upon him and accused him of that, astrology is not possible to predict such particular. Just look at the fine man, Nostradamus was able to tell exactly who is in front of him, what his kids than he is sick of what he has strengths and weaknesses, any astrologer was not under force.

One of the major prophecies become doomsday predictions, Nostradamus describes in detail everything, what will happen in Europe from 1600 to the end of time. Interestingly, Nostradamus wrote, "that the Antichrist will not come from the East, and that it will come from the West. Constantly fighting with each other, East and West will weaken each other. " No one today would argue that the predictions of Nostradamus come true. Nostradamus predicted that by the end of time, there will be many who will be able to see the future, as he sees it. This prediction is confirmed, the ability to see the future, to understand the underlying mechanisms in the world today, many people are opened.

The famous Russian scientist, physicist Leonid Maslov began receiving information from August 2004. When it happened the first time, Maslov has decided that he is going crazy. "The first impression, when you come into the subconscious here this informative thread, and you always think that you are a representative of the sixth ward. Where is the line where you are, but not where you are "- says Leonid Maslov in an interview. Maslov faced delema, publish their revelations or concealed. He is a scientist, he has work, career, it can declare a crazy, fire, risk everything — for what ….. Maslov and took action to publish information, in order that people would have taken it right.

Maslova seemed over for diktovyvayutsya revelation. Thoughts do not expect or familiar to himself, he calls them — dictation. They say that in 2012, humanity is waiting for a sudden transition to the next level. This is what physicists call a "quantum leap" — when something does not go away, and changing. Also, the scientist said that the Earth changes dramatically in frequency vibration. The frequency of the planet is changing: droughts, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions — the clearest evidence of this. How have people, we have to do? To survive this transition? "We need to get some experience, how to create this world. Very good expression — how we think, how we live, "- said Maslov.

How many people survive the era of transformation of the world, going from one level to another, now do not tell anybody. However, a brand new race of people who are willing to live in a new world. Vibration is changing human babies are born, called indigo children. This is a transitional stage was. Now the Crystal Children are born — they are others. These are children who have a different energy, they come into this world with new knowledge — it is a new race. These children do not have to go a long course of understanding the world.

It all depends on us, what will be, and as we go through transition.


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