WP in Magnitsky officials postponed the stolen money abroad

The Washington Post newspaper back to business in 2009, died in prison of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. The day before, it was stated that persons who Magnitsky accused of fraud, money got stolen at the property.

Below — a translation of publication.

William Bravder, an American investor, who is working, who died in 2009 in custody lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, said that the persons involved in the disappearance of $ 230 million, having expensive real estate in Russia, Montenegro and Dubai.

The charges were made public through the video on YouTube and through the application of the investigative committee of Russian prosecutors, to which a bank records and documents for real estate.

"The information is so obvious that if Russia continues to deny what had happened, the Western leaders simply impossiblecan be look at President Dmitry Medvedev as acting head of state, "- said Bravder, head of the investment fund Hermitage Capital, which is the last year and a half trying to get the disclosure of the cause of death of Magnitsky.

"This is a pivotal moment for Russia," — said Bravder.

According to the American investor, Russian leaders have a choice: either openly condemn the guilty, undermining the credibility of an army of corrupt officials, or continue to deny the fact that Magnitsky was the victim of a conspiracy, and thereby losing the trust of the international community.

On Monday, the Tax Committee of the Russian representative declined to comment.

Magnitsky case has received wide attention in the world. In the United States, Europe and Canada imposed sanctions on the property and assets of 60 Russian officials involved in the fraud.

It all began in 2007 when police raided the offices of two of Hermitage Capital and seized documents and stamps. A year later, Magnitsky found that companies were transferred to other people (Browder sure that the companies were stolen), and these people applied for a tax refund in the amount of $ 230 million. The return has been issued in a day, and the money transferred to a bank, which later ceased to exist.

Prosecutors claim that the money credited to the account at the bank Credit Suisse in Switzerland. Through this bill was paid for buying property in Dubai for several officials of the tax department. The Minister Olga Stepanova also bought a house on the beach in Montenegro, and built a gorgeous, awarded prizes for design, home to the prestigious Moscow prymestsi.

Bravder states that fund Hermitage Capital traced the path of the $ 43 million two hundred and thirtieth argued that the tax officials to help the police officers who conducted searches at the offices of the fund, and later took part in the arrest of Magnitsky. Thereafter arrest, they were promoted and were rewarded. Bravder said more than 100 people in Russia have provided information regarding the case.

Magnitsky was arrested in November 2008 after, as reported by the authorities of fraud. Lawyer accused that he was preparing this fraud. Not getting adequate medical care, Magnitsky died in prison in November 2009. According to Bravdera, lawyer killed.

A Russian court has called the 2009 tax return of illegal, but prosecutors insisted on the fact that officials tricked into conduct that operation. On the basis of everything, even a part of the illicit funds were not returned.

Stepanova, who had claimed that their combined with her husband's annual income does not exceed 40 thousand dollars, left the tax committee immediately after the transaction with the fund Hermitage. Alexei Navalny, an avid anti-corruption blogger, said Stepanova is now working in the state-owned company, which is engaged in deliveries of Russian weapons sold. The representative of the company has not confirmed on Monday the fact that Stepanova works for them.

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