Xenoglossy. Remembering Past Lives

In order that man might learn a foreign language requires at least a few months of training. However science describes the unexplained cases of people spontaneously acquire the ability to communicate in a foreign language they. And sometimes some of them have long since been forgotten, and spoke those languages have disappeared from the face of the Earth's peoples and civilizations. This phenomenon is called ksenoglassiya.

One of the earliest sources mentioning about this gift, is the Bible. This describes an event when the 12 Apostles gained the ability to preach the teachings of Christ to the previously unknown to them in foreign languages. Despite this, a similar anomaly in the Middle Ages did not consider the gift of God, and prefer to deal quickly with xenoglossy.

Despite the prejudiced minded priests, scientists continued to take an interest in the matter. Much success in the study of this phenomenon reached Dr. Ian Stevenson, an expert in psychiatry at the University of Virginia, who published his scientific works in the book. In his practice he has seen and studied many examples of this mysterious phenomenon. One of them described incidents relate to a resident of Pennsylvania, who suddenly started talking in Swedish and claimed that she was a man named Jensen Jacoby, who lived in the XVII century. At the same time her voice changed to a dull "male."

There are cases where people obtained the ability to communicate in many languages at once. In the 1850s in America has become widely popular event with Laura Edmons, who suddenly started talking in Italian, Greek, Indian, Polish, Latin and other languages, some of them did not identify. Obtaining these abilities preceded the appearance of the house of Laura poltergeist, and eventually she became a medium of speaking at seances, and she was talking on the acquired languages fluently.

At the beginning of the last century, a linguist, scholar came to his friend, Dr. Marshall McDuff, who lived in New York with his family. While visiting McDuff, his friend noticed his twin children who sputter something together. Their father believed that they pronounce a set of meaningless words, but the linguist was very surprised when I realized that the kids speak drevnearameyskom dialect, which they had not been able to teach.

Dr. Stevenson mentioned earlier in my practice seen similar phenomena in young children, and if the adults could speak in foreign languages under the influence of hypnosis, the children freely transferred and details of their previous lives.

In 1953, Professor P.Palom from East Bengal studied the phenomenon of 4-year-old Swarnlata Misra, who spoke in Bengali and claimed that once lived in this country. Native girl struck an amazing song and dance, which she could not learn at home. According to the child in a past life that taught her former friend.

Unusual ability to detect the prisoner Mulligan of Ohio. He observed a strange split personality, and one of them called himself a man named Abdul, and spoke in fluent Arabic. The second, on behalf of swearing, communicated with the Serbo — Croat. Watching criminal doctors argued that Mulligan life will not traveled outside the United States.

However, the special interests of the specialists call the cases in which xenoglossy speak of "dead" (extinct languages), or even in the languages of extraterrestrial civilizations. A similar situation occurred with a woman named Helen, who in addition to French and Hindi spoken in the language in which the people of the world communicate, which has a red color. Phonetic study of her speech revealed that this is really a language in which to comply with their grammatical laws.

Experts have different interpretations of these paranormal abilities. Some believe that the cause of human genetic memory that contains information about his ancestors. The majority inclined to the view of Dr. Stevenson, who believed that xenoglossy due process of reincarnation — reincarnation of personality from the past to the newly born human being. And if children are memories come easily, the adult may occur under the influence of traumatic factors: an illness, head injury, electric shock, or under the influence of hypnosis.

There is also speculation about the telepathic contact person with the "native language", which somehow remain in space and time, as well as experts and not rejected the possibility of contact with energy beings from another world. Therefore xenoglossy phenomenon often manifests itself in a state of altered mediums in mind, but at the same time, the ability to communicate in a foreign language can occur in humans and in good condition.



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