Yanukevich: absolutely groundless link the event to the way the opposition attack

16 April BPF Sejm adopted a statement on the situation surrounding the terrorist attack in Minsk subway on April 11. It expressed sympathy to the families of the victims.

Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich noted that this week is marked by the terrible events:

"We condemn the company that made the official media, which are absolutely baseless attack linked the event to the image of the opposition. Which actually openly expose false accusations against members of an independent society. And also condemn the pressure on the independent media, the government has also taken in connection with events that occurred thereafter terrorist attack. "

The statement expresses the demand to release all political prisoners in the country, as well as a campaign to stop shelmavanni democratic forces and pressure on independent media.

"Only in a free and democratic society with strong civil society, independent media manifestations of domestic terrorism are virtually eliminated because there are institutions of society who are strong advocates of the internal manifestations of extremism and aggression. "

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