Year in the U.S. began with a record number of tornadoes

January for the U.S. was marked by an unusually high number of tornadoes. This month there were 70 destructive vortices. According to the Center forecasts storms located in Norman, Oklahoma, was the third month in the history of regular observations of tornadoes that began in 1950. Only in January 1999, and in 2008 there were more tornadoes — 288 and 84, respectively.

In Alabama for tornado killed 2 people. In recent years, more victims (7) was in January 2008. The largest number of deaths caused by tornadoes in January 1969 — 32.

American meteorologists believe that the record warm weather in much of the country has become one of the factors that triggered the development of several major storms, which resulted in a series of tornadoes in the South and Ohio Valley.

The report of the National Climate Centre provides information on the U.S. 2800 new records (or repeat) the maximum temperature. But the record cold (or repeats) was observed only 160.

The most significant incident was caused by a tornado (according to Channel Weather Channel):

  • January 9, 6 tornadoes hit on Houston. Two days later, in western North Carolina were marked by three tornadoes, resulting in 18 people were injured.
  • January 17, saw 12 tornadoes in the area from Kentucky to Indiana and Mississippi. Experts from the Regional Office of the National Weather Service, located in Louisville, was named the series record.
  • greatest destruction caused tornadoes, celebrated on the night of 22 to 23 in January from the Lower Mississippi to Alabama. Then 2 people — were killed, 100 — were injured. Wind speed was 150 miles per hour (240 km / h).

Experts suggest that the conditions that caused the stormy weather in January, will continue and a new burst of devastating tornadoes in the spring — is inevitable.

It is known that in years with La Niña (negative phase of El Niña — Southern Oscillation) in the U.S. from January to April, there is a very large number of tornadoes. La Niña is forecast Climate Center, will continue in the spring.

Last spring, when also noted La Nina because of tornadoes killed 500 people. This happened in April and May, when there is a maximum tornado. 2011 marked the largest number of victims after 1925, which killed 794 people.

Reading these lines, you start involuntarily happy that we do not live in America, which is now no better nor in weather terms, no domestic political. And the laws are associated with the copyright are much softer, so that our children can easily watch Masha and the Bear and other cartoons, and is absolutely FREE! Cleave that we are still a very long time not be like the U.S..

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