Year of the Snake, Be wise!

December 28, 2012 14:47

Year of the Snake, Be wise!
Once every twelve years, each person on Earth has a unique opportunity to warm the snake on his chest: in fact, according to the Eastern horoscope mistress in 2013 would become the snake — a symbol of extraordinary and legendary.
However, in their right Black Water Snake enters only February 10, 2013, but no one will disturb us celebrate the New Year twice — on the night of December 31 to January 1, and then again — after a month and a few days.

Components of success

Endless legends, fairy tales, myths, and all sorts of horrible stories about snakes. And here's the paradox: all over the world, people are afraid of snakes, but at the same time from antiquity deify, worship them. And no wonder: a cruel and calculating — on the one hand, a wise and insightful — on the other, the snake as it tells us, the people, the tactics in their daily lives. Stick to it — and good luck will accompany you as no one else!

Year of the Snake is rarely busy and dynamic, and 2013th — is no exception. So do not make hasty decisions, the consequences of which are unpredictable.

Snake calls you to be wise, careful, and before you commit to a particular action, you are all well to weigh and consider.
Astrological predictions for 2013 are opposite to each other: one predicts Russia crisis, others argue that it will be successful in economic affairs. But Boris Astafiev, MD, who put forward the theory of cyclical events (one cycle lasts for 108 years), in his book, "The genome of the world" says that 2013 will be very similar to the 1929-th. Therefore, re-read the textbook modern history: perhaps we are waiting for the same event?

Trust your instincts

Space elements of the coming year — Water and Fire, and the colors — purple and black. These colors are associated in the Eastern teachings with moderation, restraint, as well as spirituality and remorse. They contribute to the inspiration, sensitivity and compassion.
That is why the year of the Snake focus must be on education, training, employment creation, search for answers to difficult questions. Put the task consistently, step by step, approach to its solution.
And trust your instincts! The coming year is like no other, can fully dormant in you abilities, discover the gift of clairvoyance and help bring the case to the end started. This is a great reason to start life from scratch, reset, as does the snake, the old skin and not be afraid of change — in the coming year they will just need!

Your finest hour

For people born in the year of the Snake in 2013 comes the real big time. And save, and earn money, and spend the money they could equally well.

In addition, you, dear representatives of the sign, literally able to conquer the world through bewitching charm and the ability to behave in any situation. You gain the upper hand over anyone who gets in your way, and your eloquence will have no equal!

You'll also be able to keep in mind the huge amount of information at a time, and it will give you not only the confidence in the future, but also the vital sense of security.

However, remember that life is not only out of work. Do not spend it all their energy and time. Sometimes allow yourself to relax and chat with friends. But be careful: your sentimental and at the same time passionate nature, desire for adventure can sometimes provide you with poor service!

For the rest, all the representatives of the zodiac signs will emerge quite successfully. Many cases resolved in your favor. This is a very favorable year for novels and flirting, marriage and having children — kids who were born in 2013, will be especially talented.

How to decorate home

The hostess next year — Snake — was favorable to you, try to adequately prepare your home for the holiday. First, decorate the room symbols of water and space — stars, seashells. Eaves obveyte colored rain and softwood beauty — electric garland and serpentine, which, like the snake, will descend from the top to the bottom. As for icicles, balls, beads, they should be a little bit. Then the Christmas tree will look harmonious, that is sure to bring pleasure to the Snake.

Another fashionable item in the decoration — silver and sequins. They are good in any form: decorate, such as walls and windows snowflakes of silver paper, which can be sprinkled with hair glitter.

A special place in the decoration should take image of a snake. It can be a painting, engraving or figurine reptile. And do not forget the scented candles that will not only make your home more comfortable, but also to clear it of accumulated negative energy.
Snake like ornaments of straw, spikes, dried flowers. Make a wreath of them or just tie a silver ribbon, gathered in a bunch, put on a festive table or hang on the wall. Will look beautiful bunches of rowan, cones, gilded nuts. No doubt, the snake will certainly celebrate your attention to it!

What to put on the table

Christmas and New Year — the most fertile days to demonstrate their culinary skills. Withstood all these goodies our stomachs! And in the year of the Snake should be on the table and do something special. More greens, salads, snacks — let your imagination!

And be sure to prepare one exotic dish. After Snake loves all delicious and unusual! Well, the New Year's signature dish table can be a rabbit.

View boa directed to rabbit, has long been a byword.

Another indispensable attribute of the eastern section of the New Year — a fish. Let it even be a number of fish dishes prepared according to original recipes. After all, the fish — a favorite treat hostess 2013, water snakes, and for the people, it is very useful.
Put into the middle branch of pine — a symbol of longevity in the East, good quality wines, liquors, liqueurs, champagne. But the spirits in the night to avoid.

Update your wardrobe

Think of what it looks like snake skin.

That's how your dress should strap a body. Better still, it will be brilliant, but suitable as black, blue, deep green, deep red in color. Leather, lace, velvet, satin — choose any fabric. The main thing is that you look expensive and chic! Refined look scarves and capes, embroidered with beads and sequins.

Under a put together decorations.

And please, no jewelry — only precious and semi-precious stones. As a last resort to Pin brooch along a snake. A complete your look tight curls, which, like the snake, will flow over her shoulders. Owners of short hair can use wigs and hairpieces or pin artificial strands.

Men in New Year's Eve to get dressed strictly and with taste: elegant dark suit and tie (even better butterfly), clean-shaven face, neat stylish haircut.

Where to celebrate the holiday

The snake was to turn to you all of the following 12 months, meet the New Year's Eve in a cozy family atmosphere. From the first stroke chimes forgive those who caused you offense, tune in to positive thoughts and ask the snake to send you in the coming year, kindness and love. You should not collect too noisy companies and include loud music — or snake offense and you will be in the coming year without support.

It is also important to decorate the house in advance, put the presents under the tree and set the table, not postponing it all on the last hours before the chimes — Snake does not like fuss and confusion.

In any case not to express derogatory about the snake, do not make fun of her. You should not tease the symbol of the coming year — do you believe in the esoteric or not, the consequences can be unpredictable.

Fine Gifts

Choosing a gift depends on your imagination, but on the eve of 2013 you just have to keep one small condition: the gift should be practical.

And in addition to it (in the Eastern tradition, a gift must consist of two objects) attach a card made with their own hands (use colored paper, gift paper, old printed greeting cards, beads, ribbons, dried flowers, etc.), or for that , walnut cookie, which, by removing the kernel, you can put jewelry.

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