Yesterday vinnichanin in Tyazhilova recorded unusual object in the sky

January 25, 2012 12:50

Drivers, witnesses attempts at contact, reduce speed and also observed a mysterious mashines.
Unusual object recorded on Tuesday, 24 January, at 18.10 vinnichanin Yuri Shevchenko in a bypass between the airport and turn on Tyazhilov.

Yuri said that at first thought a plane or helicopter for parking lights, but the sound was too quiet and muffled like a more quiet turbine.

— When I stopped to take a picture on a mobile phone camera, my phone for some reason just "frozen", and the object flew towards the airport — says Yuri.

— I followed him. Drove to the airport and the sound of a helicopter, calm down. So it was probably some new military helicopter. But back on the same road, again saw hovering in the same spot this thing. Armed with a camera (mobile and not rozblokuvavsya), this time I approached the mysterious machine closer, somewhere in the 400-500m. Clearly audible sound of the turbine, but the rush of air was not felt. Some drivers on the road, too, reduces the speed and watched. And again, when I got out, this thing starts to move in the direction of the airport. However, one shot I had to do. When moving the machine turned on a beam in the direction of motion, and then went out.

UFO in Tyazhilova

I'm afraid to do some fantastic conclusions, but what I saw was definitely a high tech. If it refers to the military sphere, we can congratulate our military-industrial complex, — says Yuri Shevchenko. — And if not, there are no words.

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