Yetis leave traces

December 2, 2011 15:46

Photo: EPAWhere did the forest man?
Rumor has it that Bigfoot has left traces of their presence in Kusinsk area. Witnesses, to tell of encounters with Bigfoot, were residents of villages and Kaskinovo Petropavlovka. With hominid also faced shepherd from the village of October, which is 15-20 kilometers from the place where there was previously noted. The correspondent of "Chelyabinsk worker" went to find out about an unusual vision. And I heard also about the other miracles.

Seen by shepherds

Here is what the people of those places. A shepherd from the village of October, near halt mover, returned at the end of the day home and passed out. When 21-year-old man, who did not have before health problems came to and found his voice, then confessed to his wife, he had plunged into shock encounter with a huge creature, overgrown hair. And just to bring all the will in a fist, the young man has overcome the chilling horror and drove the herd to the village.

Earlier snowman was also seen near the herd, but with a much greater distance. It happened near the village Kaskinovo. The villagers do not hire seasonal shepherd, and take care of animals at a time. At that time the village cattle grazed forester Azat Hazhiev.

— I could see this being a decent distance: up to it was 100 meters. The sun blinded eyes, the visibility was good. He's big, an increase of about 2.5 meters, the hair is dark brown. At first I thought someone on horseback rides. But looked closer: two feet. He walked along the edge of the field, the walk is not the same as in man. Steps as big as throws. Move fast, choppy, and while I was about 100 meters, he walked 500.

Azat Hazhiev fear not experienced: said hardening seasoned forester. He tried to overtake the hominid in his car. Prematurely dismissed the flock to the village and started the old "six". Rode along the forest road to the place where he saw the forest giant, rolled forward until the road was the road, and ran into the woods. Creature was gone.

Where did the forest man?

Villagers Petropavlovka Sergei Granchak for the summer leaving the apiary, which is located in a forest in Bashkiria. Catch him at home — a rare luck that I did not smile. So his story is conveyed with words of his wife, Svetlana Glukhova.

— All summer my husband with our over 17-year-old son Vasya live in the apiary, home to come to stock up on food — the beginning of Svetlana. — In the forest, they have a house about 18 miles from the Peter and Paul Fortress, and nearby villages are Petrushkina and Kadyrov to them about 7-10 miles. Apiary guard huskies. No dogs in areas unsafe. Are bears and other animals are found.

Bigfoot husband and son saw when traveling home by car. They spotted him in aspen at the roadside. He may be sitting or standing, is unclear. Large a gray-white color, like gray. They were afraid to stop, drove past. Her husband said: he creeps ran and somehow not on itself become. The next day on the way back they came out of the car at the place and examined it, but no trace was found. If there was a man, would ultimately inherited: tossed cans or other debris.

— Where did it come from? — Continued Svetlana. — Maybe it fires kicked out of the taiga? In the summer of 2010 in Bashkortostan forests burned, and the place where the deaf, impenetrable.

But the Sergei Granchak another opinion. His version, he expressed to me on the phone:

— In my opinion, this is the essence of another world. Of it was so cold that it would be better not to see. If he had lived in our woods, whatever fed, so huge? Cattle would all fishing and we would, too. But he's not bothering anyone. At the same time makes itself felt. About a kilometer from the apiary with my son found in the grass maturation four by four meters. Bear left up the two-meter, and it is something out of the ordinary.

The gate to the parallel world

Cryptozoology advance several hypotheses of origin of Bigfoot. Some suggest that the pilots of alien ships. Others think that the yeti — visitors from parallel worlds. And she and the other versions are allowed in relation to these sites. Their stories confirmed the unusual inhabitants of unidentified flying objects allegedly have taken soil samples in the vicinity Kaskinovo: they saw a strange pit-hole "without a bottom," is a small metal "stone" of unknown structure weight in kilograms. In addition, local people believe that about four kilometers from the field Azyamka which was seen a UFO, there is a passage in a parallel world.

This I told the 81-year Nuriman Hazhiev.

— Before the outbreak of World War I was 10-11 years old. I cattle grazed along with 18-year-old fellow villager Sharifulloy. Sleep at night by the fire, but this time it came with an adventure, which he later told a lot.

Here is what Sharifulla: "I see on the beautiful girl dancing in her golden dress, long hair flying, also golden. She seemed to be beckoning me to follow. " Sharifulla went after her, and she of him, dancing, began to withdraw. He is not far behind. So she dotantsevala to failure of a hill and disappeared. The shepherd took two sticks, tied them together and went down to the failure. At the bottom, he saw two free passes in different directions. I stood on the sides of either large clay jars, or bellied column. Young man long wondered which side went golden beauty, but never had the courage to pull away. Soon, he volunteered for the front. The letters often wrote of his intention after the war, to go down into the stone door. But from the front Sharifulla not returned, was killed.

About 30 years ago, farmers, expanding acreage in the place rooted out the forest trees with bulldozed pushed to the failure of the mountain, but the hole is filled up. There it is possible to get. But to go down easy: manhole narrow and rocky, with sharp ridges.

Listening to the stories his grandfather Nurimana unwittingly drawn parallels with tales Bazhova: Is a girl with golden hair does not look like Ognevushku-poskakushku? And the entrance to the underworld at the bottom of the dip in the rock does not look like the gates of the kingdom of the Mistress of Copper Mountain? So, if we take the truth kaskinovtsev stories, myths are not devoid of real soil and grow from the seeds of life's pobyvalschin.

"Chelyabinsk Worker", Chelyabinsk.

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