Young kirovchanka witnessed UFO

May 7, 2012 6:24

Valeria Mochalova filmed a mysterious object in the photo.

UFOs. Photo by: Valery Mochalova

May 1 Lera family vacationing in the country in Orichevsky district, the girl was on the terrace when I saw something strange in the night sky.
— I sat drinking tea, I noticed a bright spot on the horizon, and called their parents, grandparents, was about 23 hours — told the girl.
Grandpa immediately brought a telescope, so well be at hand.

 — In a telescope could see this thing very well, it rotates on its axis and shimmered in different colors. I immediately remembered the camera, start shooting. It was a little scary, because I had never with such things do not come across, but I also thought that aliens could see the flash of my camera and fly with us. — Leroy says.
According to witnesses, the object was moving very slowly, the family watched it for about an hour and then all went to bed.
We sent photos Kirov Astro Albert Khlyupin to get his authoritative opinion in the wake of an unidentified flying object.
— I looked the photo, of course, very difficult to say anything definite, because they have no other object than "UFO", ideally in the field of view is good to grab trees, buildings, power lines lines — said Albert — I increased the pictures on them a polymorphous formation, heterogeneous in color, the predominant colors — bright red, burgundy, green and white. The central part of the object looks like a spinning top, a purple color around it is bright red, almost crimson zone around the perimeter of the object has a greenish color, visible on its surface several round objects nearly white.
As Albert said, the object does not look like Mars, Venus and Jupiter, which is often confused with UFOs.

UFOs. Photo by: Valery Mochalova

— If the act of exclusion, this is clearly not a plane, weather balloon, rocket, satellite, Chinese lantern, a planet or a star. This is something else, but what it is, tell me slozhno.U the suspicion that the object is very large, and the apparent luminosity was only a part of it. This can be seen in the pictures at high magnification — the object has no visible boundaries, is the luminosity of different cells, and the contours of the object is not visible, they fade into the background night sky. In general, it is something more beautiful and colorful. Observation of objects of this configuration was not time to fit the systematics of this UFO. — Says astrophotographer.

Anastasia Anzorova
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