Your choice, our homeland

Your choice, Russia A couple of years back in a short povestushke mouth of the hero then said subversive thing (it was about the events in North Ossetia and Ingushetia) on their own boots, we will bring the embers of war on the threshold of your own home, if you do not put out the fire here.

Now failure crept on cat's paws on the other side, and once again our homeland on the verge of war. Not even on the doorstep — war is already underway. Syria — Best limit and probably the last. It rest — triggered a domino effect and then designed and built a jump Caucasus to get the go-ahead. And later, the Volga region, the Urals and Russia will fall, not even my mother fiefdoms, and shards that razotrut in the dust.

This is the answer to the question: "What are you doing there? '. In terms of Syria. We simply love our Russian. We do not want to get us choked by famine, dismembered country, robbed, raped, murdered. To destroy the culture, history and consciousness. Destroyed the faith Protz, which brings us to the Lake Peipsi and Kulikovo Field, Borodino and Prokhorovka. Which is permitted us to survive when traitors were tearing the country apart, arranged Polovtsian Dances and on the Orthodox Church, and at the last, leaving us to the future. Which currently leads comprehend what is happening, tearing the scale of indifference to the soul and leaving the right to be human. I love your own city, your own Belgorod, indeed our holy Belogorie. And I do not want to paint its streets and squares were mangled by the war, so that a black mourning veil covering the head of our mothers, wives and sweethearts. I do not ho-chu!

I'm not a journalist — I really valid arbitrator, at least not yet. Useless hype about my personality is just frustration — all this excess. Pustyashnoy of scratches and ordinary options completely unnecessary for a judge to populism. I do not know how to continue, but in no way detracted from the honor of Russian judges as not to detract from the time an officer of honor: not thrown, not sold, has not changed. I am not a military spy, saboteur and not a spy — yarlychek fasten easily. I — a writer with his perception of the world and dominant behaviors that not much can be understood. Thank God, there are like-minded.

He served as the Russian Federation and the law, and it's not pathetic — so educated. So he lived. So I will continue to live as long as God will allow. So educated children. These friends of mine that I'm proud of. I am not alone and we are many. This is my vacation and I'm entitled to it because they wish to carry out, even more so when there is an opportunity with our eyes behold painstakingly vualiruemoe and subverted.

This is idle speculation to well-fed uncle izgalyatsya blogs about the fact that, of course, for the millions ambitions pursued, that ran into a bullet. Do not they realize srodu that Russia does not love for the post, and move to war at his own expense. And the only merit — to stay alive. But this is how God will provide.

How to get off of the plane, you swaddle weird, thick smell, pungent, non-caustic, no smell of spices, as in the Divide. Victor, our translator, fine-hearted man, an expert on the history of their own country, dropped to the smoldering bitterness: it is odor Jasmine only mixed with the smell of gunpowder. Damascus since the city of jasmine.

Yes, my dear Victor, mixed odor burgeoning jasmine-scented scorched smell of gunpowder and began the war.

Syria is at war. Desperately, selflessly. Ancient Jin Li fights culture, the ancestral home of human civilization: Phoenicians and Romans, attics and Assyrians, Arameans and Byzantines, Arabs and ameidov against the ignorance of primitive savagery, ruthlessness prohibitive and obscurantism.

Syria with high culture and tolerance now cynically destroyed. In the name of what values are raped ladies, kids, prisoners, stabbed, cut off the head, killing doctors, engineers, artists — the color of civilization?

Yesterday Syrian Army units liberated a part of Aleppo — Al Bustan Basha. Almost a year of terror under the banner of Islam constructive — rape, robbery, murder, severed heads, eyes put out, rip open their bellies. This is a democracy according to the recipes of the West? In the river Kuek found 68 dead — hands tied behind his back, shot through their heads. All of the men. The soldiers? No, simple artisans, merchants, teachers — the gene pool of civilization. Killed just as willing to live in a world of goodness and joy. And what happened to their families, with their wives, sisters and daughters are not hard to guess. But the river is not opened yet all kept secret. And how many riddles feral killings store groves and fields, abandoned houses and shops?

I do not want to write about these fears, but that does not go away, they seek at every turn. Even wrong, respecting other faiths, will not enter the mosque shod. Gangsters called themselves intercessors of faith includes not only shod, and with a gun. They went into the ancient mosque Sukaina that the Damascus suburb Darayya, protected by UNESCO as a monument of culture and architecture, desecrating its walls. Is it a real fighter, daring to call himself a peasant, will be hiding in the temple and despicable shoot, knowing that the bullet did not touch the walls of the fighter mosque.

Still, the Syrian army units have taken Sukainu — shooting guard, clutching a brutal melee. Took — and kept intact as a shrine to the treasury of the world's population. And for me this is a sign of excessive courage and self-sacrifice of the children of Syria for peace on this earth.

With me in the hospital lay men and officers — not yet have cooled down from a fight, tired out with the pain inside, ready for the latest showdown. Those who back the clock a few rescued us — Marat, Victor, Basil — from shooting snipers, covering himself. And as one, saying: Syria will stand, Syria will overcome. Thank you, our homeland, have you with us.

Currently Syria, Perhaps more to Russia than our home with her. Certainly, not all still can. But that "Al Frente — Nusra", calling themselves as champions of Islam, he who sows the ruthlessness and the nightmare is recognized even by its creator United States as a terrorist organization. Recognized and Russia, in which they have already leaked, raspolzayas metastases on it. Now our scalpel — is our word. And I would not want that on the replacement machine came to him. It is unlikely that it will be more convincing, though, sometimes, it is the last important argument.

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