Yuri Khadika: My sons are not worse Viktor Lukashenko


The head of this family Yury Khadika has not only its age, but even serious social and political achievements. Professor, one of the leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front, the party of the first high-profile political hunger strike in 1996, he played a significant role in those days of August 91, when in Minsk, Belarus advocated independence. However, the activities of Yuri Viktorovich began much earlier 91 years and is directly influenced not only by the political situation, but also on the fate of the profession, and his two sons — Alexis and Constantine.

Yuri, Alex and Konstantin Khadika — the heroes of today's program. The eldest son of Yuri Khadika Alex — journalist, critic, editor of "Heritage", Junior, Constantine, in an interview identified herself only through belonging to a family Khadika — and holds a very strong argument: he is the father of three of the four grandchildren Yuri Khadika.

Constantine Khadika"I have at the moment, two girls and a boy. Nearly six almost three and a half and two weeks. They named Adele. "

Finding that family Khadika already secured a solid sequel in the form of four grandchildren, we returned to the phenomenon, which he calls his Yury dearest child — until he established the Museum of ancient art and culture.

Yuri Khadika"In my life I have worked, we can say three things tight enough: first physics. And, in my opinion, there were good results. Due to the fact that I was working on the MIC, was under Moscow's protection, I felt quite freely here. I was actively involved in the search for artifacts in a museum of ancient culture. This is the my dear child — it was virtually completed in 1979, when the museum opened. I can say that once I got the first time in our National Museum, I was surprised by one thing — at that time did not pay attention. On the history of the Belarusian art there were presented three icons and two sculptures. It is an insult, of course, because they are totally dropped out of the total number of works. Very unusual is all looked after and I was convinced that this was a deliberate policy. And using the fact that the Academy did not have such control, we have created a veritable museum — exhibition built on facts, those findings that we have made in the expeditions to the 70 th to the 79 th year and beyond.

Alex went, he went with me somewhere in the 75-year, from childhood had seen something terrible state in which our cultural heritage.


That is until today it exists as semi-underground. It's a pity, but his influence exposition of the National Museum began to improve. Now there are three, and thirty-plus icons, and they are wider — there is not only the Orthodox, Uniate, not only out there and Catholic icons and sculptures. Although it has been enjoying the fact that in the history of art is not really frowned upon — "vkusovschina" in Russian. That's not right. There should be an objective picture of the development of art. "


Alexei Khadika

Alexei Khadika"I am a 74-year in these expeditions. For me it was a very natural process, especially since the majority of the members joined in a natural way, as for other museum was closed, and for my friends it was opened. Although the understanding that it is a unique phenomenon, of course, it was, and it still remains. "

Yuri Khadika"It's incredible to believe now, but the timing was such that we had no competitors. We collected that were lying. They gathered with meaning. Our exhibition is distinguished from the display at the National Museum, there are exhibited not "pretty" icons on the boards, and a variety of insults. And on the boards, and on the canvas, and lined up as in developing this art. It offers absolutely incredible beauty of the Belarusian sacred art. "

Alexei Khadika: "There was a lovely collection of slides, and usually occurred just gatherings at home rather than in a museum. Friends came, saw these icons, they reasoned, more lectures father spoke. He says all is well, a lot of interest the who. And the museum did not have to walk. The museum was opened in the 79th year, when I was in 9th grade. Then I went to study, that is, I came to the museum in 1986. Yes, when I was living in a museum, because I worked there. "

Yuri Khadika. The end of 1976.

Alexei Khadika returned to work in the parent museum, graduated from the Moscow State University. In a sense, his return, and further work in the Academy of Sciences, the program "People's University" and the magazine "Heritage" was prepared by moral principles that are laid in childhood father. It seems that the political circumstances and cultural activity in the conditions of the Soviet state were no secret to the older nor younger generation Khadika:

Yuri Khadika with his wife Valentina. 2004

Yuri Khadika"We were very, very careful and cautious. In the expedition, we went only with official permission, shrouded by these references, it's academic mission to enhance knowledge, and so on. Reports we have done just before the party committee of the Academy of Sciences. Usually party needed only formal reports. When it became clear that the Commission is coming to inspect the work of the Communist Party of the BSSR, our collection immediately given. Prior to that, President of the Academy gave us a room, we are there all the walls abveshali icons, sculpture stood, but then it was cleaned up and the rooms were empty. It was generally the last persecution of nationalism. 8 Then the man fired from the Academy, including Zenon Pozniak Stanislavovich and Eleanor Ivanovna Wind. "

Yuri Khadika conducts a tour of the museum for Academician Viktor Ambartsumian. 1979.

Alexei Khadika"One day I'm going, and at the bottom near the elevator, we were hanging out there different ads hanging declaration:" I, Larissa fungus create Belarusian fraternity. " People gathered thirties As a result it ended up that we first papryvozili Belarusian library. She was in my room, even with the card index. We went to concerts Belarus — ironically now sounds, it was "Pesnyary" and "Veras" while in Moscow. We tried to sing something, but then Larissa fungus summoned to the KGB, of course, and said, "Well, you're a lawyer, you know, you do not want a ban on the profession to have." She replied, as we agreed, "Well, we're up to the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union created the Belarusian fraternity!." Parallel then there was the Kazakh, Kyrgyz national groups. They did not have any comments. They said: "It can be, but the Belarusians — you can not" . Well, we certainly worked, met informally, but it is clear that we did not go on political demonstrations and chained themselves chained to the fence of St. Basil's Cathedral, as once in 68 year made the first five Soviet dissidents. We were calmer such cultural. "

Yuri Khadika emphasizes that he is very
happy father, because his family there is complete ideological unity.

Days, when the fate of independence in August 1991, Khadika lived in different places and emotional states.

Yuri Khadika"As soon as the session after 22 August, when it finally became known that the failed coup, the square was continuous rally, which I personally supervised."

Alexei Khadika"I remember are the stories, I was told that the area was running pig, on which was written" Dementey. " But at the time I was in Palanga. What kind of entertainment in the tent — of course, radio. I went to the post office and asked, "Tanks in the street? '. They said," Not yet. "And then I have not had time to get there, and not particularly eager, with his young wife … Well, I was told that the tanks there is not. "

Constantine Khadika"August recall" Swan Lake "on television, and, unfortunately, nothing more. In the square I had, and I only watched it for the press, because it solved all the same, unfortunately, is not from us. "

Yuri Khadika, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Lavon Borshevsky Gennady Bankevich. July 27, 1992

Now and Alexei and Yuri Khadika have their own view on the future of the Museum of Ancient Art:

Yuri Khadika"To this day, it is a museum department, academic. And so it does not work, for example, on Saturdays and Sundays. It works only during business hours. There you can get, but you have to book in advance, so that was a free man, who would have led the tour. So lately I've been campaigning to get the director of the National Museum in the museum of the Academy and join with the National Museum. It would greatly enrich it. I have every right to do. "

Yuri Khadika, Zenon Pozniak, Valentin Golubev. 3rd congress of the Belarusian Popular Front. 1993

Alexei Khadika"I think that for the Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture best destiny was to become a part of the National Historical Museum. Especially as the National Museum of History — maybe you do not know, it's a little specific information, although it is open — not so long ago was a huge body of former General Staff — st. Frunze, 19, and virtually nothing to fill it. And this is just such a place, which is located next to the children's park, to the place where the family spend the weekend, and this would be the perfect solution.

By the way, as I have said, the Beetle, the deputy director of the Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore. He replied: "No do not talk about". And it's clear why. Because the main value of a bit dutaga Institute of Arts, Ethnography and Folklore Museum is just. If he loses this museum, giving the collection physically to another location, you can safely close the institution. "

Further circumstances of life and the development of historical events constantly going left in a moral choice, which they also own, special. Constantine Khadika graduated from the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum at precisely the time when there was studying the judge Olga Komar, who sentenced the prisoner Square Basil Parfiankou. At the university of his fellow students was Viktor Lukashenko.

Constantine Khadika"At the time, she was not Ms. Komar and studied for a year younger. I knew her. It's not just there, it can be said, even in a university study. Time, especially the current one, he feels people, and everyone responds to this question as you can. And if you look at facebook to Mrs. Komar, she remained there three friends, I guess. I, I think I know very well the two of them, and I understand why they're still there, I understand something of their relationship, but I will say that it is people of another sort, probably. "

Freedom Day 1997. From left to right center — Khadika Yuri, Yuri Zakharenko, Gennady Karpenko.

Alexei Khadika"Tell me, Emir Kusturica — a successful director? Of course, he was and is. But, having come to the November festival once again in Belarus, he came up with some pointless interview where said I was a big fan of sweet dictatorship, and you have good transition from communism to capitalism — slowly, because it has to be slow, — and this is very true.

It is a successful director was in a very interesting situation. When he came to a concert of his "No Smocking Orchestra" in 2008, was sold out at the Palace of the Republic. On the day before yesterday at the Sports Palace concert sold 1,000 tickets — six times less. As a result, the organizers were forced to postpone the concert in DC MAZ urgently, otherwise they just lost a lot of money. The Emir was in interesting company along with Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Vaznyatski that before the election also played in the alleged charity tournament, where as if by accident G. Aleksandrov went to the court and kissing with these cute girls.

He was in the company of those moral principles are not important. Important money. Because of arrival Kusturica state pays 40,000 euros. If 40,000 euros I got from the state to the magazine "Heritage", I would successfully gave it 5 years in a row. And it would be a thousand times more useful than 10 arrivals Kusturica's here. "

Radio Liberty"And the moral to take money from the state?".

Alexei Khadika"This is our country."

Yuri Khadika"And our money!".

Yuri Khadika speaking at the 19th meeting of the Belarusians in North America.

Yuri Khadika"The life and struggle under the authoritarian regime — it is a heavy cross. And, of course, I am certain measure of responsibility for the fact that my sons are now not a general-colonel, not presidential adviser on security, but on the intellectual level of each of them is lower than Viktor Lukashenko, but that's not it. The fact that moral authority is established only in the family. And I hope that my grandchildren — not only from the father's side, but with the side of his wife — the decent people in the family, and they vyhavayutstsa in normal principles. And so, I guarantee that in any case they will not be supporters of the regime's dictatorial, totalitarian. "



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