Yuri Khaschevatsky: Why, instead of the video showed still images?

New official data on persons suspected of terrorist attack: the constant use of alcohol and unhealthy mind. Independent observers, however, doubt the ability of these people do what they are suspected.

April 15 Information Ministry warned the newspaper "Nasha Niva" of a violation of law in connection with the publication of "false information". This refers to the message that one of the victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 allegedly remained at the station until late evening.

What new details emerged about the people who are suspected of committing a terrorist act, and their motives? Officials are increasingly talking about the fact that they have been drinking alcohol. First started talking about this the Deputy Minister of the Interior Oleg Baking. According to him, the main suspect, who is himself from Vitebsk, Belarus lived in a rented apartment near the metro station "Frunze", together with a friend and a young woman. According to police, the apartment where the suspects lived, found by tracing over one of them, when he was carrying liquor from the store. The second time on alcohol Oleg Baking remembered when explained, was detained suspects after the 9 th evening, and to testify the main accused allegedly started only in the 5th hour of the morning, because by the time the "sober".

Journalists State "Narodnaya Gazeta" has already been in the house entrance, where the suspects lived. "Under their window a lot of empty bottles lying around" — quoted by the correspondent resident home, painting a portrait of terrorists. "Scum", "bad people" — gives state newspaper saying neighbors to the people who have not yet tried.

More specifically sounded and the motive of the crime. Belarusian TV quoted the anti-terrorist cent KGB officer Igor Kotseneva:

"We have a version that is gipertrafavanae sense of its importance, manifested in neprynyatstsi, hatred of success the average person."

However, if this man only performer who was assigned to carry and deliver and receive a bottle for it — here it is possible.

Penchant for alcohol and at the same time painful mind, which manifested itself in an exaggerated self-esteem and hatred of other people. That psychiatry think of this combination? Minsk psychiatrist Igor Sorokin says that met many drinkers who tipsy threatened "to burn and destroy all", but as sober — that peaceful people:

"All the same it is necessary to have the motivation. A patient with alcoholism is one motivation — to drink and all its nothing more interested. Neither the family nor work, nor any social things. How can it have such a motivation to manufacture explosive devices? The same should produce, plan, execute. However, if this man only performer who was assigned to carry and deliver and receive a bottle for it — here it is possible. "

The famous director Yuri Khaschevatsky notes that the prosecutor's office, who told the whole country about the disclosure of the terrorist attack, as evidence showed still images, not the entire videotape to the perpetrator and the first moment of explosion:

"Why did not it show? Videasachennya systems work all the time, so why not just show only still images? Show how a person walks, where it stops. By plastic movements becomes clear that a person does. And they have shown a set of some pictures. In one of them in the background a man is worth. I have the impression that in general there is a different person. That's me very sad. How sad and state public relations around it all. "



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