Zabaikalsky national park received rover to combat poaching

Employees of the Trans-Baikal National Park received airboat "Typhoon" to fight against poachers in rough terrain, even the first flight will eliminate poaching network slozhnodostupnom area buffer zone, according to RIA Novosti director Michael Ovdin National Park.

"In periods of thaw state inspector difficult to deal with poachers, frequently uses the latest technology. Example, in November 2012 the task force for the first time in the history of the National Park poachers arrested airboat, which allows you to move through the thin ice and frost. Managed to detain him, since last year in the service of the national park has also appeared rubber airboat "Piranha." guilty convicted and fined 80,000 rubles. With the advent of more advanced vehicle "Typhoon" can fight more effectively against poachers, "- says Ovdin.

Ship "-1000K Typhoon" was purchased as part of the federal program for the needs of the security services. Its cost is about 1.4 million rubles. The vessel has all-terrain and allows you to comfortably and safely in deep snow, thin ice, during the spring and autumn mud.

"There was a road test, resulting in just two days was shot 14 orphan networks", — said the director of the National Park.

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