600 thousand workers stopped work

In Belarus, due to the difficult situation in the economy and in the financial sector in recent 600 thousand workers were forced to temporarily suspend its operations, — the chairman of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Development Vladimir Zinovsky — reports Interfax-West.

"As the head of the National Statistics Committee I inform you that for the Lately 600 thousand workers in the real economy have suspended their activities on the initiative of employers and business leaders, because not enough raw materials for production, "- said V.Zinovsky, speaking at a conference on the liberalization of the Belarusian economy in Minsk on Thursday.

He explained that this is due, in including, and "to translation issues."

"The question is, of course, be resolved, and quickly, because there is no delay," — said the head of the National Statistics Committee. He added that the issues concerned kursavtvarennya every businessman who works with imported raw materials or supplies its products for export.

V.Zinovsky also reported that the National Statistical Committee regularly reports to the government about the situation in the economy.

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