A hungry cat food from selected alligator

January 29, 2012 9:57

In the U.S. state of Louisiana, where many, many wild crocodiles live cat teaser. His battle with the formidable predator captured on video by local residents.

The case was on the canal bank. Homeless striped daredevil found near the water and decided to eat a meal. He slowly sniffed pieces izvalyal them in the ground, and was just about to enjoy what God has sent, as the water came out … a huge alligator.

Cat broke a modest meal and stared at the green guest who at the table were not invited. The crocodile was not going to ask for permission. He braced legs, walked briskly to the food, opened his toothy mouth and swallowed without much ado. Angry cat is a bad form, he claws, swung and hit the reptile in the face.

Fearsome predator was taken aback. Some little furry ball dared to raise a paw on it! While the enemy was thinking green, the cat took advantage of the time and then hit the enemy. Striped beat alligator as long as he is not cleaned once a swamp. Retreated crocodile with a puzzled look, but a second attempt to take away cat food is not taken.

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