A little life.

I dedicate this paper to the memory of five boys,

brutally tortured by "the powers that be" — in Krasnoyarsk in the spring of 2005 …

Victory Day May 9, 2005 in the collector're in Krasnoyarsk were found obgorit-Chiyah body of missing one and a half months earlier than boys 9-12 years Lavrenova Sasha, Dima Ma-kar, Maxim Taumanova, Galash Mamedga-Savona and Safar Aliyev — so I launched its first-vuyu article in "Soviet Russia", published in May 2006.

A 16 April 2005 — one year before that my article — the children were gone. And if that article was about political issues, then this — it is about the children who live in the best, most beautiful, most gracious country in the world. I'm not kidding, and not irony-ziruyu when I say that.

Their problem is that our beautiful country is occupied disgusting state. However — this is our common misfortune. Only now they — the children — a life because of the occupation, more and more often and remains a "small life" out of work, check the song:

Little Life

Gained immortality …

But — if not sooner! [Cut]

I decided to write this article is not about Krasnoyarsk Minsk. A terrible story, which many already do not remember (and someone does not know at all!) Turn to my canvas. Background.

And against this backdrop that I'll draw a picture of childhood in the Russian Federation — in its full amount available to me.

I invite readers to Opening Day.


It was horrible that such a mass of abduction and subsequent death of the children did not know the history of Russia ever!

If it compare with what recent studies of thorium — so it is with the massacres of the early 90-ies of the last century, which repaired the Caucasus militants over the Russian population of Chechnya — and unbridled impunity.

But still there was a war, even neobyav Retained. And for some perverse justification: that enemies — until the last seed …

And in Krasnoyarsk?

Democrats may crack in half, proving the opposite, but the totalitarian Soviet Union was in fact a country where "all the best — to children." From this fact does not go away, still alive, at least one of the "born in the USSR."

Sometimes this even acquired a hypertrophied form. But in the modern Russian Federation child care takes the form of ever more and more atrophied …

Dairy yogurt poisoned hundred children. Vaccination clinic has infected two. Some water utilities service of cranes — five. Who has more? There serous meningitis. There viral hepatitis. There's just AIDS.

And report the same brand budnich-but barely. And no this is not surprising. And it is not punishable by anyone (except as a punishment "removal from office"!).

At least I have not heard of punishment whether, and in fact for such should be put on for many, many years … But we have not the Soviet Union. We have in place justice — lawyers. And the government is busy in that catches skinheads.

As in an indecent joke: "Where is the logic? Where is the mind? "

But Krasnoyarsk story, as it seemed to rock the country. In fact, after just such cases hundreds of thousands to the streets demonstrations in, fly from the chair of the Government and shoot the Ministers … On one condition.

If the state lives for the people of his country.

But the coverage of this case, as a lu-sing, discover all the troubles to which power has doomed our children. As if revealed the festering sore — and splashed. Vile clots …

Below I have tried to analyze all of you, and someone were moving ever-ended version of the case. This is — not only those five guys. I repeat: it is about the children at all.

Escape. It is this version in a few days almost drowned out all others, even though the original is something just dominated version of abduction.

And there were witnesses — the same age propane-Shih, who saw them get into the expensive foreign-brand, and the police began to "dig" in that direction …

And then somehow everything was quiet. It turned out that the witnesses were mistaken — "joke." And the police moved on to search farther and farther from Krasnoyarsk, the way to Moscow, raising a shield version of escape (by the way, in this case was found and returned home about seven hundred of these fugitives!).

Someone came to the point that children are de, "the most movolno went into the forest in the campaign." In mid-April of the. Yep.

But for now this is the escape of the company need you! And the boys were not friends (and you do take note, this is important). Different nationality, a different age … They even shared interests and friends could not be!

After the terrible "holiday" were nominated finds other versions. The most prevalence of became two of them:

"The death through negligence." My favorite version of our police when it comes to children's bodies found.

Nanyuhalis, set on fire, stoned, suffocated — I read a lot of this nonsense "above the roof" by browsing to the press reports on the deaths of other children who had only one goal: to close the case as quickly as possible.

But in this case, believe it could only be a particularly stupid. Never in my life smoked mal-Chishki climbed into the well, where and in what vpyate growth-rum-standing difficult.

And if there is a fire kindled, or sat ana-Scheu raskumaritsya, or some mysterious "of the pair," the well penetrated … In short, the boys came off in full, and have themselves to blame.

When the authorities realized that this stupid nonsense (sorry, but otherwise it will not name) no one believes there was a second version, according to which:

Children killed pornodeltsy. It is this ver-sion was "finally official."

Some of the first professor in the program of the channel even painted as pornodeltsy ripped to Krasnoyarsk in a jeep, looking for "suitable for children Description" and then filmed the movie and killed them.

Of course, the scenario was "a stream" — in Russia a year removed to 200 porn films with the participation of children under 16 years. It's really, really terrible, I wrote about it. But in the present case the ratio of the most likely is not available.

Professor forgot about two things:

a) Again — children with each other, were not nearly total, were not friends, not even a single-graders. Imagine a pretext, allowing Chille-strangers gather them together and compel get in the car (we'll come back to that!) — Is difficult. Whatever they do not have facial features.

b) Just about facial features. Of the four children, three of them — not Russian. A porn in Russia make 9 times out of 10 it is with Russian children: this is the only place on the planet where you can easily and cheaply "get" children of the European type.

Once again, please forgive my cynicism of my words, but you can easily make, looking at our homeless — is Russian but almost exclusively.

In addition, Professor either poorly represented the mechanics of the work process itself "semschi-ing", or deliberately lying.

Sitters for a movie or a series of photographs, in principle, can be found on any beach paradise-onnogo center, with any "bedroom community" of the regional center — and then make a movie.

Because of the power politics in the region "seksprosve-ta" significant proportion of children and do not see anything wrong with this way to earn good money — it's not "sex, and art!" (Me and explained the one-shot "art "until I beat him. I confess, but not sorry).

And in the big cities — thousands of street children-tion. And it is no secret that pornodeltsy, first, to use their cases in the main it is their (full of them, of any age, color, sex, and they cost a penny, and there is, WPRO-than exclusion — children, run away from home and stupidity really got into slavery, but this is not the case!), and, secondly, their on-the-turschikov almost never kill.

On the contrary — they are paying good money ode-vayut-shoes and fed, securely tying to itself and to the business. If you need to remove the death of a child (and such films have), they take almost a hundred-percent homeless — what the hell bind to children who have parents?

An acquaintance of mine evil and mocking deliv out to be vain attempts of the authorities: "And once lived not assume that right there in the header, and the film pic-Do!"

Actually, this official version, and used heavily drawn (but even on the search in these areas did nothing until they were found oc-tanks!).

But the people immediately began to spread-Xia and other versions, too, have received some — albeit tentative — official confirmation (and for this reason I too suspicious!)

The killer was a "classic" Maniac. This is the first kind we have enough, and now they have something just for self-Indeed kill children. But maniacs cunning and gently.

No maniac alone (but in groups, they do not work!) Never venture to contact CPA-Dhu with five boys, though only 9-12 years, in the midst of the city, in the afternoon. Yes, and they do not drive foreign cars — too noticeable. So, alas. Not good at all.

There was a kidnapping for organs. The proof is really very serious — you-WHO expert bodies supposedly on (although it was very clear to whom these belong to the body, and no widely promised "results" after the examination has not announced the cause of death is unclear, even children).

Under this brand is very easy to hide the traces of the removal of organs. And so the existence of this business is not only discusses indifferent.

One of my friends (sorry, but I will not have time to use these sacramental words — do not call the same name!) Once said to me in the Accel-thief: I'm afraid to give medical information on a preteen — rumor has it that on them through a computer Network Health Ministry look for organ donors.

Unbelievable? Not more than selling classified information on income citizens — remember the scandal? For the money, in a democratic society, everything is possible, unless you have not already learned?

A huge percentage of gerontological preparative Ratov, much of the expensive cosmetics case, are of "biomaterials", as it is euphemistically called a. Of human bodies (not your soap concentration camp, there is no fiction!).

Often — from the bodies of children, because they are The most healthy. Often — from the bodies of unborn children (the so-called "abortive material").

In the Middle Ages crazy old woman took a bath from the children's blood to rejuvenate. Ka-zhetsya incredible, but the story repeats itself again.

And I personally can not see ads on lip-Mady — every time I think lip dur-mannequins smeared with blood. And scary to think of what makes a "miraculous" creams?

But this version seems to me, in this case questionable. For the same reason as the version with pornodeltsami — hunters bodies easily and with impunity, using street children. Well, or, again, those who ran away from home at silly-STI.

But kidnap someone special — it's out of a bad detective. I'm not saying that this may not be at all. But five? .. So brazenly? .. What for?

The boys were removed, as witnesses. Again the same — five different ages, not the other guys living together at the same time could not be seen any crime.

Boys kidnapped for ransom, and killed, fearing the hype. Enough to let us look at the ret-fact of any family they had to realize that kidnap them for this was as meaningless as the majority of citizens of Russia.

Officially, almost voiced only two versions. Just so I suspect it is true that one of them:

Killers — sectarian or Satanists. Neko-torye my friends (especially of hard-nosed right voradikalov — I've got the same!) Did with foam on his lips assured that this is the sacrifice ratio of Russian children by Freemasons. Forgetting to know exactly F milii dead …

However — Satanists and some sectarians in fact kill children, it is proved by documents.

So, just for 2004: Nevinnomyssk killed two teenagers on Easter night fifteen Alexey Nesterov was beaten to death in St. Petersburg from 16-year-old Volodya Vasil'ev Island skinned alive in Novosibirsk was murdered seven-year girl — it has been documented, ITATION episodes of Satanists. Yes and tricks with burned bodies — in their spirit.

But there is one "but" which makes me doubt that there were lighted sectarians. The fact that they do not stop on reached, and similar stories (thank God!) In Krasnoyarsk not happen again (although the children go missing on a regular basis).

And they sacrifice ritual heralded magnificently, not so utilitarian.

And finally — the most terrible. And — alas! — In my opinion, the most probable.

The murder … for the sake of entertainment.

I'm thinking: Are the boys were to be so naive that five of us got in the car to a non-acquaintance? They say that, yes. I do not know. In my opinion, so just do not happen in our time (and in my — IEE-tereglis would!).

But then the question arises: if there was a stranger? Or vice versa — someone they knew? Not relative, it is obvious. There can be no common relative Sasha and Galash have Taumanova and Makarov.

So — someone they are often seen … on television, in newspapers, on the stage. Who is not afraid. By definition, could not be afraid. Who to trust, maybe more than kin. Intuitively: a famous person can not be bad!

Another friend of mine told me that the most powerful of this world snickering (not only to us, but also abroad) in the last 10 years singing-wound fun fun.

Children are abducted. Sometimes raped. Can get to fight each other to the death, torture, torment, finally, just … eat — a lot of what he described, the creeps, and I will not repeat ryat.

Of course, the victims often-come, too, becomes homeless. But customers — those with at-Zvolen say "people" — is not holding back the fear of being unmasked as maniacs or "classical" criminals — they feel is securely protected.

A street they might get bored — Hoth-moose to see how to behave in such a situation, the boys from "normal" families … Fantasia who feels himself the master of life and does not have even the rudiments of moral norms can be very strange …

The boys kept somewhere two or three weeks — from April 16 to May 5-9. We do not know what to do with them. (I do not know — the fire is safely hidden.) And then … This explains, by the way, a sharp cooling of interest to the police case.

I swear, I swear, I do not want to believe it. BUT …

…However, it may be true to any ver-sion. The most incredible. In general, there is not the above-navshayasya. Or even the most unimaginable combina-tion of several versions.

It is important not even that … And I wrote the article is not to scare all the creepy versions and assumptions, no. It's the awful, it may be true that any version.

An old song was sung:

…how can we understand the mother's concern?

After all, if we Natasha went missing,

So, just before the morning went for a walk …

We are in that song was about the war. But present-day mother — in "peaceful" time! — Are well aware that it is: a missing child. And the fear of it, if it is delayed for at least half an hour. And painful "fitting over" any — any! — Of the damned "versions" …

Last year in Russia is missing 250 of thousands of people. 20-30 thousand of them — children.

In this ocean of Death (and almost all of these people are dead — exactly!) Sink any military casualties, any accident on the road and crimi-regional showdown.

So many people can not lose the "just so". But no one was looking. Do the police have "more important things to do." It would be interesting to know what?

Catch the twentieth in a row killer "holy woman," to steal money from the funds in the same children, and for that stitched cheapest kind of Croat-sky "Agra", announced by nerds, journalists' newest weapon of U.S. intelligence? "

Fortieth of the account of the valiant killer "samopodorvantsa" Dima Kholodova? And stnogo-hundredth the murder of a Peruvian student Russian nationalist?

September 25, 2006 the remains of the boys, given to relatives. There are no results.

Who feeds us?

Remember — who saw? — Pushkin's "Bo-rice Godunov"?

Crying Fool Nikolka, ingeniously referring to the mighty king with his complaint: "The boys took away lot of money — they were ka-dawn show how you killed the little prince …"

Scared moan Boris: "Pray for me, Nikolka!" And — the transformation of a holy fool, suddenly screaming in the face of the king, in the face of a higher, absolute power — with anger and disgust, "No, no! You can not pray for King Herod! Virgin will not allow it! "


Back in the summer of 2006, I was going to send a letter to the famous program "Wait for Me", which Rui look for many years.

But then, when the draft of the letter was Dialled-san, I realized that it's pointless. It is hardly an answer to this. And it's not personal qualities and leading creators of this program.

Then I decided to turn and did not send the letter to the part of his article. Fortunately, they have each other very relevant.

This letter — below.

Dear Igor Vladimirovich!

I see your distress for many years. You really have helped many, many, for this I am ready to bow down to you. Your help was not in words but in deeds, it is now a rarity, "Naver-hoo." And I never believed and do not believe the stories that your transmission "orchestrated", like most other TV programs.

But I am always amazed and appalled enormous tion of vanishing without a trace of children and adolescents. I learned that their number — thousands each year. And that at the moment missing only officially registered about 300,000 of children under the age of 16 years. And I know very well that the official data should be increased at times, if not in order.

For a long time I started to compile a table of such disappearances stated in your gear. Its not-much of the past few months, I present to you now.

Number Name, Surname Age Released transmission


1. Cyril and Dima Romanenko 10 and 8 years old on March 20

2. Dima Odagiu 13 April 10

3. Ilya Lebedev, 16 April 24

4. Dima Nazarov 16 May 2

5. Sasha Yudaev? (9-10 years old) May 22

6. Albert Klimov 14 May 29

7. Valentin Lefter? (9-10 years) September 4

8. Kostya swamp? (8-9 years old) September 11

9. Volodya Kutergin? (10-12 years old) September 18

10. Kirill Smirnov 8 years old on September 25

11. Misha Chekanovsky 16 September 25

12. Misha 4 years Jurkov September 25

13. Tim Lavrukhin 12 years old on October 9

14. Taras box? (9-11 years) 13 November

15. Dima Evdokimov 12 November 27

16. Pavel Kazantsev, 14 December 11

17. Igor Babichev 11 years on December 11th

18. Jura Grebenschikov 12 years at the time of loss (2000) February 5


19. Pasha Sailors 10 years old on January 29

20. Radik Kotljarov 8 years March 26

21. Alexei Gelder 10 years on April 9

22. Denis Danilin 13 years on June 25

23. Maxim Goriachkin 5 years 6 August

24. Rodion Nazarko 10 years at the time of loss (2005) on 6 August

25. Maxim GOLUBKOV 8 years old on August 6

26. Alesha Lyulkin 3 years 6 August

27. Dmitry Chehlenok 16 September 17

And now I want to ask you a question.

They found there at least one of the missing? I do not mean mentally ill — they are not wanted and not interesting. I do not mean the "professional runners."

And not those of whom it is known that it is — the escape for some family reasons or on dope. And it is not those who are looking for parents of children fleeing the first house or boarding.

I am referring to those who lost it — out of the house for a moment, to the store, take a walk on the river and disappeared — or deliberately stolen?

As the boy — I do not remember the name, it was a few years ago, my father, who called a ransom, but have not come to the meeting? As another boy missing in the Crimea with her grandmother?

As a girl, too, was stolen in the Crimea on the mountain path — were later found parts of her clothing? Misha Jurkov whom the eyes of the people put in some car and drove away (it's Perm region, and what is the Perm region in relation to children — is remembered by many!).

Somehow I think that one is not no nai-den. But in my table — just a few of you have claimed loss, which in turn — a small part of disappearances occurring in our country.

Here, only boys — the future of the nation. These healthy, strong, funny, positive re-byata — where are they?

And the last time you less and less talk about the missing children. I remember your brochures, matchbooks with portraits, entire scenes, they are dedicated …

And now you are focusing on dusheschipa-tional stories of the Great Patriotic War and the students love the 60s of the twentieth century.

What is this? The sad painting in his own impotence? Directive "not to look" not to over-do with someone's interests — the interests of those who provide "usynovlyashkami 'bodies, natures-schikami and targets for bullying and violence swollen from U.S. West and East, and our own-governmental rich?

I understand that. For the people that you Govo Rita — their problems are important, too. I ask to forgive me for the harshness of writing.

But sometimes I imagine that people UWI-Delhi would be if we could somehow magically make out of view-tion hidden under the ground — on the empty-ryah, landfills, abandoned construction sites, in forest and parks. And then I get scared.

There — Tens of thousands of children's corpses.

One, for many reasons, my least favorite, but undoubtedly talented children's author once said his hopeless amazing snake-Som phrase — that feels looking at the pictures of missing children:

"You look at this lively, fun-bo Chishko and you realize that it is likely to have worms eat somewhere."

April 17 in one of your transmission seems indeed a good man — from Belgium — expressed his indignation at the fact that we have in Russia children under the age of thirteen, "walk by themselves," and said that he does not let go of their children unattended.

But it is, sorry, not a model for the role models of the. It's just awful. Think about it and understand it. Doors, garter control, tracking satellites, accompanied by adults …

We should make sure that the child — not in five or ten or fifteen years! — Not desired was given in this whole erundistika simply because he had nothing to fear.

As we are not afraid of anything, playing late into the night on the streets, construction sites, parks — maybe The latter is a generation that is not surrounded by hostile and kind and interesting world. Here's what you need to achieve.

All other measures — is co-limb amputations in the vain hope of stopping gang-Gren. I am sick to think that my child will grow up in a cage of fear — "not try to non-acquaintances", "do not open the door," "Do not delay-vaysya late …"

And the laws do not need to take the "missing children" — and such that children are not greater than disappearing.

And there is no social movement does not help — I can, if I know that the children are taken abroad for transplantation clinic that has changed from my knowledge?

This is a matter of power! And it solves the issue, use the word "dollar" or not (it seems to have decided not to use). And teaches, treats, holding their children abroad, but not here.

Once again, sorry for the tone and uncomfortable for the question. But I would like to know what is happening to our children. With our country. With us. And who is to blame.

Because I do not believe that the perpetrators — no.


I can not understand what the government wants from the children?

The feeling is that only one thing — that they were not.

With all the talk about national projects and max priorities in life — that's how.

Nothing but just did not explain proish-dyaschee with children in our modern world, a wild, boar downright unwillingness of the authorities-tect her defenseless against the same — power — you, the title of a life of lawlessness.

And "damn Yeltsin's legacy," about which so much rum began to repeat the last time, the one-enticing gullible brains — at anything.

What happens to the most vulnerable cha Stu our society — a direct consequence of the "latin noamerikanskogo capitalism", which was built in the Russian Federation on the basis of the mythical "democratic choice of our people."

That is, both the current government, by definition, can not go anywhere from the "cursed heritage." She will steal, lie and cringe — because he can not do it again.

In the Russian Internet "live" 1.5 thousands of sites, "professing xenophobia and nationalism" and officially declared a "threat to the internal security of the country." With them side by side 8000 child porn sites.

According to the simple arithmetic of them have to speak and write at least five times more likely to declare it is their national threat, it matters connected with them, to take control of the presidential debate and in the State Duma daily.

And? ..

In the year of Russia exported $ 100 billion to just "shady business." This is — a monthly maintenance in 8000 rubles for each child Russia. From 0 to 16 years. Including the disabled, homeless, and so on. This flow can not be stopped by now?

It is possible. And all know — how. But it turns out that the rights of villains on the stolen money to the government is more expensive children's right to life.

Why can not prevent adoption abroad?

Why can not prohibit child prostitution and pornography?

Why can not prevent the exploitation of child labor?

Why can not adopt laws on the protection of children from scoundrels and scum of all stripes?

Why can not by force, by law, to remove the homeless from the streets — and not for a while, but in the purpose-built new children's homes, giving these children the status of "children's state-va?"

Why can not I find all of this money by taking away from those who stole from their children?

I do not understand this from a purely practical, down to earth, life point of view. Without scattering firmed on human rights and democratic values and freedoms.

If you do not want to explain it to me — let them explain it to souls of five boys who were killed in the days of rampant these very values and freedoms. Let them explain it to parents of thousands of missing children.

For the sake of public high goals and values they have lost the most expensive, it was in life — sons and daughters?

Horrible death in 12-15 years, making a sub-Whig in the name of the country or loved ones. And — just like that? By someone else's negligence or even a whim?

Or maybe this is democracy? May be, it is just because it looks?

I was told a story about how the missing 11-year-old boy. Distraught father, studies have tried all ways to find, according to some scary-Nome instinct was to buy new items and watch child porn, which he generously offered to the market.

In one of the films he saw his son. It was, unfortunately, is the case when the demon-prizornyh was not enough to create a "six-Devra" …

However, the police could not (or did not want) is not what to find and punish the producers of tape, but even just to return his son to his father. The boy and disappeared somewhere — is finally …

Soviet propagandists (who ridicule off and did not want to listen to a truly rotten intel-ligentiki, "sixties", damn "sick conscience of the nation"), warned that here is what he is: capitalism.

It is this, rather than forty varieties of sausage and the right to travel abroad. Eating all all. And especially — weak by the strong.


In six years as president of our current On average age of the head of a drug addict in the country fell from 21 to 13 years.

That's the whole figure "performance power".

Personally, I — rubbish such incredulously — the rest is of little interest.

We — are dying, and dying out in the first of all not at the expense of older, as is commonly thought.

We are dying it is through children.

Committed suicide.




The dead.


Which SMS or who to turn to understand the power of this?


Post Scriptum

All in the same online one man once spoke: what is the point to ban same organ trade — it's like a match ban. Once people have something lit, it means, matches need. And if they deny, the Dodgers will establish a clandestine manufacture of matches, that's all …

I was never a supporter of the weird idea that abomination can not be prohibited, because it de from this still does not disappear. But even if you stand on the above point of view … Deny not match. This is true. But you can invent for-stable fly.

Weak can become strong. Expected to become — at least just for the sake of self-defense.

This is — to the subject, it would seem, has no rela-tions to the article. But, in fact — is directly related to it …

…Thirteen-year samurai Miyamoto Mu-Sasha was abused adult samurai and a bully and a braggart, moreover, armed. The boy said nothing. Insults rained hail.

In the end, Miyamoto threw adult armed enemy to the ground and immediately caught by a stick cracked his skull.

Are you saying that the thirteen-year Japanese physically stronger than our thirteenth-it boys?

Or that the school gave the samurai some top-secret knowledge, which does not give modern ITATION circles and sections of unarmed combat? Or that the Japanese have different pressure points on the body?

Anatoly Taras — the famous modern specialist in "rukopashke" — states, the average 14-year-old is quite able to maim and even kill a grown man with a single blow.

So what the hell? At least one of those killed in Krasnoyarsk — 11-year-old Maxim Taumanov — the first year in boxing! For what?

Government began to promote a healthy lifestyle. In vogue are not tennis, as before, "under Yeltsin," and judo and skiing, because … because they entered.

But we forgot one very important thing: the craving for health does not make sense by itself. It — healthy-M Health — means. The means to achieve their goals. Good or bad, but goals.

People rode past on horseback, shooting pistols, fenced, boxed, fought be-Ghali and swam, because they knew that all these skills will one day help them in life — in a critical situation in a war or in a doorway, or in the hunt the time of the disaster. And, if anything, have used these skills "to the fullest."

And now? Boom sport. Fashion for a healthy on-time life. A. .. What for? Be healthy to … to be healthy. Game, stupid.

Go to the light, with great teeth, healthy lungs, the heart works perfectly, for pumping iron … and on his knees in tears and snot. Very modern and democratic.

In our children completely killed instinct fighter. It is replaced by the position of the embryo, the pose of Kotor should be taken in an emergency. You can still climb under the desk.

But the party do not always find it, that's be-yes-that. And the government can not, and does not want to defend them … Parents and older friends at a critical time often is not around.

A posture of the embryo is very convenient for accepting kicking her kidneys. And as if in memory of the embryo take an entire people, an entire country — all the buzz for some people …

It all starts here with such education.

On October 28, the first channel of the news story was about ekaterinburzhsky military patriotic club "Sokol" — how to order, again referred to this city, which I've written recently.

The club were mainly children of children, homes and dysfunctional families. More than a hundred. May be, it is thanks to this club it is these children do not fall into the hands of the very creatures on which the article I wrote in the "Ostrich".

But the authorities were fighting for some reason just to the "Soko-scrap." If it were not for SMS, which made its way to to the president during the annual masquerade "Question-answer on the air," one of the girls — is not known, as fate would have on the club.

The president promised to help. I helped — the club have provided new premises. Immediately and with great pomp.

But there is something wrong in the country, if the solutions of this problem are necessary orders of the president.

And it's not even the fact that with no em-Tym, who gave street children could be repeated at least a story with their massive sexual slavery-tion that occurred in the same ex-Sverdlovsk (which, by the way, lives and writes one of the the best in the past children's writers Vladislav Petrovich Edge-pivin).

Think about it. That is — the club. That is — the military-patriotic. It was on his militiamen were power. Why?!.

But on this issue — and about what it has to do with the topic of the article above — I could tell you in one of its next-ing articles. Probably not as creepy.

Oleg Vereshchagin.

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