About the chakras and the third eye

December 11, 2011 16:57

Modern man does not know what he can and should be. In his ignorance, and ignorance, he rushed to acquire material imaginary treasures and neglected higher real treasure, which is carrying all the days of his existence: "The kingdom of God is within you." The wisdom of the ages shows — "Know thyself!". This is blasphemy, that people are more revered machine (body) than great energy, which consists in them. But for all the predictions of the ancient prophets, New Age yet to come, which will be a lot of people who would replace the most complex machines. Legends of different nations argue that such people were in the ancient civilizations, and, under the law of Cosmic Evolution, at a new stage of her, such people will be even more perfect their ancient predecessors.

It is still inventing robots, but after mechanical fever again pay attention to the power of man, the prisoners within it. The man, in his ignorance, always afraid of the mysterious and inexplicable, forgetting that the key to the "Sesame" in him. But the very existence of man, thoughtful and filled with the finest vehicles, there is a real miracle. The man is quite adapted to the further evolution, but the treasure is asleep. The state of consciousness does not allow rapid progress. You know that the structure of the brain used by modern man only 3-4% of their capacity. Active in only 5-7% of the neurons. There is a low efficiency. After all, every cell in our body contains millions and millions of wires. Not to sleep are the finest machines. Insiders say that the awakening of man would make a luminous and flying. How to develop these skills and endless possibilities of the device of man! If people are trying to improve even scientific instruments, how to improvement of the human machine! To help us better understand how to increase our presence on other planets in the universe of being, it is necessary to reiterate where they are. Legends claim that man lives not only in the physical, tangible world. The process takes place in the three worlds of the planet, as was explained earlier.

Our physical world, called in the legends of World dense, is the lowest realm. The next sphere — a world of subtle or as it is called — the astral world — the world of feelings, emotions and desires. Also called the world of education forms. An invisible sphere surrounding our globe. In man it meets astral double of man — ethereal counterpart. Still above the Fiery World, or as it is also called "mental sphere" — the world of thought, peace of mind and consciousness. These two areas — the astral and mental being, in full cooperation.

The astral plane is the link between the ideas of things, events, phenomena in the physical. Any object, event, phenomenon originally created in the Higher Worlds. Initially, all we know is created as a potential idea, that is, the possibility of existence, is lowered into the elevated world of thought. Then, the idea goes to the astral plane and appears there as a form. After this object, event or phenomenon into existence in the physical world. Astral form, acting on matter, forms a physical form.

Energy beginning of the astral plane, polarizing in the positive and negative directions, is in constant motion. In the balanced movement both current form astral light. Therefore, I think the root of the word "astral" is in Scythian "aystraer" which means star. Astral Light gives only what he received. He is the great earth tiglem15 in which all the lower emanations of the earth (mental and physical) that has impregnated the astral light is converted back reinforced, thus becoming epidaliyami — moral, mental and physical. In the astral world is constantly or more, or less are three categories of beings.

1. People. This category is divided into two groups: the living and non-living people. The first group includes: the adepts of magic, consciously acting in the astral world, mentally developed people that have entered into the astral plane; ordinary sleepers, black magicians and their students. The group is made up of dead dead followers that exist in the higher planes, but sometimes visiting the astral world, students adepts; people waiting for the new birth, to continue the cycle of its incarnations, usually dead, who must serve in the astral world a certain period of time; suicides and deaths in accidents — in the lower strata of the astral plane, which can not overcome the obstacles of the physical world, the deceased, who was detained in the astral world because of passion for life on earth.

2. Category of non-humans. It includes angels, genii and demons that control various currents, elementals — individualized emotions, lemurs, lyarvy, astroid and other entities that are generated by man; egregors — energy-education or soul groups' astral cliche — prints of all past and future earthly events . If we consider the astral plane as the area of creation of forms, the astral plane has spirituality. In relation to the physical world, he is active in relation to the mental world (the world of thought, Fiery World) — passive. Mental sphere — a sphere of consciousness, mind, acting freely in their own world. Mental and astral planes consist of different types of matter, but smoothly into one another. She is in constant motion, her life is more dynamic than the life of the astral plane.

In the human world of thought, or the Fiery World, the mental sphere is expressed by the fact that the foundation of the spiritual include higher divine aspect.

Now take a closer look, whereby a person communicates with aboveground worlds. The most common and orderliness of the universe cyclicity way is a dream. Sleep is a communion with the Higher Worlds. Almost half of life is held in conjunction with a sensible energy of the Astral world, and even the small world of the Fire thought. Each brings a person drowsy these aboveground worlds. Hence went detachment technique, introducing human hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation and other states of consciousness.

Without sleep, people usually can live a very short time, thinking falls into the most painful condition, get hallucinations and other mental disorders, there is numbness and other symptoms of unnatural existence. The body can not exist without the life-giving exchange with reasonable life energy of the Higher Worlds.

For ordinary people, sleep is the opposition of wakefulness, but for us the dream is a continuation of work in that state. Dream — part of life. Can be different degrees of consciousness during sleep, but this definition of consciousness can be brought up. A person can do the installation yourself, which put to sleep, he goes to work. If your free will assimilate this axiom, you will be easier to make the interaction forces with the Higher worlds.

Do not worry, that thus disappears rest. He remains in full and then some. It is much worse when the person goes to bed, was overcome earthly passions. This is accomplished by a small suicide. Instead of light work, the life-giving harmony of energy, cognition man wandering in the dark astral lower strata, and you can imagine what a nightmare meeting his tire.

Dreams were examined from many sides, but it is only superficial opinions, limited physical understanding of rational judgment. The most significant lost all influence the Intelligent Energy of the Absolute, all hierarchical warning, all reflexes of the fine world, all the higher worlds of feeling — that's the main purpose of sleep in humans.

The more consciously, we learn better the turn away from the physical body, with all that is connected with the interaction with his earthly existence, the better we learn to interact with the Higher worlds.

Rules of interaction with these worlds: the universe is called the Macrocosm and the Microcosm of man. To come to the macrocosmic, you have to start with the microcosmic, ie must study the man, the microcosm, but always remember the identity and the indivisibility of the two concepts. Considering the whole world, the whole universe as a living, intelligent energy, mindful of the fact that our earthly life plan — only display a higher plane, intelligent energy that is the basis of everything that exists, because it incorporated all of the features or principles. In man, as in the cosmos, these principles, we consider the degree of differentiation of the descent or ascent.

These principles, or forces to meet the man of seven energy centers. Each energy center, or as they are called — chakra corresponds to the seven states of matter, sound or vibration, color. Location, or the presence, concentration of forces in a person can be expressed as geometric shapes and figures. In Sanskrit the word chakra literally means wheel. This is a very accurate name. Chakras — are energy vortexes that rotate continuously. Rotating, vibrating energy. This rotation and vibration allows the chakras to attract and give energy, affecting certain areas of the body, to ensure their viability, shape and homeostasis. The energy in the chakra gets through two energy flows. From the bottom up — the energy of the Earth, from the top down — the energy of the cosmos. Schools and teaching, examining and studying the chakras, or place them in terms of the flow of the Earth, or in terms of the passage of the energy of the cosmos. I'll tell you about two kinds of ways or their compliance in man, the most common in the occult and esoteric teachings. Path of ascent and differentiation of the Earth's energy. Location chakras following.

1. Located at the base of the spine. It is called the center of the Kundalini Muladhara, root, or root chakra. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning snake. It is usually depicted as a snake, coiled, who sleeps at the base of the spine. It moves from the lower to the upper part of the body in a spiral, going through all the chakras and activating them. It is the center of entry and activation energy of the Earth. The reason is activated and the beginning of intensive energy movement of the Earth — the Kundalini is the momentum of the inner spiritual order. She is depicted in red or drawings of red. The sound of its vibration corresponds to the note DO.

The center is to store energy. Yet it is called coccygeal center. It gives the body strength to survive in any situation and gives him physical strength. This center helps to overcome fear and distress. In the physical body, it is directly related to the anus, rectum, colon, and prostate, spine.

2. Sacrum, the Sacred Chakra, or Swadhisthana. This chakra is located in the back at the level of the sacrum, at 5 cm from the navel. This lunar chakra and corresponds with the element of water is associated with the fluid in our body. This chakra is responsible for the accumulation of sexual energy, for energy management, a man needs. This chakra is the five senses, the center of desires and emotions. In the physical body it is directly related to the reproductive system, bladder and blood system. Corresponds to orange color and vibration note PE.

3. The solar plexus chakra, or power and authority, the center will — Manipur. This solar chakra is located in the center of the body, just below the ribs. It corresponds to the element of fire and has the positive qualities of fire, heat, light, energy and ability to cleanse. Manages the emotional energy. It is the home of Divine Providence, she is responsible for the choice of the individual, learning and comprehension of truth. This energy center starts when you are trying by all means to achieve the goal, implement any ambitious or make a career, or give up all unnecessary.

In the physical body is directly related to the stomach, liver, spleen. Its yellow color and vibration notes MI.

4. Heart chakra, center of the bowl, Anahata — placed in the center of the chest at the level of the heart chakra is the element of air, wind chakra. This energy center is the concentration of the spiritual nature of all the chakras. Responsible for the ability to receive and give unconditional love. This chakra is the energy exchange, energy balance, because it is through the Anahata both streams go outside, but the balance of power is not lost, because the Anahata also collected from an environment free energy dissipated in space. It was formed as the outer shell of energy essence of man. Here's what they write about the center in the "Yoga Agni16" 17 "center of the bowl is placed over the solar plexus to the heart. In the bowl of treasures stored feelings, judgments future evolution. Feeling used to be called intuition. It is made up of savings in past lives. The cup is the same for all incarnations. Untold treasures add up to the Cup. Sometimes a lot, collected in the cup for whole life is closed. Disclosure Bowl center allows you to use all the varied and long experience of previous lives. Bowls Centre provides knowledge of previous incarnations. Center light, showing fire gives yogis overcoming air and water. Yoga are flying and walking on water, the weight is relative. Lung Center — the basis of all the so-called miracles. All the pain disappeared martyrs controlling the center, and only lived Bowl ecstasy. " In the physical body is related to the heart and lungs. Anahata to green color and vibration note f.

5. The throat chakra, the center of the throat or larynx, Vishuddha, is located at the level of the Adam's apple, the chakra of time and space. This chakra is responsible for the transfer of data from the upper to the lower chakras. It is responsible for communication, self-expression, sound and voice. This energy center is an important transit point, which helps us to see and feel not only themselves, but also to perceive and experience the world around. This chakra is particularly important when the forefront principles and the need to seek truth and justice. Still is the center of communication. Yogis claim that a fully open throat center provides not only an understanding of any language in any language, but the ability to act in his speech at the listener in a way that he will understand the speech addressed to him, regardless of the language in which it was delivered.

This chakra is connected to the physical body with the thyroid gland, the cervical spine, shoulders, neck glands, teeth and throat. Its color is blue. Corresponds to the vibration notes SOL.

6. Brow chakra, the Eye of Brahma, or third eye, Savikalpa Samadhi, Ajna.

This center, I want to talk in more detail. This chakra is also called the center of freedom. It is in fact the case. The physical body of the center — the pineal gland, or the other — epiphysis. In this body, in its present form can search the closed gates to paradise for modern humanity. A punishment for moral and energy degradation of humanity. It was in that body God shut the door earthlings to communicate with all of the Cosmos and the Higher Worlds. This is the most terrible human tragedy of the Earth. And now, only a select few can be very hard work on their improvement to lift it, this famous third eye. No wonder the Sanskrit aja — epithet referring to the many gods of the eternal, to the first rays of the Absolute — the Logos, one of the interpretations of the word — absolute knowledge. A Sanskrit Ajnana (ajnana) — lack of knowledge, lack of any knowledge is, or more simply "layman". Of the two words got word Ajahn — potential knowledge, which is closed or opened.

What was the third eye for our distant ancestors and ancient than was now? Earlier people through this "eye" to communicate with all the cosmos, including with the Higher Worlds. Since we know that all the events of the past, present and future of the field is stored in the energy-space, ie is intelligent energy, which holds all the information about all its forms through all that exists, could only catch the eye by a third this information by making a request mentally or with a code word. The first method request is for a more mentally developed people have higher energy and knowledge vysokomaralnymi principles. The second method has been used by people, inferior to the first available these qualities: "I manifested thy name to the men whom you gave me out of the world: thine they were, and you gave them to me, and they have kept thy word" (John 17, 6).

"I have given them your word and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world" (John 17, 14).

"Sanctify them in the truth: thy word is truth" (John 17, 17).

"And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them" (John 17, 26).

And now there are schools that are learning how to find the right path, teachers instruct their students who have passed stage of initiation, in due time, the ear in the ear, the secret word, a mantra, which is a certain kind of vibration, and the energy of the Truth is perceived directly.

In an enlightened man, with an open third eye, and the more our ancient ancestors intelligent energy (power + data), falling into the Third Eye, the will of man, with the innervation of the brain (nerve conduction) fell through the optic nerve to the retina of the physical eyes before human eye, this information appears either as a series of slides or as a reel of film to scroll in the unfolding story, a man to understand the meaning of the event, which wanted to know or learn the knowledge that wanted, referring to the higher worlds, also provided and audio information: getting to third eye on the auditory nerve to the eardrum, transforming into a vibration, sound, which is expressed in clear speech or music (music of the spheres).

Now what is this mysterious energy center at the average modern man, his physical body — the pineal gland or pineal gland? He laid in the human embryo in utero, his whole structure is similar to the physical eye, but then somehow resolved. But some aquatic vertebrates that body even retained structure of the eye — with the lens and the photoreceptors. Epiphysis in humans began to study only at the end of XX century. He got his name, most likely, from the Greek epi, meaning — on, over, over, under: Located on top of something or over something, the second part of the word is from the Greek physis — nature ie authority, supernatural, or supernatural, we can say nadfizichesky. Philosophize themselves. Instead of the old man left the third eye gland produces the hormone melatonin and serotonin. Although the action of these hormones is not yet certain, but it is known that they have on the body generates, rejuvenates, prolong our lives, help fight cancer tumors, regulate sexual activity. Another found that in the human pineal gland acts as a kind of biological clock, at the direction of which is replaced by a dream awake and vice versa.

In reality, things are much more complicated, and this effect is not limited to the pineal gland. Soviet scientist Nikolai Kobozev studying thinking processes at the atomic level, came to a surprising conclusion: the molecular substance of the brain itself is not able to provide the processes of thinking, this requires an external power flows, the so-called fermionic particles. MEAN man thinks not by choice! The human brain is only a receiver and a transmitter, and not the generator of the thought process. In the pineal gland, researchers found a "brain sand" — mineral deposits that have a crystalline structure. So there was a hypothesis that the crystals are able to receive radiation nonelectromagnetic. Scientists then remembered that from space to Earth really come mysterious high-energy particles, the source of which is not yet possible to set! This is the "energy", which endows us a Higher Power! Crystals ability to receive and give information already known. That in electronics and other fields of science and technology is used — no surprise, but if the witch on the table are things crystal form — is puzzling why neponyatno.I to treat people start talking sugar and salt — too clear? Why the famous blind clairvoyant from Bulgaria — Wang tried and did not predict a person who has not brought a piece of sugar, which lay all night under his pillow, too, something superhuman think? Priests during rituals wore headgear with precious stones, and the largest stone was placed over the top. Cosmic energy concentrated in these stones and fell on top of the head as a directed beam, and they told the people the will of the gods, prophesied. Examples are many. But, I think you've already made conclusions. We return to the seat of the third eye — the pineal gland: find somewhere Buddha image — in the darkness he clearly protruding bump. This is not ugliness: the cone on top of the head in the ancient times was judged on mental abilities. The fact that the person meditating constantly changes the structure of the brain. Brain as it swells and rises above the head. And some Indian sadhus — friars bone on top of the head over the years, thinner, dissolves, and the brain is covered by only one skin like a baby's soft spot. Cosmic energy is easier to penetrate.

To give you even more to reflect on the role of the pineal gland, I will gladly throw in you food for thought that, after reading it, realized the importance of this organ in the human body. Are you talking about a disease like cancer, have you heard? Well, yes, God forbid! So: against every aggression from outside, either infection or injury, the body builds a protection system that on the one hand, to destroy the invader, and on the other — to recover their losses. In the case of tumors, on the contrary, the same as if the body contributes to his death, sending its irregular clusters of newly formed cells of capillaries, arterioles, arteries, and their ramifications for the supply of tumor cells to multiply and grow into large tumors. The body in this case is not fighting this deadly phenomenon, it supplies the tumor with adequate food. He, so to speak, give the enemy their own supplies, their weapons, their means of communication, as commander in chief, who changed his country and betrayed her. Wonder if our esteemed doctors — oncologists, who study this problem for more than a century, the explanation must be sought outside, where he started the first cluster of newly formed cells?

You can have been for over a century, the study of this global problem — the scourge of the modern man, guess that the system of protection depends on sverhtsentra — command to control and lead the fight I say, and for you, even very strongly that such diseases as cancer and all diseases without exception occur in the first place because of spiritual degradation, misuse of energy exchange.

Here, dear novice witch, as long as your attention is drawn to this body, I want to tell you that a witch begins its development with the acquisition authority, which is closely linked to the pineal gland — the pituitary gland. It is located at the base of the brain, in the throat and is the causative agent WILL. The analogy with the Macrocosm. Absolute volitional impulse gives rise to life Logos — this is the first word comes out of the silence. This is the first sound by which the universe is conceived. A vibration or movement of the Divine Energy, which is both light, because light is motion. This light also means Divine Thought, which gives rise to the long process of creating the universe. Or: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. Through him all things came into being that has come into being. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it "(John I, 1-5). In these lines the whole history of the development and evolution of the universe and man, and a perfect analogy.

Now food for thought: why a woman has a baby through large willpower? Why midwives seeking to newborn baby cried — slap him on the ass and tormoshat? Why is one of the tenets of the motto witches want, and the other — to be silent? Tips: All in good time, "time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together." Be able to — to know the source of intelligent energy, recognize it and be able to use wisely. And energy, vibration — sound, light — life, thoughts — information, what kind of life, or otherwise — in which beingness is to be realized, this energy — the fundamental principle of ALL.

Now back to study the pituitary and pineal the "third eye." The first is the agent WILL other — Pathogen Perception clairvoyance.

Epiphysis, pineal gland, the third eye — a rounded elongated body between three and four lines, dark reddish-gray, combined with the back of the third ventricle of the brain. It is attached at its base by two thin modular cords that radiate toward the optic thalamus. Physiologists have found that the thalamus is an organ of perception and condensation of the most sensitive and sensual excitations coming from the periphery of the body, according to the occult — from the periphery of the auric egg, which is our point of communication with superiors, the universal plan. Two bundles of the thalamus that are curved so as to meet one another, are connected to the median line, where they are the two legs the pineal gland.

Pituitary gland — a small, solid body, a width of about six lines, three lines in length and three in height. It consists of front and rear boboobraznoy — more rounded lobes, which are connected into one. Physiologists believe that the connection between the two bodies there, but we need to know that there is a connection between them.

When a person is in his normal state, the adept can see a golden aura, throbbing in both centers like pulsations of the heart, which does not stop life. But the movement, the "abnormal" state efforts to develop clairvoyant, is amplified and the aura becomes a stronger vibration and sweeping action, the arc pulse pituitary rises higher and higher, until the same way as an electric current, which strikes- or solid object, the current, finally hits the pineal gland, and sleeping body wakes up and starts to shine the pure light of the World Space.

The esoteric is the light called Akasha, or Akashny Fire. "I have come to bring down fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!" (Lk 12, 49). This — psychophysiological illustration of two bodies in the physical. To examine this phenomenon from the point of view of metaphysics, we still have a lot to learn, and most of all about one person, the energy center. Meanwhile finish of the Third Eye — the spiritual mind of man. Corresponds to this center blue and vibration notes LA.

7. Upper Chakra, Crown, head chakra, crown, Atma Nirvakelpa Samadhi Sahasrara — is the crown, ie at the top of the head. This is a divine spark, "Light of men." Is responsible for the spiritual dimension of the human being, for his relationship with the universe. This facility allows you to raise consciousness to the Divine level, to understand the unity of all things, to experience the pure existence. Corresponds to purple color and vibration sheet SI.

The seventh principle is not a human, and the Universal Principle, which involves people, but also participates each physical (embodied in matter and form), and a subjective atom, as each blade of grass, and all that lives or has in the space, knowing it or not. People are more closely connected with the seventh principle, and therefore endowed a higher consciousness on this earth. Man in his transformation in one lifetime or after her in his next transformation can become a being of a higher evolutionary order, while a stone or a plant, an animal can not do before they become people.

Imagine a single, homogeneous, absolute and omnipresent essence over the top of the stairs, "the seven planes of the Worlds", ready to go through all the steps. Going step by step, it is differentiated and transformed into a subjective and, finally, in an objective matter. Notice the difference: The light at the top and bottom of the life. The first principle is always the same. Last — manifested in countless variations of differentiation in various respects. According to the occult law, all potential embodied in the highest, are differentiated by the reflections in the lower. According to the same law nothing that differentiated, can not be merged in a uniform, and therefore, can not last forever.

The seventh principle may be the release of the human mind from its finite consciousness, becoming one and its identity with the infinite.

The third eye, the inquiry:

Mention of the third eye is usually found in the Eastern esoteric literature, mostly Indian. From this body of man are related superpowers and signs of divinity: foresight, clairvoyance, knowledge of the past. With this powerful tool deities perform its mission: Vishnu — creates worlds, universes, space and time, as Shiva — destroys and turns to dust. On sculptures and other images of deities and even people we hints of a third eye — it could be the point between the eyebrows, a sort of head-dress of the corresponding form or directly image the eye.

There is also an opinion that people got this mysterious heavenly body from the ancestors, to which he attached a variety of super powers, such as the ability to penetrate into the essence of things (to see things through), access to space knowledge, pass through space and time, and even fly.

Which is odd, in the western interpretation third eye both the pineal gland and the corresponding chakra (Ajna (Sanskrit ajna — the letters. "Order, the team"), the energy center between the eyebrows, blue or indigo). For us, this may seem trivial, but in the Hindu tradition, as well as elsewhere in the East, do not mess with the ajna epiphysis. This theory was created by European and American scholars of esoteric traditions and she says that actually chakra — is the endocrine glands of the human body. Ajna chakra closest was the pineal gland (in the absence of others in the same area of the body), so the western yoga decided to correlate them, and because its purpose is not known even to this day, it began to grant magical abilities. The first mention of such properties that body belongs to Rene Descartes (XVII), who considered it a place of contact between the body and soul.

Nevertheless, the existence of the third eye, and say some of the scientific findings. True, it is not about the person. Evidence of the existence of a real third eye repeatedly found by paleontologists as the study of fossils of ancient reptiles, and biologists in modern lizards. A striking example of this — tuatara, which under a layer of scales have an extra eye, and while it does not see the items, but the distinction between light and darkness.

In academic circles, it is assumed that the pineal gland is built-in the main biochemical regulators of the body, along with other glands in the pituitary and hypothalamus. However, one mystery still allowed anatomists: it was found that one of its functions like a biological clock — from dusk till dawn, and it produces a hormone melotonin to cause changes in brain activity. Perhaps that is why the brain overnight gains the ability to perceive a different reality — dream …

Whatever it was, the modern magicians and esoteric yoga continue to seek the right approach to the development of the pineal gland, suggesting that this path will lead them to the discovery of human superpowers.

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