After clinical death, man does not age, and did not sleep for 8 years!

January 14, 2013 2:16

When David Wynn Miller was just 25 years old, he had problems with the kidneys and required surgery. However, the doctor who was on a plan to have surgery, do not go to work. He was replaced by a Korean doctor who had never operated before. The doctor removed both his kidneys and adrenal glands. David died on the operating table.

David Wynn Miller

In the morgue, a nurse who helped at the opening, I noticed that David's heart began to pound. At the time, it was outside the body on his chest!
Doctors returned to him all the organs in place, including his perfectly healthy kidneys.
However, at the moment, Miller endorphins to 6 times higher than normal.

After returning to life after a while, he spent the next eight years without sleep. In addition, after the death of his experience, David is not getting old. He is now 63 years old.
His IQ — 200.

David shares his near-death experience in the educational video, which is below, and also talks about the "Quantum grammar."

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