After the end of the world will be a center of the world, Moscow

November 2, 2012 17:44

After the end of the world will be a center of the world, Moscow

"Utro" asked for comments to the Russian astrologers and shamans about the expected, according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world 21/12/12.
Valentin Hagdaev recently returned from Mexico, with annual world shamanic Congress, where he represented the shamans of Siberia and the Far East. "The Congress-Indian shaman from Argentina, Chile, Peru — they laugh at the Europeans, they say, a white person can exaggerate everything," — said Valentine.

According to the teachings of our shamans, the world will end when running through the woods deer hooves will strike fire, and the tips of the ears of a rabbit pobeleyut.

"In 1999, I came home from hunting in the forest, I look around the house a delegation stands: astrologers, officials, and all I ask: will the end of the world? I pulled a rabbit out of the bag — he tips of the ears are black. So, there will be "- says the shaman. Now with rabbits and deer in Siberia, too, all right. "End of the world — it's all coming up to distract people, to make it easier to pump money" — sure Hagdaev.

Astrologer Michael Levin called doomsday predictions complete nonsense, "fooling our brother. They write that on December 21 the world will line up in a row. In fact, no so-called parade of planets is expected. He was the last time in 1982, but even then there was no end of the world. " So 12/21/12 — ordinary day. But too early to rejoice. "Pluto in late December, close to the Sun. And this is a difficult period — injuries, accidents, "- said Michael Levine.

However, these freaks happy Pluto is not the first — it approaches the Sun in late December last five years. And every year — is getting closer and closer. So, the December troubles are on the rise.

This year will be the most difficult, Levin promised. Then it all started to fall, and after a few years the situation in general, "resolve".

Expect trouble as follows from the fact that this year — a leap year. According to the astrologer, in such years is a "shift calendar and failure rate, exacerbated the problems."

Darkest days of this year, in terms of astrology, the Russians are waiting on the eve of the New Year. Most bad day — December 28. On this day, Pluto and other troubles, and joined by a full moon. And although the end of the world would not be out of the house really should not go.

Astrologer and criticized the idea that the combination 12/21/12 bears fatal significance: "Numerology is taking place, but at a basic level, it does not work. Another thing — Friday the 13th. It traditionally brings trouble for Europeans. Do not believe those who say that the number 13 brings them happiness, — a number that could bring happiness, for example, an Indian or Nepalese, because they have a different calendar. For a European, "13" — it is always a violation of harmony and destruction. "

The most original definition of the end of the world has given the official representative of the supreme shaman of Tuva Dondukov Andrew: "What is the end? One era ends, a new ". And it starts exactly 23 December 2012.

What is called the precession of the equinoxes, or the offset of the equinoxes, "the last two thousand years, that is the whole era of Christianity, the equinox was in Pisces. This epoch was ambiguous and destructive. During the winter solstice, December 23 equinox enters Taurus and will be there in the next two thousand years. "

What to expect from the Russians to a new era? Things, frankly, stunning. "In the past two thousand years, Jerusalem was the center of the world. Now, the center of the world will be Moscow — it was originally built as the center of a new era, the heavenly Jerusalem, "- says Andrey Dondukov.

New era — the time of harmony and remove all contradictions. In 2014, will begin a major transformation in the political sphere, the rotation of elites. This means that a radical revolution in Russia in the near future will be. On the contrary, the protest movement will die out, and Moscow gradually come to "the world's leading position."

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