AIDS came out of the jungle?

The origin of the deadly immunodeficiency virus is one of the most burning mysteries of modern medicine. Let's try to shed light on the mystery of the origin of HIV, and even denying the most ridiculous version.

AIDS incredibly young: the first official case was registered in 1981 in Los Angeles. But by 1996, a deadly virus killed 2.8 million HIV-infected people. Every 11 seconds in the world is a new infection and AIDS in South Africa from it each day die five and a half thousand people. This is despite the fact that the cream of the world of medicine consolidated its efforts to fight the plague of our convict!

For many years, the press spread various rumors about the origin of HIV. At first, speculation about developing into a CIA secret biological weapons, which at one point got out of control scientists. Then alluded to some provocative experiment to rid mankind of the "gay plague." Even put forward quite extreme version that the epidemic does not exist at all, and that physicians are classified as AIDS in Africa is actually a completely different disease (Or some other diseases). If you go even further towards the absurd, it can be assumed that HIV infection is not associated with the disease AIDS itself. But one of the options is worthy of serious attention. In accordance with AIDS could be a side effect or a bad choice experiments with the polio vaccine in the Belgian Congo in the late fifties.

In 1957, a group of American scientists from the Wistar Institute (Philadelphia, PA) has begun a series of experiments over a herd of chimpanzees in the jungles of the Congo. One of the main objectives of the project was the creation and improvement of the polio vaccine. More than 400 wild primates passed through the hands of medical researchers, the vast majority of them were killed in the course of research. Since the polio vaccine was isolated from kidney tissue chimp primate most genetically close to humans, could this be the impetus for the fact that the AIDS virus as a "jump" the barrier between species?

The idea of the possible tragic role of polio vaccine to AIDS was launched in 1992 in the magazine "Rolling Stone." Hilary Koprowski, the creator of the vaccine to protect its reputation, saying that there is no evidence that the experiment could lead to AIDS. Wistar Institute, in turn, has created a commission to investigate the cause of the scandal and the verdict: "theoretical possibility" of such a course of events "negligible", the main argument of the Commission is the fact that the AIDS virus was detected in frozen tissue British sailor, who, before returning from the Congo in 1957 (ie before the beginning of experiments to develop a vaccine), died in 1959. This allegedly proves that the HIV virus already existed before 1957, but does not prove that the vaccine could give AIDS epidemic.


The fact that up to 1981 there were several cases of "unknown disease" that were later classified as AIDS. In addition to the above-mentioned case of the sailor, the AIDS virus was found in the plasma sample, taken from a citizen of the Congo in 1959, preserved tissues teenager of African descent, who died in 1989 in St. Louis (USA), as well as from a Norwegian sailor who died in 1976. Plasma studies were interrupted in 1959, based on a new idea that the virus supposedly existed before the ear and for the first time jumped "species barrier" over 100 years ago.

In February last year, the Wistar Institute announced that he had discovered in their vaults frozen polio vaccine 45 years ago. Supposedly the same one that was developed in the Belgian Congo in the late 1950s and which subsequently received more than one million people in the former Congo (Rwanda and Burundi) in the so-called "vaccine program." Many consider it a disguised program of large-scale human trials. The results of tests carried out in the framework of strict secrecy, for six months, were presented last summer at the conference at the Royal Society in London. Professor Claudio Basilico announced that the vaccine has not been found any traces of DNA chimpanzee, nor the presence of the virus SIVcpz.

However, the conference was also attended by representatives of the "enemy" camp, including former journalist Edward Hooper. In his book, "The River", he supported the idea of the involvement of the polio vaccine to AIDS. As in the 1950s, 60's correspondent of the BBC BBC in Congo, Hooper followed vaccination program, collecting material, talking with the locals and I am sure that scientists are dark and do not tell the whole truth. Moreover, the question remains: why the vaccine miraculously "found" it in the "right time", and not before? Maybe because she was not ready?


Will we ever find out how the deadly virus was born in the depths of the African rainforest and how it got such an amazing spread around the world in a few decades? Was AIDS byproduct of attempts to overcome the other physicians terrible disease? It may well be that, as always, when it comes to "big politics", we will never know the truth. Only one thing is undeniable: for experiments such vaccination in the Congo in 1950, requires much more stringent safety measures. You can not belittle the importance of the work on vaccines, but experiments should be conducted under strict control and in the walls of laboratories to new viruses are not able to "escape" from the hands of scientists.

Recall that the U.S. had several violent epidemic of poliomyelitis in the period from 1942 to 1953. In 1950, there were 33,344 cases of this terrible disease. In 1952, an epidemic broke out in Germany, Denmark and Belgium …
Is not this lies the clue to why the experiments were conducted in a Belgian colony, and not in Europe, America or Asia? I do not it because it was too dangerous? Belgium gave permission to the Americans to conduct similar experiments in the colony after another was scared polio epidemic. And the first piece of the new vaccine were people of Congo, not the Americans and Belgians. In 1960, the Congo gained independence and left alone with their problems, which were largely due to the processes of colonization. But less than 30 years, as a country, have sown the wind shook the storm …

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Riddles civilization" № 24 2012

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