Air terror

Air terror
U.S. use of unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct undeclared wars: not counting Afghanistan, where armed conflict continues in many years, the U.S. bombarded Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan. At the same time suffer from the attacks of drones, in the main, peaceful inhabitants: and then reported that from air attack killed members of wedding processions, ceremonial processions and other peaceful gatherings. The real number of victims remains unknown. Even if there are clear indications, South American intelligence agencies do everything possible to ensure that they remain hidden from the eyes of the international community.

Impunity massacres

Barack Obama during his own election campaign claimed that the United States will no longer send its own fighter on the war overseas. Many observers thought that he renounces power pressure in favor of measures of force, but seems to be no way. Obama kept his word with a day or South American leg of his inauguration fighter really did not set foot on foreign soil. Libya shelled from the sea and bombed from the air — the role of the army of occupation performed Wahhabis and local rival tribes.

In addition, a 10-fold increase in the number of matches drone attacks. Nobody knows exactly how much shock was made, but, according to estimates of professionals, since 2004 South American drones in various parts of the world made from 450 to 600 bombing. For comparison: the Bush Jr. drones used less than 80 times.

The death toll from attacks from the air is at least three thousand people. According to estimates of the British organization «Bureau of Investigative Journalism» from 550 to 1200 killed during the reign of Barack Obama — the peaceful inhabitants.

According to witnesses from Pakistan, drones never fly alone. Attack on every village — mass action: before the bombing in the sky over a populated Fri circling 10-12 cars. Their operators, being based in Langley, meanwhile selected target. After the team will be given to the volley, cell phones pose attack, while the villagers themselves do not know who of them would be under attack.

Aiming for drones — not the people themselves, and they own sim card. Phone card inserted in it will certainly not be in the pocket of a terrorism suspect may be that at the moment he is on the table or in the hands of a random person. It is logical that after the bombing of many «targets» to survive, and innocent — suffer.

According to reporter Jeremy Scahill South American, the creator of the book «Dirty War» and the documentary of the same name, in the preparation of the next attack military do not always know who exactly are going to destroy. Often operate at random: a huge number of errors interfere with the innate system operating errors. In practice, whether a stranger to live, is depending on the variant.

It is curious that the very top «targets» strikes at the official level is not always the number of terrorists. In other words, the U.S. has acted solely on the basis of suspicion, if we believe you offender means the way it is, nothing to justify not necessary. Such measures shall be resolved exclusively in wartime, but nobody States formally declared war not. United States is at peace with the countries whose citizens are being attacked from the air.

Court against the CIA

The extent of implementation of drones drew attention British and Dutch human rights organizations. They offered to hold hearings on the «Remote Kill», but their initiative was thwarted almost unknown. The fact that he was kidnapped by one of the main eyewitness bombing Tan Han. This inhabitant of Pakistan after U.S. drone raid in Rawalpindi in 2009, lost his own house. Shards of housing killed three people — son, brother and friend Tan Khan. None of these people had no business to terrorist groups.

Brown Khan appealed to human rights defenders who help him to prepare a lawsuit against the CIA. As compensation requests from Pakistani intelligence agencies to pay a sum of 500 million dollars.

The plaintiff was kidnapped on February 5 this year in their own town: he was detained about 20 armed men in police and military uniforms. Lawyers Tan Khan said that since employees are ISI — Pakistan interdepartmental intelligence. This service operates in conjunction with the CIA, including the United States provides information located in Pakistan to likely to attack from the air.

In general, Tan Khan soon released at the request of MEPs. Pakistani survived only thanks to the fact that his abduction was made public and caused an international scandal: Brown Khan waited at a hearing in Europe.

Disappearance of people — daily in modern Pakistan. Not so long ago in Balochistan found several unmarked graves, each of which were 10-ki tel.

According be independent journalist and documentary films directed by Madiha Tahir, intelligence agencies have long practiced the kidnapping of ordinary people. In particular, people often go missing in Balochistan — a region where most of the inhabitants support the idea of ​​the creation of self-contained Baluch country. Madiha Tahir claims: Brown Khan stole in order to intimidate enemies introduction of drones, because he — the first Pakistani who initiated legal action against the CIA. Given that even U.S. citizens are not at risk to file writs against their own security forces.

Suspend any terror?

At this point the movie «Dirty War» reporter Jeremy Scahill nominated for «Oscar». This is due to the increased enthusiasm for American intelligence secrets after Edward Snowden has promulgated a series of sensational documents. Scahill in collaboration with Glenn Greenwald, a journalist The Times, made the website The Intercept, which publishes exposés about the activities of the CIA, NSA and other U.S. law enforcement agencies. Practically, reporters joined the army followers things Snowden, and brought his small part to fight the system.

Human rights activists condemn terror, organized by the United States with respect to foreigners. In their opinion, the introduction of drones — a violation of basic human rights. But the countries where these rights activists live and work, oppose a moratorium on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Britain, France and other Western European countries — allies of the U.S., and are not going to interfere with Washington in its outrages, while they focus on States ‘third world’.

So Makarov, even if the British and the Dutch will hold hearings on the death of peaceful inhabitants, the results of these meetings are not working on U.S. military strategy. Abduction witnesses bombing — vivid proof: saying that the killings of activists Pakistani intelligence services are performed with the support from abroad. Such a large-scale work of apparently coordinated 1st center.

At the same time, even if the truth about the massive «aerial executions» gets in the media, ordinary Americans and Europeans will flegmantichny. With the question «where’s — Pakistan?» They puzzled Look at the world map. A few hours forget about what they see on television reportage, and go into his own house, which is guaranteed not to be bombed, to know, which is guaranteed not to destroy.

And only policy within campaigns try to play on the emotions of voters. The situation with the U.S. global terror will not change until such time as someone influential in the States themselves will not be interested in it.
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