AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest

AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest
One of the main topics in the field of re our army in recent years has become a promising machine. A new type of small guns should be adopted in the next few years or even months. Currently, the Ministry of Defence and the main organizations carry out activities necessary to determine a more appropriate design. Tests and checks are closed, but on September 24 in the Russian media disk imaging appeared some information about their progress.

Edition of «The News» said that the Defense Department spending preliminary tests of small samples of several types of guns, decided not to allow the AK-12 to municipal testing. An unnamed source from the Army Staff told about the causes and consequences of such decisions. According to him, during the tests and the automaton itself, and other types of guns made based on it, do not meet the requirements of the customer and therefore can not qualify for the introduction of a fighter with equipment of the «Warrior». Instead developed in Izhevsk AK-12 Russian fighters can get a weapon of the same class made by employees Kovrov plant them. Degtyareva.

«News» quoted the head designer Kovrov Enterprise Gromov. He said that the new standards guns of the Ministry of Defense for the competition represent the future development of the well-known machine AEK-971. Made in the 80s called the base machine resettled equilibrium automation. This means that when shooting slide group moves back, and custom rocker counterweight such as weight goes forward. Due to this it is possible to neutralize the action of several forces acting on the machine during the shooting. Application of equilibrium automation can significantly improve the accuracy and accuracy.

AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest

Gromov said that during the preparatory tests MoD immediately inspect five types of small tools from each organization participating in the contest. All participants, including plant them. Degtyarev, submitted two machine guns and two single sniper rifle. Development Kovrov gunsmiths successfully coped with the set of puzzles and admitted to municipal testing.

Prerequisite of success tools based AEK-971, according to a source in the test commission, became his highest property. Kovrovskoe instrument showed its required characteristics accuracy and precision shooting, including the management of fire bursts of unbalanced positions. As for the guns, now developed «Izhmash», it is said, «Izvestia» source does not satisfy the requirements of the army for accuracy, accuracy and reliability. In this regard, the AK-12 will not participate in municipal trials.

Source of «Izvestia» in the Command of the Army explained that the concern «Kalashnikov», which not so long ago joined the factory «Izhmash», there is still time to correct the identified deficiencies. If during the coming months will be able to release engineers Izhevsk AK-12 from the existing shortcomings, the machine can be returned in the contest. But the source varies in such a scenario. He explained that the requirements for a promising machine were announced two years back. Since that time, allegedly «Izhmash» failed to make an instrument acceptable to the customer. Because hardly a new concern «Kalashnikov» will be able to correct the situation just a month.

In the end, a source in the Command of the Army told about the plans of the Ministry of Defence following regarding the current contest for the new machine. After the tests selected municipal standards go into trial operation in the army. This will be bought several hundred new rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles. If all this is not excluded that goes into trial operation and rejected the AK-12.


Overall, the message of «Izvestia», followed by looks as follows: Izhevsk designers could not make a promising machine that meets the requirements of the military. Because the new AK-12, which is not so little was said in the near future, is eliminated from the competition and, most likely, will not be able to fill the legendary line of guns, small arms is the basis of our army in the past decades.

AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest

Just a few hours after the onset of the announcements that the AK-12 is not allowed to municipal tests concern «Kalashnikov» published an official press release. According to the group, an AK-12 will participate in municipal trials. Moreover, in the course of preparatory tests at the Institute of Izhevsk TSNIITOCHMASH standard calculated under 5,45 x39 mm, showed its advantages in terms of properties.

According to an official press release concern «Kalashnikov» AK-12 was compared with the prototype model Kovrov A-545. According to the results of preparatory tests pooled estimate properties of the AK-12 was higher than that of his opponent, made at the plant. Degtyareva. With this brand new development of Izhevsk gunsmiths can take part in the subsequent step of the competition and has a good chance to enter the Russian army.

Press office of the concern «Kalashnikov» also quoted General Designer organization Zlobin. How Zlobin said, both the standard AK-12 and A-545, when compared showed approximately monotonous precision and accuracy characteristics of fire. With all of this machine, made to «Izhmash» and now finalizes «Kalashnikov», appeared about a pound lighter own opponent. As for the big guest machines Kovrov development, then they are justified by the fact that they plant. Degtyareva made instrument, based on a similar design platform.

As a result, AK-12, as well as A-545, to accept the role of municipal trials. But notes that finance these works will concern «Kalashnikov». When testing a new machine can be recommended for the adoption. Management Group believes that promising development fails to pass all the necessary tests and steps to become a new type of weapon of our army.

Based on the official press release concern «Kalashnikov», we can come to a conclusion about how to specifically look situation around the competition to develop the machine for a promising fighter gear «Warrior.» Some aspects of the two publications allow you to submit the new AK-12 still managed to pass the test preparatory step, though not without complaints from the customer. This means that in recent years the company will be able to improve developer shortcomings, resulting in subsequent tests will be modified machine.

But the words of some people, given the publication of «Izvestia», forced to oscillate in this version. For example, in the announcements of the exclusion of the AK-12 competition director cited concern capital branch «Kalashnikov» O. Chikirev. He told that Kovrovskoe gun held municipal tests for municipal funds, and funding for inspection machines Izhevsk pay Concern «Kalashnikov». An unnamed representative of ground forces commented that information properly followed. According to him, the municipal tests — it tests for municipal funds. Since the Government through the Ministry of Defence does not pay for tests lusts of the AK-12, it does not need it. At the same time, concern «Kalashnikov» nobody forbids to continue work on the project.

Statements concerning financial arrangements tests look versatile. They can be interpreted differently, depending on the desired result. In connection with this assessment of the latest news about the tests promising machine is converted into a rather complex puzzle. In addition, the relevant feature of the situation is the fact that the Defense Department has not yet made any official statements about the progress of the competition. Now all the statements of the representatives of the military department are limited to only a few remarks of an unnamed officer of the Army Command. Naturally, this can not be considered the official position of the Ministry of Defense.

Although concern «Kalashnikov» and is an interested party and longs to receive contracts for the supply of small guns, the official press release has a corresponding status and can be recognized as a reliable source of information. Publishing unnamed sources «Izvestia» in the military, in turn, can not be considered such. Anonymous in all organizations and industries have long earned a very bad reputation, which is why the information gained from them, may be perceived as credible only with mass reservations.

Ultimately, we’re back to the conclusion already produced. From the side of the situation around the competition to develop a new machine for the Russian army because it looks as if the tested standards — AK-12 and A-545 — generally satisfied customer, but must be further developed and improved nekordinalno. Because now will be most reasonable to wait for new messages during the contest are posted in the official sources of the Ministry of Defence or organizations participating in the contest. Already in the next few months or even weeks, the Department of Defense may say the first results of the competition are several automata and announce the beginning of a new step test. These reports will certainly shows a list of companies and designs, which have reached a new step of the competition.

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