Ales Kirkevich. Portrait against a lattice


Ales Kirkevich — Deputy Chairman of the Young Front, lives in Grodno. He was charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code as an active participant of "riots". Sentence — up to 8 years in prison, and he's only 21 … At liberty survived by his mother and a young wife. And close relatives with heart zamirannem awaiting trial and a miracle … maybe wake up the conscience of judges?

Ales was born in November 1989 in Grodno. He studied at the Faculty of History GrSU where a sophomore took the documents on their own.

All adult life Ales lived in his hometown. Back in 5th grade was determined with the guidance and confidently strode to excellence in the humanities. From an early age became interested in history, numismatics, archeology.

While studying in high school number 1 was an active participant in many projects involved in local history lab "Roots and origins," collecting exhibits for the museum's history of education and Grodno regions participated in the preparation for its opening, spent a lot of sightseeing.

Ales wrote wonderful poems, articles, draw meaningful cartoons, cartoons. His first article was published in 2006 — "tile or a mobile phone? '. Ales It condemned the" total indifference "to the ruin of the ancient people of Grodno. Founder of the newsletter" The Christian defense. "

We can learn from Ales bottomless love for his native zemelku. In the first year, he was invited to participate in excavations in Poland, but refused, saying, "I do not want to work for a foreign country."

Concerns about government activities Man vividly reflected in the marasmic administrative matters (within the past year, there were 4) for the use of non-registered symbol (white-red-white flag at a meeting with Statkevich in Grodno), for distribution of unregistered newsletter "Christian defense" for participation in actions of solidarity with the arrested Dec. 19.

But this guy never lowers his head and would not let it near and dear ones. All obstacles he took as new stages of growing up.

During the election campaign of 2010 Ales became a member of the initiative group of Vital Rymasheuski. Every morning, pulled ales equipment to the Soviet street and put a picket there. He was not so much need the signatures of many conversations with people. And this chance Ales used to the maximum. He patiently entered into discussions with dozens of people holding dignified, sober, confident.

Ales has the talent to bring together a lot of different people, but with one big thirst, a thirst for the truth. Not once in Grodno, he arranged a variety of cultural and educational events, a gathering of dozens of young people. This it dangerous for security officers — he has a chance to be heard by conscious people.

December 19 Kirkevich was one of those who not only took his place on the square, but yours, because you do not come back.

With Dashkevich

January 28 to Ales broke KGB-Schnick, searched and taken away, as said the mother of three hours for questioning. Ales From there went to the KGB detention center.

We Ales many friends because he dedicated, sincere, generous, he always hurts the soul of any injustice.

Ales is still in the KGB jail awaiting trial, which will take place on April 27. He is hard, he receives letters only from the mother and wife from friends letters just did not reach. Such as Alexander, put to intimidate not only them, but also those that are close to break. But do not realize that they are thereby make us even stronger. Yes, the "closed" social and political activists, the truth can not be hidden behind the bars …

Veronica Veligor, Grodno Young Front

Poems Ales Kirkevich


Mishandled dust eyes, stopped running life
Creaking faintly in the room palavitsy.
Merging parties, feature merger
Recorded the Lord filled the shelves for books.

Lit candle goes out the day around a picture-wall
My hand, your arm and brush with paint — a vein.
Martyr-wind knocked out glass, scattered things.
Light the night karyshki of books — padmi on candles!

Ales Kirkevich, January 2011
Minsk KGB prison


In a dream you. In the rain, in all white
I was running, you're catching up with me.
Whole body and soul tormented
I like the city, getting wet is enough.

I was running, shut the door,
White ceiling above the clouds.
Under the bell of the Will or Belief
Procession went to the dawn.

You do not want to let go,
The Lord brought us one track.
Crossroads of the era of flying,
Time where you left them.

Star shines scattered clouds
Field carpeted with clean earth.
All youthful dreams come true …
Millstones fate is slow!

Ales Kirkevich, January 2011
Minsk KGB prison


In the field of miracles were two of us.
I'm so … Almighty God.
Left — shine, to the right — gloss:
The universe is lit with lights, like a circus,

Trades master, actor shouts, car noise,
Carried another hero, forgetting mines
Everyone is busy and no one in the sadness.
Find somewhere here kryyuvku for yourself …

"Will you come?". — "I will go." — "And can you wait?
Another year — life does not know … "-
"I am …" — "I know, and knew in advance.
Overgrown with moss despair rapidly.

Take nothing but think about it, I remember,
To fly where? In the R-A-Y. "
"Cheers" — moskalsky call, "- said. Stopped. Swallowed.
"And our -" Rubon "- and like a moron snout shut.

He looked me in the eye, and then — in the woods, then — again for me.
I realized that what's now stand, it is better to drown me in the shit …
"I'm sorry" — I'm talking about. He smiled — I turned pale.
"Hatsish go — go!" — And the thought suddenly dozens of trees.

(God did not respect the language.)
"But … but what sort of conditions?" —
I managed to ask. Asked for nothing. Clan itself.
All the best, taught me so much, is created in the struggle …

"No. Wait a minute. Wait a minute here. Speeches in front of you?"
(Here just Machine pranyaslas — Pochobut ligature in the KGB.) —
"With me." — "You know … I'll call you hold."
I opened my eyes — in the hand of a carton box, it says "Tea".

I looked up, I looked back, I see only the panorama:
Nighttime field, on the sidelines of lights, screens,
There's show: Irina Dorofeeva Zimouski, "RockerJoker".
Here's a fat guy with a vertical, saying, "polupoker."

Go for … look for the road, but the answers to the questions "What? Where? How ".
I will pray for friends and … I put a pack into a backpack.

Ales Ki
rkevich, December 2010



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