Alexander Kullinkovich: I hope that reason will win

This group of society appeared in public for the first time 20 years ago, and formed even earlier — in the late '80s. Rumors about the team that performs punk rock with ironic lyrics, and about the singer, who convulses on the scene and rushes into the crowd dispersed far beyond the first metropolitan clubs, and soon "dyubeli" have become the leading rock band of Belarus. Their tapes differed no worse than albums revered British punks The Exploited, their texts were published in popular at the time pesennikah that were sold in kiosks "Belsajuzdruk." And, interestingly, they were often on state television screens with extraordinary clips. They were received everywhere — in the rock get-together of their respected for advyazanasts and uncompromising, on stage — for the openness and sincerity. The first "Rock Crown" to them as the best group of Belarusian Vladimir Mulyavin handed. And welcomed them to the Belarusian-systems, the group was almost the first to perform at the festival "Basowiszcza" with Russian songs. In Belarusian for the first time they sang only 12 years after its founding, when presented to his fans the song "I'm going to die here …"

Budkin: Why the Belarusian word escaped you exactly when the group had been two "Rock Crown", has recorded a dozen albums and has given hundreds of concerts?

Kullinkovich: The first Belarusian-language songs have appeared in 2001. A truly are sold to perform at its first Belarusian-language album «Tanki». It all started with the fact that we were invited to take part in the tribute to Korotkevich. And then Lavon Wolski provided me with a volume of Karatkevich, and I told him solemnly declared that the books do not return, and started to read. And gradually began to think in Belarusian and write songs, because I can not write in a language that does not think so. So I do not really believe in the English texts obscure commands.

Budkin: In your sense, or add the language shift your fans, or vice versa — pulled the old loyal fans?

Kullinkovich: I think the language shift did not go on any minus or a plus. I am absolutely convinced that the new supporters have not appeared, as if Neuro Dubel was a purely Russian-speaking team, we are loved and Belarusian-speaking people, no problem. Naturally, the Russian-speaking part of our audience enthusiastically took our Belarusian products, as our language and respect for those who do not use it.

Alexander Kullinkovich, Yuri Naumov, Vitaly Abramovich

Budkin: Following the band's performance at an opposition rally in 2004 have almost four years forced pushed underground. Felt that lack of attention due to the fact that you almost made it impossible to go on stage, appear on television, film clips?

Kullinkovich: We have been quite difficult. That's the word — "hard" — here comes. Regarding the attention of the public and our relationship to it, nothing has changed, because we were working, writing new songs, give small concerts. Limit the time for the concerts in larger venues. And we often played outside Belarus for people who do not care. Played, for example, in Poland, and saw in front of him completely uninterested face. They were financially profitable, but the soul in them was not. So we were happy when inhibitions disappeared and once again managed to see eye exactly the Belarusian public, for which we work and live.

Naumov: When we Belarusian group, then we have to play first and foremost for Belarusian students, for those who appreciates and loves us. If deprived of such opportunities — as a sickle …

Budkin: Were you mentally prepared for the fact that history will repeat itself and Neuro Dubel will again be under the unofficial ban?

Kullinkovich: Do not doubt for a second that sooner or later it will happen again. I had no illusions that during the "thaw." With the stroke of a pen, one calls everything returns to normal.

Budkin: When the news of the return of prohibitive lists, you and I were talking, and you said that there is a desire to stop everything. Or was it an emotional outburst, if you really think about it seriously?

KullinkovichThis is a momentary weakness, as thoughts of suicide, over the life come to a man, but do yourself a death unit. Yes, there was a desire to give up and say, "Come on … all of it." In fact, life goes on, and we must continue to work primarily for those people who believe in you. Thank God we have such a great deal. If we all ended up, in respect of our public it would be a betrayal.

Budkin: And what you can see the format of the existence of the ban?

Kullinkovich: First, I hope that reason will prevail. All, there is the big thing — the Internet. Five years ago, they used a lot less people, and now it has almost everyone. And the internet is possible to live and work. There you can hear our songs and albums that are well convey the energy of the group. Of course, the eye of the public does not see them, but we still live band.

Naumov: I'm just all bad faith. And I think that will get up to the Internet and black hands …

KullinkovichYura — timid, but I still believe in the best. I — the optimist in civilian clothes.

Budkin: After a call to you, Alexander, and Yuri, as every guest the "White list of Freedom", I suggest to play live. Imagine a song that is now going to perform on the air of "Freedom."

Kullinkovich: We'll try to play the song "Sea Man" to the poem Liavon Wolski. We've have not played it in acoustics, now would be the first execution. On the corridor now our guitar player tries to pick up the chords on an acoustic guitar. We'll play this work, because it is very loved, he simply gorgeous. I consider him my. And Levon once said that I was singing this song, because it really is mine.



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