All fleet

All fleet
VI International Maritime Defense Show opened in St. Petersburg

Over 400 companies will present products naval mission at the VI International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg. Rosoboronexport announced information on new ships and weapons systems, which will be presented to him, and deputy director of the company said on international cooperation as the latest trend.

In St. Petersburg, opened the VI International Maritime Defence Show (MBMC-2013), held every two years.

Permament exhibition section is 4 pavilions fairgrounds «Fairgrounds» total area in excess of 17 thousand square meters in open areas and in the Gulf of Finland, also berths Marine Station.

«In the demo section at the berths and the Naval Station in the waters will be presented to 36 ships, boats and ships from the Navy, the Border Service of the Russian Federation and the companies — participants of the cabin. EXPECTED 3 foreign warships: submarine and frigate royal Netherlands Navy, Naval Ship and Poland.

At the landfill, the Defense Ministry «Rzhevka» for official foreign delegations and representatives of the media will be demonstrated in action marine artillery systems and small arms, «- said the JSC» Sea salon. «

«In real time, recorded 458 participants, 89 of them — foreign companies from 30 countries. Proved arrival 71 official delegations from 50 countries, «- noted in the company.

President Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants, guests and organizers IMDS VI, expressing hope that the results of his work will be agreements on joint projects in the production of armaments. «Meaningful exposure traditionally prepared enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia. 10s Russian companies and research centers will demonstrate new benchmarks our warships and boats, technological developments in the field of communication and navigation.

I hope that provided applets St. Petersburg Naval salon countless business meetings and conferences posodeystvuyut participants and guests agree on new joint projects in the production of armaments, maintenance and modernization. This will serve as the forthcoming development of military-technical cooperation on the basis of closely international industrial cooperation, «- said the head of the country.

Official letter to the participants and guests of the salon’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. «I am confident that the holding of the International VI naval salon will help to promote products on the Russian shipbuilding industry, outdoor markets, the expansion of military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign countries, develop and strengthen the industrial and technological cooperation», — says deputy chairman of the government.

From helicopters to submarines

«Helicopters of Russia» is ready for demonstration in open areas three helicopters from the Russian Navy, and JSC «Concern» Morinformsystem — Agate «plans to introduce mobile coastal missile system Bal-E missile system and container implements Slab-K.

«At IMDS will be presented Ka-52» Alligator «on the basis of which the benefit of the Navy Russia create brand new modification of the Ka-52K. It is planned that specifically harboring ships Ka-52K will have a stable anti-corrosion treatment, deck and wing blades and other technical solutions, and a number of helicopter systems adapt to the introduction of the Navy, «- said in a statement holding.

Rosoboronexport has introduced more than 100 samples of promising Russian military products for the purpose of the Navy. As told in the press service of the company, the exhibition will feature materials on Russian non-nuclear submarine «Amur-1650». «Her counterpart — the lead ship of Project 677» Lada «- became part of the Russian Navy under the name of» St. Petersburg. » «Amur-1650» has a significant advantage over foreign submarines: a powerful set of weapons and equilibrium boat contains anti-ship missiles and the ability to launch salvo from all torpedo tubes. In addition, the «Amur-1650» is able to solve puzzles to destroy ground targets with cruise missiles. Today there are only such missiles in Russia. An advantage over other zabugornom counterparts — increased detection range goals through a unique sonar system as a low noise level, «- said in a statement.

Guests will be able to familiarize themselves with the IMDS patrol boat project 14310 «Mirage», created for patrolling, inspection vessels and police operations.

«The big export potential has high patrol boat» Mongoose «- he is able to reach a speed of 40 knots and is designed to intercept virtually all high-speed targets at sea. His standard weapons — the sea column book-rests machine gun mount 14.5mm, portable air defense systems (MANPADS) such as «needle» and anti-DP-64 grenade launcher.

# {Weapon} patrol boat project 12200 «Sobol» displacement of about 60 tons is designed to carry duty service in the territorial waters, the embodiment of monitoring compliance with ships and vessels Cruising in inland waters, raids on ports and harbors, and in adjacent coastal areas Sea. Combining excellent navigability properties with the highest speed of travel, the ability to maneuver Hassle-free, as effective weapons, the boat is consistent with the concept of «interceptor». Its counterpart adopted for the Border Service of Russia «, — said in a statement.

The exhibition presents a new air defense missile system «Calm 1» with a vertical launcher, also one of the latest Russian designs — ship turret «flexible.»

In addition, at the IMDS will be made public information about the guided missile «Sosna-R» with a range of 10 km for anti-aircraft artillery complex «Palma».

New Trends

Deputy director of «Rosoboronexport» Igor Sevastyanov, who led the delegation of the company, said at the opening of the IMDS that zabugornye partners Russian producers more willing not to take the ships ready, and participate in their construction. «The last two years changing times and trends. A number of states currently do not simply want to buy (ships and boats) and continue to hold a service, and build themselves. Because we runs from Formula «sold-bought» the formula «design and build together» — quoted Sevastianova RIA «Novosti».

According to him, at the moment there is a huge trend from languid ships (battleships) to small forms, namely, to protect the borders and coastlines, combating piracy and smuggling. Also rapidly developing coastal infrastructure, submarine and surface fleet. Sevastiyanov stressed that during naval salon foreign customers will be able to verify what enormous strides made in the development of our homeland these directions.

Sevastyanov also said that Rosoboronexport has satchel on orders of 34 billion dollars. For comparison: the total portfolio of defense contracts Rosoboronexport in early May exceeded 38 billion dollars.

«Rosoboronexport Backlog as of June 1 is 34 billion dollars, the portfolio formed from 67 countries of the world,» — said in the framework of the International Sevastiyanov Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

According to him, his company in January — May of this year exported guns to 6.5 billion dollars, and by the end of last year, exports grew by 20% to 12.9 billion dollars.

Currently, Rosoboronexport is negotiating with zabugornom countries the ability to enter into contracts worth more than 80 billion dollars, concluded Sevastiyanov.

Rosoboronexport representative also said that the Indian authorities have expressed interest in the acquisition of the Russian Federation has another trio of frigates of Project 11356. Mon Russia handed over to the Indian frigate 11356 Trikand («Bow»), built by the Baltic Shipyard «Yantar». Last year, India received two such ships: Teg («Sabre») and Tarkash («Quiver»).

«There is enthusiasm from the Indian side to increase the number of ships. Issue will be resolved, «- said Sevastiyanov. He said that the decision may be taken in 2013-2014.

Anastasia Petrova

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