Alla Sannikov: the law must act, and we have used it

Today in court Partyzanvskaga district of Minsk will start trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Guest ether — the mother of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, Alla Sannikov.

SV: How is the health of your son now? The whole world is spared shots as he lay beaten on the Independence Square. He had a broken leg. Previously, you also expressed the opinion that he had problems with pechannyu or stomach. How is it all now?

Sannikov: This was not a problem with pechannyu or stomach. It had problems with his broken knuckles — all this led to gout. But now the lawyers say, and it is felt by the letters, he feels better.

SV: What he wrote in his last letter to you?

Sannikov: His letters bouncy, a lot of it is not writing. "Hold on. Everything will be okay … "

SV: Andrei Sannikov, unlike some of the other defendants in the case about the events of December 19 in Minsk, the article is not changed to a more soft. Do the lawyers an opinion, what would be the verdict?

Sannikov: Lawyers say that they do not see his fault. But I encounter the beginning of this judgment: … (Crying) It's horrible … if the person is not right, there is no law, no court … The law must act, and we have it "applies." I pray to God for help … (Crying)

SV:Alla, we wish you courage and vytryvalastsi meet all the things that will happen in the trial of your son and wish him an early release.

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